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Demystifying IT Network Cabling Specifications from 5e to 7A

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Verizon IP Communication Services: 7 Use Cases

Today’s businesses turn to IP communications technology to help cut costs, boost network efficiency, simplify management and remain competitive.

This resource details how real-world companies are addressing network challenges by increasing bandwidth, consolidating and upgrading systems and improving service quality. Uncover use cases for Verizon IP Communications services from:

  • 163rd Street Improvement Council
  • Healthcare Connection of Tampa
  • Esquire Bank
  • And 4 other companies

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  • Data-driven network incident response: Accelerate time to resolution

    Currently, there’s a significant gap that exists in the market between the avalanche of security-related data and an organization’s ability to take a truly data-driven approach to network incident response.

    Find out how you can tap into NetFlow and metadata, resources that are all-too-often underutilized for driving visibility into network infrastructure and providing a context for effective incident response, with a centralized network traffic analytics database.

  • Key benefits of a managed SD-WAN

    Are you considering software-defined (SD-WAN) deployment for your digital network needs?

    Find out how a managed SD-WAN allows enterprises to move from a rigid, expensive and complex network infrastructure to a flexible, cost-effective, reliable and highly-scalable WANs that easily adapt to varying needs.

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  • Free download: 26-page edge computing guide

    Promises of faster network speeds, increased security, and bandwidth savings are driving interest in edge computing. In fact, Gartner predicts that 40% of all enterprises will have a full-blown edge computing strategy in place by 2021.


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    This Gartner Magic Quadrant report evaluates vendors like TATA Communications, Verizon, Masergy and much more to help you choose the best vendor based on their ability to meet end-user requirements and global network connection needs.


  • Network monitoring: How to achieve real-time visibility

    Learn about New Relic's Infrastructure, built make it easier to scale rapidly, deploy intelligently and be more proactive about network monitoring.


  • SD-WAN use case: How to deliver an improved user experience

    Discover how SD-WAN help Driscoll's, a berry farm with 29 locations across North America, South America, Europe and Africa boost network quality and delivery a better user experience for enterprise applications.


  • 5 requirements for SD-WAN: Policies, cloud readiness and more

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  • Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to SD-WAN services

    In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at howSD-WAN effectively removes telcos' lock-in, the ways hybrid deployment hinges on the network, and the flexibility demanded by cloud-based workloads.


  • 5 steps to troubleshoot VPN tunnel connectivity

    Discover 5 steps to troubleshoot VPN tunnel connectivity and configure a Palo Alto Networks Firewall so you can keep your business and its customers connected, wherever they are.


  • Software-Defined Networking Strategies for Campus WANs

    In this E-Guide from, explore some of the issues associated with troubled OpenFlow switches, which vendors carry them, and details about a strategy that will not cause you the issues these other switches do.


  • SD-WAN: Improve your network

    How do you go about choosing a SD-WAN that can simplify your network, make it more manageable, increase visibility and ultimately provide lower cost? Learn from industry veteran, Zeus Kerravala, as he discusses SD-WANs in the digital era and highlights how SD-WAN can allow organizations to do so much more with their network than they could before.


  • Upgrading to 802.11n

    This E-Guide identifies key questions that enterprise customers should ask prospective WLAN vendors and also provides a list of vendors that will suit the needs specific to your business.


  • Plug Into the Network of the Future: Hyper-converged Infrastructure, SD-WAN, and Intent-based Networking

    Hyper-converged infrastructure, SD-WAN, and intent-based networking: How all of these combine to create the future of networking technology remains to be seen. In the meantime, network managers continue to find the best ways to manage their expanding networks. Learn more in this issue of Network Evolution e-zine.


  • Digitally transform your network with SD-WAN

    This ZK Research report examines how organizations are updating their connectivity for digital with SD-WAN. Find out how to take an app-aware approach to SD-WAN adoption that focuses on visibility and WAN performance optimization.


  • Gain near-time visibility into network and app performance

    Learn about Apcela's app monitoring tools that are designed to continuously scan your network and report on app performance. Find out how you can gain insight into where network issues are impeding performance.


  • How to protect against ATM attacks

    Access this white paper to gain a better understanding of network-based attacks on ATMs and how distributed deception technology can help protect ATM machines.


