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Case Studies with Intel vPro Processor Technology

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How modern servers drive business results and enable team collaboration

According to a recent IDC survey, targeted server investments improve efficiency and trust between app development and IT ops teams.

That closer collaboration is key to driving better business results.

Open now to uncover more results from the study, including:

  • A look at server investments for app development and I&O
  • Challenges and outcomes
  • What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • And more.


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  • K-means analytics workload performance: Dell EMC PowerEdge vs. other servers.

    One leading vendor wanted to take a look at Dell’s EMC PowerEdge R7525’s k-means analytics workload performance in comparison to other servers and see how it stacked up.

    To do this, they considered both k-means clustering and processing rate time.

    Open up this white paper to see the results and uncover which server came out on top.

  • Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise put to the test. Here’s the results.

    The latest version of Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise introduced new features and workflows that could greatly reduce the time and effort that data center administrators would typically spend on daily tasks.

    In this white paper, those features and workflows were put to the test to see how much time can be saved while updating firmware, repurposing hardware, completing data center recovery, and more.

    Open now to see the final results, all by the numbers.

    Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

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  • Exploring the business value of Dell EMC VxRail

    To see the real impact of HCI on IT and business operations, IDC spoke with Dell Technologies customers running their critical applications on Dell EMC VxRail. Access the white paper here to learn the results of the survey, which include popular use cases, quantified business benefits, and more.


  • Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance tested in virtual environments

    Access this white paper to see the results of an ESG Technical Review in which the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance was tested to see if it can improve performance for users and efficiently protect virtual environments at scale.


  • Why Your Technology Might Be Letting You Down

    Remote work is not going away, and as a result, organizations are having to completely rethink what it means to be technologically ready. In this white paper, explore the conditions regarding businesses’ approach to digital transformation in the era of remote work, and see the biggest drivers behind the adoption of various communication tools.


  • How to take control of SecOps

    Security teams are struggling with lack of talent and disparate security tools. As a result, the majority of these teams – 80% according to Gartner – are planning to consolidate security across their vendors. They’re also looking into extended detection and response (XDR) to help improve posture overall. View this white paper to learn more.


  • Experience management platforms: Maximize your team’s productivity

    As a result of the increasing importance of customer and employee experience, many organizations have decided to implement an experience management platform. Learn about these solutions, and how they can help you maximize your team’s productivity, in this white paper.


  • 5 ways to keep remote workers secure and productive

    Organizations are working remote whether they like it or not. As a result, best practices must be in place, and steps must be taken to ensure that your network has both the bandwidth and the security to keep your employees productive. Explore this white paper for 5 ways to ensure remote continuity.


  • Study: Optimizing workload placement in your hybrid cloud

    According to an IDC study, adopting a hybrid cloud strategy and modernizing infrastructure can help optimize workload placement decisions, resulting in maximized IT and business outcomes. Click in now for more results from the study, including key objective, factors influencing workload placement, and more.


  • Automating high availability and disaster recovery with Red Hat

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SAP are tailoring solutions for the needs of these business-critical applications. Check out this white paper to learn how Red Hat’s solutions offer 4 distinct benefits for SAP and SAP HANA high availability and DR.


  • Data Center Servers and Storage E-Book Chapter 4: Reallocating Unused Server and Storage Hardware

    With a bit of planning, a specific tiering-out of your system priorities and a dash of virtualization, you can breathe new life into your old servers -- even as you bring in replacements with all of their powerful new capabilities. Read this e-book to learn more.


  • AI-driven search vs. normal search: What your customers are missing out on

    It wasn’t long ago that on-site search generated similar results for most queries; text entered into the box offered up only a handful or results, a lot of which wasn’t relevant. Times have now changed with ecommerce site search and AI. Explore what makes AI-driven search stand out from normal search in this white paper.


  • The rise of fileless attacks

    According to CrowdStrike, 8 out of 10 attack vectors that resulted in a successful breach used fileless attack techniques. Access this white paper to learn how fileless attacks work and why traditional techniques fail to protect your organization.


  • Best Practices for implementing the White House Executive Order

    Access this white paper to learn about the key requirements outlined in the White House Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity Infrastructure and how Thales can ensure the successful and timely implementation of Zero Trust, encryption, and authentication security solutions.


