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Symantec Backup Exec™ System Recovery 7.0

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VMWorld Case Study:  Catalent Pharma Solutions


Global pharmaceutical company Catalent Pharma Solutions suffered three natural disasters in 2011 – an earthquake, a tsunami and a fire – but a robust virtualisation, back-up and disaster recovery strategy helped it rescue its IT infrastructure and restore services quickly.


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  • Resolving the catch-22 of VM replication

    The only way to recover a VM with full functionality and full performance without performing an explicit restore operation is through VM replication.

    Maintaining a replica VM, however, requires frequent and potentially expensive update processes that involve both explicit backup and implicit restore operations.

    In light of this, Vembu’s Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution adds critical optimizations to both restore and replication operations that dramatically minimize overhead on ESXi hosts and production VMs to just VM snapshot processing. Read more about it here. 

  • Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery

    Disaster recovery has assumed a heightened profile over the past few years. So much so that looking back to only five years ago seems like the Dark Ages from here. It was common to come across many businesses without disaster recovery plans or provision. It still is, but with the mushrooming of disaster recovery technology in the past few years, there’s no excuse nowadays. Use this Essential Guide to disaster recovery to learn how to take advantage of new technologies that make the disaster recovery provision and planning process easier than it’s ever been.

    Sponsored by: Dell AppAssure Backup, Replication and Recovery Software


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  • Tactical demo: Executing the top 10 restore scenarios

    Join us, as two experts not only guide you through the top 10 restore scenarios, they will also demonstrate how to bring your applications up faster. Subjects covered in the hour are guest file-level-recovery scenarios, including restore from a replica/restore to Windows VM/restore to Linux VM, and more.


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    Disaster recovery has never been more important because at the same time that digital transformation has made most modern enterprises entirely dependent on their IT systems to function, cyber attackers have stepped up their capabilities to go after sensitive data wherever it is found, with most IT leaders reporting major systems outages.


  • Cloud-native recovery proves vital for a global, dispersed workforces

    To improve its productivity, GulfMark Offshore needed a centralized data protection solution that could streamline their recovery process, as well as scale up with their rapid growth. Read on to discover how they did so with cloud-native backup and recovery.


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    The Acronis Global Disaster Recovery (DR) index is an annual benchmark of businesses disaster recovery preparations worldwide.


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    This report from analyst, Freeform Dynamics, offers 7 key enablers of effective IT disaster recovery for IT department's in small and medium companies.


  • Focus: Disaster recovery planning and virtualisation

    We take a good look at how features and functionality built into popular virtualisation environments can help with disaster recovery planning, testing and execution.


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    650 IT decision makers give their views on Disaster Recover, Cloud Services, and Bring Your Own Device policies.


  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: Spotlight on ANZ

    In this e-guide, read about the IT outage at Woolworths that shut down checkouts and forced shoppers to leave their groceries behind, what you can do to avert a disaster through a recovery plan and the top business continuity risks you should be aware of this year.


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  • 3 key advantages of cloud disaster recovery

    To learn about additional enterprise benefits of cloud DR, read this paper. It includes 3 key advantages of cloud DR, the results of an ESG cloud DR study, and an overview of Dell EMC's cloud DR portfolio.


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    Read this case study to see which rapid VM recovery tool Gatwick Airport procured to avoid the risk of downtime, data loss, and passenger delays that previously beleaguered them.


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    Unfortunately, crisis happens. Many companies are not fully prepared to communicate rapidly and effectively in a crisis. Uncover the common mistakes all business continuity and disaster recovery professionals should avoid to avert disaster and foster resiliency.


  • DR Planning: Top 10 tips

    This expert E-Guide explores the top ten DR tips from John Toigo to help navigate DR planning more efficiently and shows you how to justify your DR initiatives by analyzing critical DR data.


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    Not only can a solid business continuity strategy protect organisations from reputational damage and lost trade, but – for those operating in regulated industries – it can also prevent firms being hit with downtime-related enforcement action.


  • Backup vs. DR: Choosing a recovery method

    This white paper breaks down the differences between backup and DR so you can choose which method to apply to different areas in your organization based on workload criticality, the rate of data change, spending, and cloud vs. on-premises recovery needs. Continue reading here.


  • Backing up your VM: Assesing the drawbacks and benifits

    This expert briefing offers information on how physical and virtual backups differ and offers advice for integrating these two essential processes. Download now to assess the drawbacks and benefits of backing up your VM, as well as key criteria for evaluating your market options.


