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Webcast: Why Choose IBM for Your Desktop Alternative and Collaboration Software

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Cognitive collaboration: Pave the way for uninterrupted creativity

Launched to much fanfare by Cisco in 2019, Cognitive Collaboration is promising to transform the way people work together in the modern enterprise by using AI and ML to provide context and intelligence for smoother, more productive team collaboration.

The technology will make it possible for people and technology to blend seamlessly, taking care of mundane tasks and paving the way for uninterrupted creativity.

Learn more about it and see if it’s right for you in this white paper.

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  • Connected enterprise is the key to collaboration and cutting costs

    As the lines between network equipment, communication applications and collaboration diminish, advanced collaboration tools such as shared workspace and calendar co-ordination support many business processes. Real-time, near-time and asynchronous tools enable people to work how they want while fully participating with others who want to work in a different way.

  • How to make your digital workplace unified, efficient & agile

    How effectively people communicate and collaborate at work with co-workers, partners, and customers will likely be the most important point of differentiation between companies that innovate and grow, and those that become obsolete.

    That’s why it’s critical to begin thinking now about how communications and collaboration will redefine the future of work.

    Download this Frost & Sullivan white paper to explore the trends shaping those changes and how your company can set a foundation today to achieve long-term success.

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  • How social media drives business success

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  • Addressing the needs of today's mobile workforce

    Geographically dispersed teams and field-based workers need a reliable, two-way communications service to support tighter collaboration, real-time information sharing and better decision making. In this white paper, learn how the Motorola WAVE can help to connect teams across different devices, networks and locations.


  • 6 ways to build a flexible work remote culture

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  • The state of digital identity in 2020

    To better understand how people perceive both their digital identity, Okta commissioned Juniper Research to conduct a survey. When COVID-19 changed our world, Juniper went back and asked nearly half of those respondents how the pandemic has affected the way they think about privacy. View the report for a summary the findings.


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  • The future of work: Expections of the next-generation workforce

    This report from Cisco provides insight into the mindset, expectations and behaviour of the world's next generation of workers and what this will mean for businesses in preparing to accommodate the demands of this workforce.


  • How to build a business case for collaboration tools

    Collaboration is evolving at an unprecedented pace. What used to be an ad-hoc practice is now ubiquitous in our remote working world, and it is important to develop practical strategies to make the most of collaborative tools. Dive into this guide to learn how to do so, which includes 3 pillars of successful collaboration in the workplace.


  • Video collaboration usage policies should consider user experiences

    Evaluate the pros and cons of video collaboration in this expert e-guide, and discover how businesses can overcome key user experience challenges with the right policies and management tactics.


  • The value of mobile and social to CRM

    Adding mobile access and social collaboration to CRM delivers significant benefits, this report from Nucleus Research reveals.


  • Digital Transformation: Part 2

    In this presentation from our CW500 event, digital transformation programme director Richard Philips explains how the AA tackled the challenges of delivering people, cultural and organisational change.


  • Collaboration software in the era of Gen-Z

    In this e-guide, learn how Microsoft is dominating the Software-as-a-Service space thanks to its strength in collaboration software and how the new generation of collaboration software could be stoking communication overload. Also, check out our chart comparing Slack, Microsoft Teams and Spark.


  • Computer Weekly – 4 February 2020: Ethics and the internet – how to build a web we can trust

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the steps being taken to ensure the future development of the web is ethical and open. We discuss the UK's cyber security skills gap and ask what more the government should be doing. And we find out how cloud technology could help people stop smoking. Read the issue now.


  • Tips for promoting effective worker collaboration

    For a growing number of companies today, collaboration is no longer a “soft,” nice-to-have concept—it’s an essential component for competitive differentiation. In this Tip Guide, learn how organizations can promote and support effective worker collaboration, and how managers can provide effective governance for collaborative efforts.