  • How you can turn overwhelming data into continuous intelligence

    The huge volumes of data pouring into organizations threaten to overwhelm their analytics solutions, IT departments, and data scientists. Read this white paper to learn how you can take advantage of this continuous stream of information with continuous intelligence solutions that process over 4 petabytes of data with results in under a second.


  • CW+: The Open Group: Cloud buyers’ requirements questionnaire

    This White Paper describes a questionnaire that will help you identify your requirements for Cloud computing in a structured way, so that you can more easily reach the best solution.


  • Happy employees are 20% more productive, what’s your EX strategy?

    Happy employees are good for business. In fact, research has shown happy employees are 20% more productive than unhappy employees. Download this white paper to explore workplace services’ increasingly important role in employee happiness, as well as 4 steps that can help you get started with them.


  • Empower your remote workforce with Google Workspace

    As more organizations embrace this way of working, many have found that collaboration tools, like Google Workplace, are a necessity. Read this white paper for an in-depth look at Google’s solution and how it enables remote work.


  • Overcoming the common challenges of data modernization

    Technology currently deployed within organizations often struggles to keep up with growing data demands, and as a result, companies face increased pressure to transform how they collect, analyze, and use data. Learn about data modernization, and get tips on creating a successful strategy, in this white paper.


  • CW+: The Open Group: Cloud buyers’ decision tree

    This White Paper describes a Decision Tree that could be used to help you discover where Cloud opportunities and solutions might fit in your organization. It is put forward for discussion, with the intention that this discussion, and validation in the field, will result in a practical tool for use by enterprises.


  • ANZ IT Priorities 2018

    The IT Priorities 2018 survey results underscore what we already know about the ANZ IT landscape - more investments in software and cloud services to buttress digital transformation efforts, including the greater use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. But there were a few surprises as well


  • Exceptional Performance with Unmatched Density

    Drive unparalleled results - both per dollar and per watt - using a workload- optimized, application-specific, highly efficient solution that surpasses expectations of today's large financial services organizations.


  • 5 appdev benefits of Tintri SQL Integrated Storage

    Check out this data sheet to learn all about Tintri SQL Integrated Storage, including 8 advantages it has over the competition and 5 application development benefits.


  • Wi-Fi 6 vs. 5G vs. CBRS: How the technologies compare

    In the field of wireless networking, there is a constant drumbeat about newer, faster, better wireless technologies. These currently include Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, 5G, CBRS, LoRaWAN and a plethora of IoT-focused technologies. In this white paper, dive into each of these technologies and see how each will fit into wireless networking of the future.


  • 4 levels of automated remediation & how to choose the right one

    Automated remediation allows for organizations to save time and resources by automating security tasks that previously required manual attention. Contrary to popular belief, organizations don’t need to be at 100% automation on day 1. In this guide, discover the various levels of automation and learn how to choose the right one for you.


  • 6 challenges of overly-complex security

    Cybersecurity teams are deploying more solutions – and are getting more data from them – but the resulting picture is not encouraging. Complexity in managing these disparate solutions is overwhelming many security teams that are already overstretched. Download this white paper to investigate 6 challenges caused by security complexity.


  • What you want in embedded CRM analytics

    Read this white paper to learn what you should be looking for in an embedded analytics solution—and why.


  • 5 takeaways from the Aerospace & Defense COVID resilience survey

    Between July and August of 2020, Interos surveyed executives in the Aerospace and Defense industry to assess the disruptions and vulnerabilities brought to light by COVID-19 and actions that organizations were taken to build resilience. Explore the survey results and the 5 core findings in this white paper.


  • Data handling in the era of privacy & compliance

    As data security regulations grow stricter and cyberthreats become more complex, organizations need better information handling and data governance policies — which includes the right tools to help them implement their policies. Read this white paper to learn more about data handling in the era of privacy and compliance.


  • The true cost of insider threats: Key research findings

    Each year, the Ponemon Institute conducts a study, known as the Cost of Insider Threats Global Report study, to dissect and examine the costs (direct and indirect) that result from insider threats. Download the report to explore the results of the 2020 study.


  • New technologies require a modernized security approach

    Innovations like blockchain, 5G, AI and IoT can drive big results for your business, but they can also put it at risk if you don’t take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. In this white paper, learn how to incorporate the right security into your business to ensure you’re successfully supporting your corporate goals.


