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SOA Blueprint for Supply Chain Visibility

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The secret to taking back control of your SAP landscape

77% of all worldwide business transactions touch an SAP system in some form, and the company boasts over 150 million cloud users, making it the largest enterprise cloud company.

But there are limitations to SAP, specifically when it comes to 3 core IT activities.

In this e-book, find out why it’s critical for IT teams to prioritize the monitoring of SAP landscape with a solution that will not only minimize risk today, but build a strategic and cost-effective approach to digital transformation tomorrow.

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  • Discover how SAP AI Business Services can reshape your business

    Change is difficult, especially when it comes to revamping your critical business systems. Building on top your existing infrastructure creates complexities that restrict the flow of data through your organization, causing setbacks that hamper your organization’s ability to react quickly to changing market demands.

    But change doesn’t have to be that way. In this e-book, you’ll learn about the business value, key features, and real-world applications of the intelligent services within the SAP Business Technology Platform. You’ll find out how you can empower better decision-making for your business using AI.

    Read on to discover how you can optimize your processes and drive innovation.

  • Navigating SAP S/4HANA deployment: Best practices & essential technologies

    Deploying SAP S/4HANA is a major project for any organization that is embarking on the move.

    Given the complexity of the task and the challenges that must be addressed on the way, gaining insight into how other members of the SAPinsider community are approaching their SAP S/4HANA deployment can be extremely helpful.

    In this analyst report, discover the essential technologies industry leaders are using for their SAP S/4HANA deployments, and learn the top strategies SAPinsiders are using for their deployment initiatives.

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  • Key strategies for resilient supply chains in 2024

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  • Moving beyond traditional AppSec: The growing software attack surface

    According to findings from ReversingLabs’ recent study, software supply chain threats rose 1300% between 2021 to 2023. This buyer’s guide to supply chain security analyzes the current state of supply chain attacks and distills the analysis into actionable information you can use to choose an offering. Download now to learn more.


  • MicroScope – September 2022: The green agenda

    Sustainability is now seen as a necessity for business to have on their agenda, so read about how the channel is turning green to capture customer attention. Also discover how the pandemic has changed sales forever and boosted the importance of relationships, as well as learn about how to handle currency fluctuations, rises and inflation.


  • Computer Weekly – 29 September 2020: How supply chain management is changing after Covid-19

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  • App Sec Tools Need a Software Supply Chain Security Upgrade.

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  • The Strategic Imperative for Software Supply Chain Security

    Download the whitepaper to learn about:The importance of software supply chain security in the era of DevOps.The risks associated with third-party components and DevOps practices.6 key steps for securing the software supply chain.How to secure your software supply chain with JFrog.


  • CW ANZ, July 2020: Expert Advice on Security

    In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how organisations in Australia and New Zealand can better protect themselves against evolving cyber threats.


  • How to build supply chain resiliency with automation

    Recent history has proven that supply chain disruptions can be caused by all kinds of factors both locally and globally. Because of that, ensuring that your logistical operations are resilient is critical. But if you haven’t begun your journey to supply chain digital transformation, the time to start is now. Read on to learn how to get started.


  • 8 experts weigh in on better supply chain security

    According to Gartner, 89% of organizations have experienced a supply chain security risk event in the past 5 years. This white paper compiles the opinions of 8 industry-leading experts with the goal of providing insight into the difficulties faced when securing a supply chain, and what can be done to overcome them. Read on to learn more.


  • How to take control of your supply chain data

    By leveraging the Supply Chain Orchestrator, supply chain businesses can recognize, understand, optimize, and leverage data more efficiently to create an agile and resilient supply chain model. Read on to learn how you can utilize the tool to improve productivity and drive value for your business.


  • How a resilient health care supply chain affects patient care

    Supply chain excellence impacts health care quality and experience for patients, therefore, a resilient supply chain is crucial for delivering that care and keeping an eye on your bottom line. This infographic details five steps your organization should take to bolster more efficient health care supply chain management.


  • Today’s new supply chains: moving from insight to action in real time

    The journey of the products in your supply chain are often full of surprises, despite your best-laid plans. Access this solution overview to learn how you can monitor every aspect of your value chain down to the item level & develop the agility to overcome obstacles, boosting customer satisfaction & revenue with the Parkour supply


  • Computer Weekly – 14 June 2022: Managing Apple Macs in the enterprise

    In this week's Computer Weekly, with more people working remotely, the use of Apple Macs in the enterprise is growing – we look at how to manage them securely. Our latest buyer's guide examines security in the supply chain. And 10 years on from the London Olympics, we find out how data innovation is revitalising its legacy. Read the issue now.


  • Security leader’s guide to supply chain security

    Over the last 3 years, supply chain attacks rose 1300%. This report is designed to give readers a map with which they can navigate the landscape of software supply chain security, exploring some of the high-level trends in software supply chain threats and how recent attacks provide insight into what’s to come. Read on to learn more.


  • The most significant supply chain challenges of 2024

    Discover in this e-book the secrets to optimizing supply chain performance with unified data, with insights from 450 senior supply chain decision makers.


  • Data Platform: Unlock Flexibility in the Supply Chain

    While many recognize the importance of seamless supply chain operations for business success, siloed data makes it difficult to achieve. This product overview examines a data platform designed to complement your existing architecture to enable intelligent supply chain orchestration. Read on to learn how your business can wield it.


