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Air-Cooled High-Performance Data Centers: Case Studies and Best Methods

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5 major perks of direct liquid cooling in data centers

Data center power densities push air cooling to its limits. This white paper explains how direct liquid cooling (DLC) works, and digs into 5 key benefits:

  1. Energy Efficiency - DLC is far superior to air cooling, reducing power usage and energy costs.
  2. Performance - Ensures CPUs and GPUs operate at ideal temperatures for maximum output.
  3. Cost Savings - Lowers energy and maintenance costs, providing an economical cooling solution.
  4. Environmental Impact - DLC's efficiency aids renewable energy use and heat recapture.
  5. Scalability - Prepares data centers for the increasing demands of AI and edge computing.

Learn how DLC can transform data center operations in the full white paper.

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    This 15-page eBook examines AI's impact on data center design.

    Key insights: AI workloads will account for 15-20% of data center energy use by 2028. AI training necessitates high rack power densities of 20-100+ kW, challenging conventional design in power, cooling, and software tools. Recommendations include adopting 240/415V distribution and liquid cooling for over 20kW/rack, plus larger, sturdier racks for AI hardware.

    Dive into the eBook for a comprehensive analysis of AI's influence on data center design and strategies for managing AI workloads.

  • Datacentre design and facilities: What you need to know

    Uptime, availability and performance are three critical considerations for any datacentre operator, which is why – when it comes to designing their facilities – so many rely on tried and trusted approaches.

    But pursuing a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” strategy within the datacentre only gets you so far, which is why it is so important to ensure operators keep an open mind about adopting new technologies and design best practice to maximise the performance and efficiency of their sites.

    For instance, while fresh air-cooling is the norm for many datacentres, there are emerging use cases for expanding the use of liquid cooling within server farms to make it easier to regulate the temperature of kit carrying out far more compute-intensive tasks.

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the latest thinking and trends around datacentre design, while shining a light on the differing approaches organisations take to ensure their server farms remain up and running, and can withstand all the compute demands expected of them.

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    In this deep-diving white paper — designed for companies in the data center industry or wishing to report on their data center operations — discover why there 5 often-misunderstood categories for environmental sustainability reporting metrics that need to be at the core of your sustainability strategy.


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