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Applying RFID Technology in High Volume Manufacturing

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Track and manage healthcare devices in real-time with RFID

Zebra's RFID technology provides healthcare professionals a tool to track surgical trays and assets. A UK hospital's sterile services used RFID to locate surgical kits, preventing operation delays.

RFID tags resist sterilization, and readers offer real-time asset tracking. This system ensures staff know the readiness of items, enhancing efficiency, reducing risks, and allowing clinicians to prioritize patient care. Healthcare facilities should adopt RFID to improve sterile services.

Discover more about healthcare RFID solutions in this blog.

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  • Increasing patient safety with RFID asset tracking

    The greatest assets to any clinic or hospital are its patients, staff and equipment. With RFID asset tracking, healthcare providers can take care of all 3, making it easier to find and deploy assets, prevent loss or excess, and reduce procedure delays.

    Watch this webinar to discover how implementing RFID asset tracking completely transformed Hull University Teaching Hospitals.

  • Using RFID systems to track and manage blood samples

    Healthcare expert Lorna Hopkin has noticed a disturbing trend towards retest request normalcy in blood work, in which more and more samples are being rejected for controllable reasons. It is at the onus of the provider to reduce such occurrences, which is why she recommends adopting RFID systems to track and manage blood samples during transit.

    Read her blog to learn more.

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  • How Brexit will affect your security online

    In this week's Computer Weekly, DevOps is cited as a key element of digital transformation – we examine the challenges to delivering on its promise. Many retailers are investing in emerging technologies to gain an edge – but are they too far ahead of the curve? And could a new spirit of collaboration help UK broadband roll-out? Read the issue now.


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    The next wave of the industrial revolution, smart manufacturing, is here, and manufacturers should be getting future-ready now. Tap into this infographic to learn about the major factors expected to drive the global smart manufacturing market and next steps you can take to help your business take advantage.


  • Trustwave threat intelligence findings

    Recent findings show that the average data breach in the manufacturing sector costs $4.7 million. This webcast investigates the unique challenges involved in securing manufacturing operations, as well as key research findings and strategies that can be used to overcome these challenges. Watch to learn more.