  • MicroScope – September 2020: Reach out to resellers

    In this issue, discover how the channel is making sure the human touch is maintained during the pandemic, with insight into how closer bonds can be developed and on how to maintain productivity. Also read about 'hybrid working' is set to shape the future of the workplace


  • The IT leader's guide to collaboration software

    Download this white paper to review 8 questions that can help ensure you choose the best collaboration platform for you.


  • 6 considerations for reviewing collaboration tools

    In this e-guide, learn 6 considerations for evaluating collaboration tools, and see how 3 of your peers succeeded in adopting collaboration practices that led to IT innovation.


  • Ensuring a seamless collaboration implementation

    This expert e-guide uncovers common mistakes businesses often make when implementing a collaboration strategy that can derail business goals and tips for avoiding these mistakes and maximizing the likelihood of collaboration success.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to the future of collaboration

    Businesses are using collaborative software to operate in revolutionary new ways. In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at its potential negatives, the improved agility it provides and assesses Chromebooks as collaboration clients


  • Effective collaboration strategies for distributed development teams

    In this expert e-guide, uncover the tools and techniques that improve global collaboration in different parts of the application development lifecycle.


  • Create a people-centered environment with Unit4 ERP

    How can you create the best People Experience for your employees? It starts by having the right enterprise software. Learn about Unit4’s ERP offerings and how they can help free people from low-value, repetitive tasks—creating the best possible workplace experience—in this white paper.


  • Customers want the right notifications but few deliver. Here?s how

    While people are ready and willing to receive notifications from the businesses they rely on, few businesses get this right. Read this white paper to learn how to send relevant notifications that will keep your customers engaged, happy, and ready to spend.


  • Keying in on social collaboration for greater business benefits

    This new edition of CIO Decisions e-zine explores how social collaboration is changing both IT and the enterprise as a whole and details how with the right approach to values, processes, strategies and thinking, IT leaders can leverage social collaboration to better serve business needs. Access now to learn more.


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    This E-Guide from explores how to calculate the value of video collaboration and why measuring end-user experience is so vital.


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    This E-Guide from explores the market drivers for unified communications and collaboration in the dispersed workplace and details a technology that has set its sights on revolutionizing the world of social collaboration.


  • Top collaboration secrets of high-functioning remote organizations

    Collaboration is key—especially when everyone is working remotely for the foreseeable future. Download this guidebook to explore some of the top collaboration secrets from high-functioning remote organizations


  • Blueprint for sustainable, successful team collaboration

    In this e-book, discover the key to a strong, collaborative team environment. Explore the 4 factors of a productive company culture, and learn how a team collaboration platform can help your organization better manage projects, organize key information, and more.


  • The 2020 Anatomy of Work Index

    Collaboration tools are in their heyday—in fact, the IDC predicts that the market for collaborative applications will increase to $26.6 billion by 2023. Stay up to date with the latest collaboration tools and strategies in The Anatomy of Work Index, a 23-page comprehensive guide by Asana.


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    Consult this expert e-guide to find out the secret to successful collaboration. It discusses the benefits of encouraging teamwork between different departments, while providing the tools and training employees need to establish great collaboration in an enterprise.


  • Security beyond passwords: Keeper data sheet

    81% of data breaches are due to weak, default or stolen passwords – a massive vulnerability that could be addressed with effective password management. In this data sheet, take a closer look at the key features and benefits of Keeper’s password management offering.


  • Using cloud-based collaboration tools for business agility

    To keep up in our competitive world, companies are shifting their focus on improving innovation and business agility. The right collaboration tools help makes it easier for an organization to adapt to market changes and evolve their business faster. Learn about using cloud-based collaboration tools to transform your company.


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    The secret is out about the benefits of using a cloud-based workplace collaboration tool, which companies rely on to increase employee productivity while in the midst of a content tsunami. Participate in our survey today for complete access to a printable chart, and start comparing 10 top cloud collaboration vendors & features for your company.