  • How to balance cost vs. convenience during replication implementation

    Access this exclusive disaster recovery handbook about replication for insight from industry pros such as Brien Posey and Paul Kirvan, and learn about replication tools today, asynchronous vs. synchronous replication, and replication for virtual machines. Read on to arm yourself with the replication know-how needed to navigate this space in 2013.


  • CW+: IDC Report - Enterprise disaster recovery for SMBs

    Data protection and recovery are mature technologies today, and businesses of all shapes and sizes are busy protecting their data in any way they can.


  • Disaster recovery in the age of cloud

    The cloud is emerging as a key option for disaster recovery. Its benefits include reduced costs and taking advantage of the provider's skills when you may not have them in-house. But when is it best to go cloud for DR? That's one of the key decision points we address in this e-guide.


  • Essential guide: Evaluating cloud backup and DR

    This guide presents several approachable, action-oriented steps for evaluating and implementing cloud backup and disaster recovery in your organization, including guidance on DR testing and identifying which workloads need the most protection. Continue reading here.


  • Zerto Replication vs. Azure Site Recovery: Identifying use cases for each

    Access this guide to dig deeper into the differences between Zerto Virtual Replication and Azure Site Recovery as they relate to individual workload protection capabilities. It examines each at a technical level within the confines of Azure public cloud.


  • Global Disaster Recovery Index: 2011

    Being fit for business is imperative for all countries participating in a highly competitive global economy. For organisations around the world this means being able to continue to operate in the event of IT failure or major disaster, whether man-made or natural.


  • How cloud DR simplifies previously arduous planning and testing

    This white paper explains how to make room for DR in your IT budget and how cloud DR specifically resolves the enormous capital expenditure cost associated with traditional DR planning. Read on here for more details on the value of cloud DR.


  • 10 tips for achieving seamless backup and recovery

    This 53-page e-book offers instruction on evolving your backup and recovery processes to suit your workloads' needs, from simple file recovery to protecting concurrently running high-performing workloads. Download your copy now.


  • An essential guide to cloud storage

    Cloud backup and disaster recovery services have matured and are now viable alternatives for enterprise data protection environments. Hybrid approaches can effectively integrate on-premises systems with cloud storage services.


  • Business Continuity: Availability, recovery and archive

    Analysts Clive Longbottom and Bob Tarzey offer a 7 step approach to creating a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.


  • Analysts validate a backup tool designed for VM protection

    This ESG Lab Review documents hands-on validation of the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus solution—designed to meet the challenges of virtual machine data protection and administration. Dive into the review for info on ease of deployment and multi-workflow recovery.


  • Computer Weekly – 17 April 2018: Can China's Alibaba successfully take on the US public cloud giants?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as Chinese cloud provider Alibaba grows its presence in Europe, we ask if it can compete with the US public cloud giants. A government plan to move data policy has caused controversy among Whitehall digital experts – we find out why. And we assess the use of cloud for disaster recovery. Read the issue now.


  • Expert Steps for Testing DR Effectiveness

    This E-Guide outlines three key phases of DR performance evaluation and provides two examples of how conducting a business impact analysis can minimize the effects of a disruption.


  • Cloud primary storage vs. traditional DRaaS

    Access the paper here to explore the unique advantages cloud primary storage beings to disaster recovery (DR) and how it compares with more traditional DRaaS methods.


  • 4 templates for multi-cloud backup and DR

    How is your company evolving its DR/BC processes to establish multi-cloud resiliency and protect data in the event of unplanned downtime? To give you a leg up with multi-cloud DR planning, we've made's 4 official DR templates available to you. Access them here.


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    This survey of over 130 European IT professionals from Computer Weekly and TechTarget examines company's buying plans for IT services in 2013.


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    This resource provides an in-depth look at three potent ransomware breaches, and by downloading it, you'll learn several practices for bolstering your ransomware recovery initiatives. Using a highly-automated, immutable backup tool is one method; discover the rest inside.


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    This e-brief featuring backup expert Brien M. Posey covers how IT can protect mobile data, the pros and cons of managing your own recovery site and the most recent advances in the virtualization market.


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    This paper examines the top seven benefits of moving from an environment comprised of multiple point products to a converged backup and recovery solution. Download your copy here.


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    This resource deconstructs three BC/DR models. View it here to ensure you're using the model that best meets SLAs for your RTOs, RPOs, and every business process in your organization.