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Transform your supply-chain with information management

“Supply chains and operations are undergoing radical restructuring,” according to EY Advisory, and the key to their optimization lies in how well they manage their information.

In this white paper, explore the obstacles created by information and process fragmentation, and discover how the strategic use of information can foster supply-chain optimization and streamline the move to digital supply-chain networks.

To uncover how existing organizations are digitizing their supply-chain operations and streamlining business processes, download this white paper, and learn how you can use your information to enhance your own operations. 

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  • Achieve supply chain transformation

    The supply chain is evolving at an exponential pace, but without the right systems in place, companies looking to capitalize on their evolution may find themselves drowning under the pressures of previous software.

    In this expert guide, discover how to turn your supply chain into an intelligent operation. Uncover the benefits of introducing real-time visibility into your manufacturing process, and explore how AI can help supply chain operations improve their efficiency while fueling their digital transformation.

    Don’t get held back by the legacy software of the past. Download this guide, and get started with your supply chain transformation.

  • 5 supply chain tips for dealing with a product recall

    Due to legislation, government agencies have gained more power to intervene with a food and beverage manufacturer’s operations and consumers are able to react more quickly if they are unsatisfied through communications technology.

    As a result, product recalls have become more common and food service companies must be able to manage their supply chains accordingly.

    Companies can also use technologies such as IoT, big data analytics and the cloud to manage their supply chain during product recalls. Read this e-book to for 5 supply chain tips to deal with a product recall, and learn more about how your organization could implement these technologies and supply chain tips during a recall. 

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  • How could your organization benefit from automation?

    A global supply chain and logistics leader needed to automate their back-office document management. Read this white paper to learn more about how the supply chain logistics company increased efficiency and reduced costs using automation and how your company could do the same.


  • 6 must-haves for an intelligent supply chain

    An effective and innovative supply chain management (SCM) cloud platform is built around six core features and distinct functions – otherwise known as the "power of six." Learn more about the "power of six" and the importance of SCM cloud platforms inside this ebook.


  • Weak links – Strengthening the information supply chain

    Analysts Bob Tarzey and Rob Bamforth argues the case for a systematic approach to securing the information supply chain.


  • Leverage digitization for end-to-end direct materials management

    To paraphrase Charles Darwin, "It is the one that is most adaptable to change" that survives, and this is certainly true for supply chain organizations in 2019. Prepare yourself for maximum digital transformation in 2019 by reading this in-depth research report by GEP.


  • Video communications: Engage with employees from anywhere

    Logitech and Herman Miller, a global provider of furnishings and related technologies, recently teamed up to create an advanced Distance Learning Classroom for Delta Air Lines' TechOps division. Learn how they made that possible with Zoom Video Communications in this case study.


  • Big data and manufacturing: Key trends to know

    Manufacturing has been forever changed by the rise of big data analytics, from IoT sensors to machine learning toolkits that have overhauled the entire supply chain. How is your business adapting to this? Explore some of the key trends that are affecting manufacturers' use of big data.


  • Cutting through the blockchain hype

    In this e-guide, read more about blockchain's potential beyond the supply chain, such as securing the internet of things and telco voice wholesaling.


  • How to respond faster to threats

    In this resource, learn how a Trusted Security Circle allows security teams to anonymously share observable data with industry peers, members of their supply chain or a global circle.


  • Explore a 6-step third-party assessment process

    Supply chain partners can be a weak link when it comes to security. Third-party assessments are a great way to manage that risk. But they can quickly become burdensome and create mountains of paperwork without necessarily improving security. In this white paper, explore Expel's 6-step third-party assessment process.


  • Herding Geese: The Retail Supply Chain

    Steven Keifer draws on the pioneering work of US retailer, Walmart, to explain the essentials of EDI in the retail supply chain.