  • Supply Chain Orchestrator for manufacturers: Top 4 benefits

    Many companies do not have the necessary flexibility to operate in a supply constrained environment. This is where InterSystems’ Supply Chain Orchestrator comes in, automating and optimizing your repackaging production plan based on true forecast and supply to maximize fill rate. Discover the top 4 benefits here.


  • 3 ways to safeguard your software supply chain

    The massive cyberattack on SolarWinds in 2020 was a wake-up call for organizations years to come to prioritize application security for all parts of their software supply chain. Download this e-book to learn how Contrast aims to help you safeguard your software supply chain from potential cyberattacks in 3 ways.


  • The Monsters in Your Software Supply Chain

    Software supply chain attacks are up over 1000%. Are you prepared to confront the monsters that hackers are setting loose in your software supply chain? Download the new white paper to help arm yourself with knowledge and the tools to stay ahead of the modern software attack.


  • Protecting interconnected business with NIS2

    The supply chain, like any other chain, is only as strong as its weakest link. Watch this video to learn how the European Union’s revised Networks and Information Security (NIS2) Directive can help organizations protect themselves and the organizations they are interconnected with.


  • CW Innovation Awards Project of the Year: StratMed

    Named Project of the Year in the Computer Weekly Innovation Awards APAC 2022, StratMed's Integer platform is facilitating data exchanges between healthcare providers and their suppliers to improve transparency in India's healthcare supply chain.


  • Best practices for establishing supply chain trust

    In this white paper, you’ll learn how you can ensure device security from the factory floor to end of life by leveraging hardware-based trust, traceability, and tamper detection to mitigate supply chain risks. Download the full white paper now to learn more.


  • Enhance your supply chain resilience: 5 keys for success

    When 82% of today’s supply chain leaders report that they anticipate supply disruptions and shortages to worsen into the next year, it has become critical for organizations to work to maintain a consistently high performance rate and improve supply chain resilience. Dig into this guide to learn more.


  • Computer Weekly – 13 September 2022: Source responsibly: Tech sector efforts to root out forced labour are failing

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we analyse the technology industry's failure to extirpate forced labour and slavery from its supply chains. We find out how cyber security firm Okta is rebuilding customer trust after a major security incident. And we discover how Caterpillar is modernising its data management. Read the issue now.


  • Supply chain sustainability: Optimization guide

    For today’s supply chains, sustainability means everything, and it’s critical that organizations continuously monitor their operations to ensure they can efficiently respond to risks and improve performance. However, keeping an eye on these processes is no easy task. Browse this white paper to learn more.


  • Ransomware: How a proactive security strategy can mitigate attacks

    Caught in the middle of a complex supply chain that never sleeps, supply chain vendors and service providers are often unable to take a step back to address and evolve their outdated systems. Download this white paper to learn what experts from Mandiant have learned about the state of supply chain ransomware attacks.


  • Intelligent data platform: Build a resilient supply chain

    Without reliable, real-time data, businesses are unable to respond to supply chain disruptions quickly. This is a big problem when it comes to achieving the agility needed to survive and thrive in a highly competitive global market. Read on to learn about an intelligent data platform that you can leverage to achieve supply chain management success.


  • The Key to Supply Chain Optimization

    For today’s retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers, consistent supply chain optimization is critical to business success. But as transformation continues to get more complicated, how can organizations best fulfill customer demand from planning through delivery? Access this e-book to learn more.


  • The role of the supply chain in revolutionizing patient care

    Join esteemed leaders from CHRISTUS Health, Zebra, and Barcodes Inc for an enlightening webinar led by Zebra's CNIO Rikki Jennings. This panel discussion delves into the transformative power of an efficient and optimized supply chain in revolutionizing patient care delivery, ultimately leading to better outcomes and heightened satisfaction.


  • Cut healthcare supply chain costs by 17% by digitizing SCM

    Under traditional supply chain scenarios, physicians have little visibility into the volume and cost of the products and devices they consume. Read this paper to understand how a digitized supply chain creates clearer consumption visibility, supports better patient outcomes, and reduces waste and expense.


  • 3 trends in strategic health care supply chain management

    If you haven’t refreshed your plan for the post-COVID-19 environment, you’re not alone. 1 in 4 health care supply chain leaders still don’t have a strategic plan. Learn how the top organizations are reinventing the traditional health care supply chain to succeed under today’s financial pressures in this white paper.


  • AI & the future of procurement

    With its capacity to transcend the boundaries of software, the significance of AI in procurement and supply chain technology is undeniable. Download this white paper to unlock 5 difference-making capabilities of AI that make it a necessity for the future of procurement.


  • Software supply chain security & the SOC: End-to-end security is key

    Check out this report to learn how a modern software security assurance strategy can bring the SOC into the loop of continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) software development and release cycles. In addition, the report outlines comprehensive software supply chain security best practices.


  • Australia's cybersecurity game plan

    In this e-guide, find out how the Australian government is tackling cyber security issues head-on, why local businesses continue to fall prey to ransomware and how to mitigate supply chain security risks.


  • 4 strategies for sustainable supply chain management

    As organizations continue to work to transform their supply chain management strategies to be more socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and economically viable, many can find themselves daunted by the transformation. Browse this guide to learn more.