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Improve your analytics with data warehouse augmentation

Data warehouses are indispensable tools, with the data warehouse-as-a-service market expected to reach $4.3 billion by 2026.

So how can you ensure your data warehouse offering accelerates analytics and performance by up to 100x while driving cost reductions?

Access this white paper to learn how SingleStore’s unified database can deliver significant value for analytics and data pipeline processes while improving efficiency.

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  • Case study: Improving manufacturing with Red Hat, IBM & SAP

    Blanc und Fischer IT Services GmbH is the central IT service provider to the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding, which shapes kitchen living spaces worldwide.

    The group was among the first in Germany to adopt the combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for SAP Solutions on IBM POWER9 servers.

    Read this case study to learn more about their experience and the benefits they achieved working with Red Hat, including:

    • A 30% reduction in database response time
    • Enhanced production performance
    • Improved consistent worldwide production
    • And more

  • Database and EUC modernization creates positive outcomes for one bank

    India’s bank sector has radically changed in the last 10 years, and it’s clear that banks willing to innovate with new technologies are the ones best suited to ride the wave of disruption to deliver value.

    So with end-user computing (EUC) infrastructure fails and databases lagging behind, RBL Bank decided to turn to Nutanix to transform their infrastructure from the bottom up.

    Access this case study to learn how Nutanix’s database and EUC solutions helped RBL Bank accelerate its time to market services from 2-4 days to 4-6 hours, eliminated downtime with a 99% cut in EUC service tickets, and led to a 35% improvement in call center efficiency.

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  • Going beyond limitations of native access controls for databases and data warehouses

    While many database, data warehouse, and data pipelines’ native SSO integration leave gaps in security and oversight, Cyral can help you close these gaps. Access this white paper to learn more about the benefits of Cyral and its policies when it comes to access management, data quality, reporting, debugging, and more.


  • Determining the true cost of your database

    The TCO of a database can be hard to calculate, with the picture clouded by licensing fees, support costs, downtime risks, and more recently cloud provider costs. Access this white paper to learn how you can best breakdown and understand database costs and optimize them.


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    Amazon Aurora is a powerful, fully managed database solution that provides the reliability, performance, and scalability of a commercial database at a fraction of the cost. Tune into this webinar to learn about Amazon Aurora from AWS Premier Partners ClearScale, examine successful deployments from real-life examples, and more.


  • Learn how Nutanix Era’s DB management offers an ROI of 291%

    Read this Forrester Total Economic Impact report to learn how Nutanix Era’s simplified database management enables efficiency, standardization, cost savings, and better employee experiences that result in an ROI of 291% and a payback period of under 6 months.


  • Vendor comparison: PostgreSQL and MongoDB

    With so many different types of databases out there, ranging from relational databases to document databases, it can be hard to have a performance benchmark. Read this e-book to learn how two popular database solutions, MongoDB and PostgreSQL, stack up against each other when considering several of the most important benchmarks.


  • How to balance cost when migrating an Oracle database to the cloud

    When migrating your Oracle database to the cloud, there are several ways to do so—but none are risk free. In fact, the threat of operational downtime and data loss might even prevent you from seeing the benefits of this deployment. Read on to learn how turning to a third-party solution can help you mitigate these risks.


  • Best practices for cloud database management systems

    While cloud databases present new and tough challenges to DBAs, this expert guide will help you identify and implement a series of best practices that can help alleviate the complexity of cloud database management. Keep reading to learn how you can improve your cloud database management systems, including monitoring strategies and compliance tips.


  • Hear it from the customer: Why choose an AWS cloud DB?

    AWS has developed a comprehensive ecosystem of cloud databases suitable for a variety of needs—with recent additions including data lake capabilities and machine learning-powered relational database optimization. Keep reading to learn the real benefits of these technologies, straight from the testimonials of real-world cloud database users.


  • Easy, optimized PostgreSQL management on Kubernetes

    With PostgreSQL becoming the open-source DB of choice for many organizations, some are rightly wondering how they can best maximize its performance in the cloud. Enter Cloud Native PostgreSQL for Kubernetes. Read on to learn how you can easily deploy and manage your PostgreSQL clusters in both production and development environments on Kubernetes.


  • The impact of a specialized database on data-intensive applications

    Read on to learn how SingleStore’s database meets the needs of modern data-intensive applications, with some organizations reporting benefits including query response times that drop from minutes to seconds, 35% decreases in TCO compared to a leading cloud DB, and huge performance improvements.


  • Ludicrously Fast Analytics: A 5-Step Guide For Developers Of Modern Applications

    Fast analytics are making all the difference for today’s SaaS companies. In this e-book, you’ll learn how 3 developers accelerated analytics via SingleStore’s unified, powerful, and scalable database. Read on to discover how this DB handles growing data volumes, huge numbers of queries, and complex cloud architectures with ease.


  • Your guide to overcoming the challenges of adopting NoSQL

    Schema-less or dynamic schema capabilities, combined with increased processing speed and built-in scalability, make NoSQL an ideal platform for many industries. Read this white paper for a deep dive into the design behind NoSQL, and learn how data modeling helps facilitate this paradigm shift.


  • How SharePlex by Quest can support your hybrid and multi-cloud DB strategies

    You’re only as IT-resilient as the lag between production data and its replica, so true IT resilience depends on high speed and low fault tolerance as you replicate between databases. Read through this data sheet for a look into the ways to use SharePlex by Quest to support your hybrid and multi-cloud database strategies.