  • Wireless LAN ITDC - Checklist #1

    In the first of's three-part guide on selecting wireless products, this document takes a look at the business and technology issues associated with them and provides expert guidance on the benefits you can reap by taking advantage of the various types of wireless solutions.


  • 5 things your WAN must do to perform optimally

    Legacy WAN architectures built using traditional routers usually require complex configuration, which cannot support applications with any deployment model, do not provide insights into network performance, and are not cost-effective. Learn how to improve your WAN in this white paper.


  • How automation is reshaping the network

    This report looks at key findings about networking and automation trends amongst Palo Alto Networks customers, examining their top pain points and the automation platform they used to overcome them.


  • WLAN Planning For BYOD

    This E-Guide from explores the impact BYOD is having on the WLAN and what you need to do to provide a quality experience to your mobile users without compromising security or control.


  • Action required: Are you ready for these data center changes?

    According to John Burke, Research Analyst at Nemertes Research, "the next major disruption we can expect in data center network design is the rise of edge computing." Participate in our research program to claim your copy of our expert e-guide – Edge computing & faster networking drive data center changes – to learn more.


  • How to improve wireless network reliability

    In this 3-minute video learn how CERN, a scientific research organization, was able to build a better wireless network infrastructure and improve reliability.


  • Help your IT teams collaborate with video wall technology

    This white paper shares insights on how interactive, efficient video walls can help optimize data-oriented tasks like IT workflow management. Find out how to leverage internal network systems, combined with the power of flexible, cost-effective video display technology, for accelerated collaboration.


  • Help your network overcome digital workplace challenges

    Find out how to overcome digital workplace challenges to enjoy the benefits IoT such as improved communication and collaboration to enhance productivity and reduce capital expenses.


  • Load balancing 101: Deliver a positive, secure user experience

    App delivery controllers (ADCs) initially emerged from the evolution of advanced load balancers, but load balancing is still a core and critical function that many businesses require. This webcast acts as a "load balancing 101" and explains how a load balancer can act as a reverse proxy to manage app servers.


  • Keeping Up With Network Needs: Five WLAN Questions Answered

    In this E-Guide from, wireless expert Lisa A. Phifer takes a look at the top challenges facing the WLAN environment and answers our readers' top after-implementation WLAN questions regarding issues plaguing today's network engineers.


  • Wireless LAN ITDC - Checklist #3

    This is the third piece in's three-part guide on wireless products. This expert asset takes a deep dive into the requirements that should seal the deal in terms of final considerations when purchasing a wireless solution.


  • Digital Transformation 2.0: New Technologies, New Opportunities

    As your organization moves towards digital transformation, learn which requirements your network needs to ensure employees can work anytime, anywhere, with no impact on productivity.


  • What to Expect from Gigabit Wireless LAN

    This e-guide, presented by, provides an inside look at gigabit wireless LAN and explores the truth surrounding 802.11ac and throughput, as well as what to expect with 802.11ad.


  • Creating seamless, secure network access: Le Bloc case study

    In this case study, find out how Le Bloc deployed wireless access points and switches designed to help deliver a cloud and mobile-enabled network.


  • What digital transformation requires from your network

    Find out why digital transformation 2.0 in healthcare requires an infrastructure that is capable of supporting multiple technologies both on-premises and in the cloud and can manage the massive data storage and back-and-forth transport that many transformative technologies require.


  • Selecting the right network partner to drive business growth

    A trusted network partner can help support your business' growth. But, how do you find the right one? In this resource, discover the questions to ask yourself in order to find that right partner.


  • SD-branch: Everything a network pro should know

    One of the most challenging aspects of branch network operations is the need to provision, manage and operate a complex array of distinct IT elements, or boxes, at the branch. Access this buyer's handbook to learn about SD-WAN, and how it can make extending your network to a branch easier.


  • How Ethernet serves as a foundation for digital transformation

    Learn about the role that Ethernet plays in supporting your digital transformation as a foundational protocol for high speed connectivity.


  • Get your WAN Edge Infrastructure Vendor Analysis Report

    Get the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure report to read about why VMware was named a LEADER based on completeness of vision and a strong ability to execute.


  • A router that can help your underlying network issues

    Discover how to reduce the complexity, risk, and cost of supporting the new applications and services your business needs, while making SD-WAN, Virtual Edge, NaaS, and WAN/VPN refresh easier than ever.