  • Data streaming: A strategic "data-driven" decision

    Having access to data from mobile apps, IoT devices and social media feeds in real-time is essential to staying ahead of the competition. Download this webcast and learn how organizations are adopting streaming as a strategic decision, using streaming data for a competitive advantage, using real-time processing for their application and more.


  • City University London Policy Challenge Report: Removing barriers to government using SME IT suppliers

    The present need to radically cut public expenditure provides a once in a generation opportunity to transform the efficiency of the public sector. In order to achieve this, the public sector needs to radically change its current business processes to achieve greater efficiency.


  • How to tackle trust and co-operation

    It is well-known that eCommerce transactions require a level of trust between participants in that trust, in this context, gives each partner confidence that the other will fulfil his part of a bargain in the future.


  • Retail IT - A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide

    Competition has never been so strong and retail organisations are finding they cannot afford to stand still.


  • How mobile devices can help deliver compliance efficiencies in manufacturing

    The global footprint of many manufacturing companies makes compliance with mandatory regulations particularly challenging. In this article, explore some potential bottlenecks in production processes that present challenges for manufacturing compliance and how mobile devices can deliver efficiencies.


  • Effective B2B Integration

    Date Vile identifies 6 key factors to help businesses integrate their supply and demand chains more effectively.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to 3D printing

    In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how 3D Printing will disrupt industry from enterprises to SMEs, what advances we will see next and how CIOs can exploit the tide of innovation to become business enablers.


  • 3 ways to create secure communications for transportation

    This resource explores how investing in unified communications and enhanced perimeter security can help put the right data in the right hands at the right moment, and keep logistics moving forward at the pace of digital business. Find out how to enable secure, nationwide push-to-talk communications with WAVE two-way radios and more.


  • Big data: How to get real-time analysis

    Potential applications of big data span nearly every area of the retail environment, from operations to marketing to supply chain management. Download this resource for information on a converged data platform with real-time capabilities so that you can meet modern customer expectations and remain competitive.


  • AI: It's not just for analytics

    In this insight collection from Harvard Business Review, you'll learn about the (not so) science fiction realities that are just over the horizon thanks to current AI technology.


  • Computer Weekly – 27 September 2016: Digital knowledge at the British Library

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out about the technology plans at the British Library as it aims to store the UK's printed and digital history. Graph database technology is being used to help improve food safety throughout the supply chain. And tech leaders tell us how to architect IT for the cloud. Read the issue now.


  • Blockchain: Keep transaction records permanently

    Blockchain acts as a permanent transaction history, similar to a distributed database - minus the ability to rollback transactions. Read this white paper for all the introductory information you'll need regarding blockchain.


  • Information security in the retail chain

    This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security Thesis Series looks at how automated distribution centres play a business-critical role in the retail supply chain, and any challenge to their continuous availability and the services they provide must be overcome.


  • The future of supply chain and procurement

    Find out how AI, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, IoT, and 3D Printing are predicted to impact the future of supply chain and procurement in this white paper.


  • CW+: Quocirca Report: Utilising SOA in defence logistics

    The logistics function within the defence arena presents distinct and complex challenges which can be mitigated through the adoption of a SOA architecture.


  • Why hyper-converged infrastructure could improve overall IT performance

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the growing market for hyper-converged infrastructure, and assess the options available. We ask mature users of the cloud what's next for their migration to off-premise systems. And we analyse how retail supply chains are developing to keep up with online and mobile shopping trends.


  • 10 ways to improve employee communication

    In this white paper, learn 10 key strategies for improving your notification system and alert response rates for the public as well as your employees.


  • Demo: Integrating automation into financial tasks

    Tune into this webinar to get a first-hand look at how process automation can be integrated into business processes including capital expenditure tracking, supplier on-boarding, and more – and in just a few clicks


  • 4 steps to digitally transform procurement

    Discover 4 steps that can take your procurement department from outdated and exposed to modern and driving more business.