  • How decision trees can improve your customer service strategy

    Read this white paper to learn about decision trees and how they can help improve your customer service strategy.


  • The benefits of proper data integration

    Proper data integration is missing from many organizations, and this is holding most organizations back from being truly data-driven and accurate in their decision making. Access this white paper to learn how Teradata Vantage delivers fast results to complex business questions by integrating data and analytics in a unified environment.


  • Achieve operational efficiencies to drive digital transformation

    This blog explores five organizations that reaped the benefits of improving operations to achieve transformative business results, as well as a look at the solutions that made these transformations possible. Jump in now to learn more.


  • Application security: 4 common causes of software vulnerabilities

    Despite the best efforts of IT security teams, vulnerabilities in applications are bound to happen. In fact, research shows that 3 out of 4 apps produced by software vendors fail to meet security standards. Download this white paper to discover the 4 most common causes that lead to software vulnerabilities and ensure your readiness.


  • Overcoming cloud transformation challenges

    Access this white paper to learn about how cloud transformations can benefit from portfolio discovery and planning, which provides IT teams with the visibility and insight necessary for a well-planned migration.


  • Creating a digital employee experience: Survey results & recommendations

    As remote and hybrid working become more popular—and permanent—providing an engaging digital employee experience (DEX) becomes increasingly important. Download this white paper for expert recommendations on how to provide the optimal DEX—based on results from SocialChorus’s recent survey.


  • ITSM provider streamlines O365 backup with Barracuda

    After successive failures to protect data with their previous backup provider occurred, Truston knew they needed a more efficient off-site backup solution for their O365 data. Download this case study to discover the results of Truston investing in Barracuda Essentials.


  • How to achieve faster vulnerability response

    Learn how ServiceNow can help your organization achieve faster vulnerability response rates, improve operational transparency, and create a more digitally secure working environment for all.


  • Simplify S/4HANA transformation with Red Hat

    Many organizations rely on SAP databases and applications to manage their business and, as a result, are now grappling with the decision of if they should migrate to S/4HANA—and how. Learn about Red Hat’s automation platform and how it can help accelerate your transformation in this white paper.


  • Public cloud migration: Addressing top security challenges

    As organizations continue to migrate their workloads to public cloud environments, they should be mindful that they own the responsibility of safeguarding their data, regardless of who is hosting it. Download this white paper to discover how to address the top cloud migration security challenges.


  • HPE and VMware: Latest partnership integrations explained

    Join this webinar with Matthew Perry to learn more about the industry-leading integrations between HPE OneView and VMware vCenter, vRealize Orchestrator, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight and SDDC Manager and how provide solutions to deliver better outcomes.


  • Passwordless authentication: Modern identity management

    Password fatigue has become an epidemic, with 81% of breaches involving the use of weak or stolen credentials. As a result, enterprises are exploring ways to protect their networks without the use of passwords. Jump into this white paper to learn more and to see examples of passwordless authentication.


  • Evaluating the application performance monitoring field

    Access this Gartner white paper to see their Magic Quadrant which evaluates the strengths and cautions of the leading application performance monitoring vendors.


  • How Arcserve protects over 200 TB of hospital data

    Checkout this case study to learn more about the results that the Burton NHS Trust experienced with Arcserve, including faster data recovery, reduced backup times, minimized downtime, and instant access to systems and data at a secondary location, all of which helped to safeguard patient care.


  • Advanced data security across SAP HANA environments

    While SAP HANA users realize unmatched operational efficiency, enhanced capabilities are often accompanied by increased risk. In this white paper, take a closer look at Thales’ Vormetric Transparent Encryption (VTE), designed to help organizations control the risks of sensitive data-at-rest within SAP HANA environments.


  • How to secure your big data

    In this white paper, explore the results of the various performance benchmarks run by the Vormetric Product Development team on a reference Hadoop configuration secured with Vormetric Transparent Encryption.


  • What to know before moving to multi cloud

    Access this white paper for a guide to multi cloud experiences. This guide covers: the future of multi cloud, capabilities of multi cloud architectures, cloud economics, market trends, enablers of multi cloud, and more.