  • 10 ways graph databases add value to your data projects

    To get true value from your data, you need to stop just collecting it and start understanding the relationships between these datapoints. The key to interpreting these relationships is in graph technology. Access this white paper to learn the top 10 use cases of graph database technology in your enterprise


  • How Couchbase stacks up to 19 other cloud DBMS vendors

    With data management shifting rapidly to the cloud, this report is designed to help data and analytics leaders make the right technology choices in a complex market. Learn about popular cloud DBMS vendors, read real user reviews, and discover why Couchbase was recognized by Gartner for completeness of vision and ability to execute.


  • The modern data center’s new role in healthcare IT

    Despite healthcare’s historically slow adoption of IT innovations, technology has increasingly injected itself as a transformative force in the industry. Use this guide to explore the modern data center’s role in the evolving healthcare IT landscape.


  • Discover the benefits of database modernization on AWS

    Many businesses still rely on outdated, on-premises databases—even with the rising costs of managing and maintaining physical infrastructure and the growing benefits of cloud architectures when it comes to scalability and flexibility. Database modernization on AWS can help you address these issues. Download this e-book today to learn more.


  • How to successfully combine scalable database technologies

    Distinct types of workloads are emerging, and each requires specific database management system capabilities. So how can you find the right database architecture in this complex world? Explore this IDC Analyst Brief to learn how you can combine scalable database technologies and achieve operational synergy for high-growth applications.


  • Accessing NoSQL data with SQL techniques

    It can be difficult to use SQL properly within NoSQL structures. This solution brief highlights the ways that CData Software provides SQL access to NoSQL data through their drivers. Continue on to learn more about the different mapping and flattening techniques used and see vendor examples that highlight the performance and usability in real life.


  • Graph databases for Dummies: How to use a powerful DB

    Graph databases are a way of turning NoSQL thinking on its head. By considering the relationships of certain datasets to other datasets, these DBs can optimize analytics, ML, and more. Access this e-book, Graph Databases for Dummies, to learn why you need to be considering the seemingly limitless possibilities of a graph database.


  • How the Neo4j graph database accelerates complex connections

    Many database types fall short in handling complex connections between your data, slowing as friend-of-friend queries begin reaching several degrees away from the source. Watch this video to learn how the Neo4j graph database allows queries of deeply connected data to be orders of magnitude faster through preserved database connections.


  • Why experts suggest migrating Hadoop to Amazon EMR

    Organizations worldwide are harnessing the power of data analytics frameworks such as Hadoop, but too often organizations find themselves stuck fighting the difficulties of migrating Hadoop to Amazon EMR. Watch this webinar for expert insights on the migration process, and find out how you can enhance your current Hadoop platform.


  • Why successful enterprises rely on NoSQL database applications

    NoSQL databases are flexible, scalable, and highly adaptable to the data management demands of modern businesses. Access this whitepaper to learn how NoSQL lets you support millions of concurrent users around the world, easily handle semi-structured and unstructured data, and keep your applications available with no downtime.


  • Replicate your data to open-source databases with SharePlex

    Open-source databases offer increased flexibility with low license costs, all while reducing dependence on commercial databases. Take a look at this data sheet to explore ways to use SharePlex by Quest to replicate your commercial data to open-source databases, opening up your options for enjoying the flexibility and low cost of open-source.


  • Stream processing training course

    This course will teach application devs, architects, DevOps engineers, and data scientists to better their streaming processes as they interact with Kafka clusters to create real-time applications. Read on to learn a brief description of the training and certifications Confluent can help you with when it comes to Apache Kafka Streams and ksqlDB.


  • Why CockroachDB makes sense for your cloud applications

    CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database built to handle the demands of today’s data-driven applications. This comprehensive O’Reilly e-book will walk software developers, architects, and DevOps/SRE teams through the ways CockroachDB can create scalable, seamless cloud applications. Access your copy to learn more.


  • The benefits you’d see replacing a DB proxy with a data layer sidecar

    Newer architectures based on microservices have created challenges with database proxies like security and traffic management. Keep reading to learn how you can solve some of the problems associated with database proxies via a stateless inception service that can be deployed using a sidecar pattern.


  • Cloud database migration addresses 6 C-level IT challenges

    Explore this white paper to learn how embracing cloud database migration can help you solve key C-level IT challenges, including controlling IT spend, determining your right cloud strategy, and securing access and maintaining data compliance.


  • Modernize Your Database With Cloud Simplicity On Your Terms

    This dbInsight research paper explores the results of massive cloud growth on database architectures and looks at the realities of modernizing data estates in this world. Read on to learn more about modernizing your databases in this complex cloud environment and see how Nutanix can improve DB performance and alleviate IT workload burdens.


  • Into the Cloud: The power of database for the cloud

    Software-as-a-service companies have created a number of ways to make things more affordable and productive for their end users, but they often struggle with finding the right cloud service provider to meet their requirements. Tune into this webinar to learn how the cloud database market is shifting to meet the data demands of these companies.


  • Inside: HPE GreenLake with Nutanix Era for Databases

    Explore this data sheet to learn the benefits of HPE GreenLake with Nutanix Era for Databases including easy provisioning, seamless cloning, simple backup and in-place restores, and database lifecycle management.


  • Maintain Oracle availability and disaster recovery with SharePlex

    Has Oracle 19c Standard Edition 2 (SE2) taken a step backward in high availability and disaster recovery? Quest wants to know. Dive into this data sheet to discover how you can use SharePlex by Quest to stick with Oracle SE2 while maintaining your high availability and disaster recovery strategies.