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Better Business Insight with DB2 Warehouse

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4 auditing techniques to help your organization maintain compliance mandates

In this age of digital transformation, regulatory compliance has become a critical aspect of the IT landscape and nowhere is it more crucial than within the realm of database management.

More and more regulations are being passed that dictate increased effort be exerted to better secure and protect the accuracy and privacy of enterprise data.

And because this data typically is housed within a database, DB2 database administrators and technicians are being asked to comply with these regulations.

So how can organizations ensure they are in compliance with these regulations (and others)? Download this white paper for 4 data access auditing techniques to help maintain compliance.

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  • Optimising the data warehouse

    Optimising the data warehouse

    By Clive Longbottom and Rob Bamforth


    Dealing with large volumes of mixed data to give better business insights.


    The data warehouse is struggling to keep pace with an organisation’s data needs. Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tasks are being stretched beyond their capabilities, and organisations wedded to maintaining a standard ETL, relational data approach are finding that they have to cut corners in order to get some level of results from their analysis and reporting. However, a different approach can add a lot more value – and make the data warehouse work again.


    Quocirca is a research and analysis company specialising in the business impact of information technology and communications.

  • How to revitalize your legacy data warehouse with alternative methods

    Data warehouses were supposed to make data organization easy and provide a single version of the truth. But that's not what's happening at many businesses.

    Data warehouses that were once sources of pride are now seen as troublesome legacy systems, according to the Eckerson Group, and data warehouses struggle with modern needs for big data and on-demand analytics.

    Download this full Eckerson Group report from independent consultant and research analyst Dave Wells as he:

    • Navigates through legacy data warehouse challenges
    • Provides alternatives to simply retiring data warehouses
    • Explains how to eliminate data warehouse management pain points

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  • TotalTrax

    Coupling recommendations from the Rackspace DevOps Accelerator engagement with expert advice from Rackspace applications specialists, TotalTrax deployed FAWS and integrated cloud-based containers to manage customer deployments faster and automate processes.


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