  • Blockchain: Use it for supply chain, finance, records management

    How could blockchain improve your supply chain? How about for financial agreements and transactions? In this white paper, get more information about various aspects of blockchain, and explore how you can apply it to various sectors of your organization.


  • CW ANZ September 2016

    Few organisations invest heavily in IT to make sure their clients use less of their product, but that's the battle Australia's National Blood Authority (NBA) is fighting – and winning.


  • 5 minutes on empowering modern procurement

    The average C-Suite is now turning towards procurement to deliver savings and mitigate supply chain risk - meaning deeper internal relationships and more robust analytics. Read this white paper to discover why transforming procurement into a modern business asset is critical, and why it should be a top priority for your business.


  • Special report on Dell

    It was the company that came from nowhere to revolutionise an entire industry. Dell, originally a provider of desktop PCs, was instrumental in changing the way that the IT business worked.


  • Information Management: The key to a healthy business process

    Nearly 21% of manufacturing companies say a lack of document control has resulted in 50% of all document remediation incidents within their business. In this white paper, discover how enterprise information management (EIM) can help manufacturers overcome common industry obstacles such as document remediation, and achieve digital transformation.


  • Accenture Technology Vision 2014

    The Accenture Technology Vision 2014 identifies six technology trends that are enabling enterprises to push the boundaries of innovation.


  • New tech on the block: Planning for blockchain in the retail and consumer packaged goods industries

    This research from Deloitte identifies the areas with the biggest immediate opportunity for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses looking to invest in blockchain technology.


  • Integrating and monitoring business-to-business (B2B) value chains

    Analysts Clive Longbottom and Rob Bamforth offer advice on putting in place an effective, integrated, overall B2B solution.


  • Streaming data for an event-based business

    Since 2016, there has been a 56% increase in data-driven strategies, according to EMA Research. To make event-based business models a reality, many organizations are turning to streaming data as a strategic decision. Download this resource to discover streaming data implementation obstacles, primary business uses, and more.


  • ERP vs. Enterprise Management: Which is better for you?

    Read this white paper to get an in-depth look at Sage Software's new ERP technology, Enterprise Management, and how it can help you better cope with changing business needs.


  • Computer Weekly – 20 November 2018: How the Science Museum is moving to the digital age

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how London's Science Museum is dealing with legacy IT to move into the age of digital and data. We examine Nationwide Building Society's move to cloud and DevOps. And we look at how technologies such as machine learning and blockchain are helping to automate global supply chains. Read the issue now.


  • Unlocking the circular economy in the print industry

    There is a significant opportunity for organisations to gain economic and environmental benefits through operating a more efficient print environment, this report from analyst Quocirca reveals.


  • Special report on SAP

    This 9 page special report, independently written by Computer Weekly and updated for 2013, gives you the key facts on SAP, its strategy, products and services and financial performance.


  • Meet digital transformation objectives with modernized procurement

    Digital transformation has reached every corner of the enterprise, including sourcing and procurement. To learn how CIOs can meet their digital transformation objectives by modernizing their procurement platform, download the study from IDG.


  • 4 steps to implementing self-service analytics for better productivity

    How do you meet the need for self-service analytics while also ensuring a high standard of data governance, trust, security, and monitoring? Download this white paper to learn the 4 key steps to successfully deploying governed self-service analytics across your whole organization.


  • How to develop strong team communications foundation with UC

    In this white paper, explore key challenges that T&L companies are facing in today's business environment and hear how instant push-to-talk and advanced video surveillance can help them develop streamlined supply chains.


  • 4 steps to IT and procurement collaboration

    In this white paper, explore 4 proven ways in which CIOs and other IT leaders can collaborate with CPOs to drive greater enterprise-wide value. Download now to explore how you can catalyze your business for digital transformation and create a larger procurement and supply chain ecosystem.


  • 3 factors to consider in a strategic procurement system

    In the rush to build a digital business, procurement is often overlooked. Download this resource to see the potential benefits of an optimized procurement system with standardized purchasing practices.