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3 ways to modernize your analytics environment

Modern technological offerings have radically changed the analytics landscape. Performance, agility and simplicity have now become its cornerstones, making a compelling argument for modernizing older analytical environments.

But what’s the key to a successful modernization project?

In this paper, discover how to implement a successful analytics modernization project. Explore 3 logical approaches for migrating to a new analytics environment, and learn:

  • How to replace your existing enterprise data warehouse
  • How to augment the capabilities of your legacy data warehouse
  • Best practices for designing a new logical analytics architecture
  • And more

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  • Why can’t you use all the data you’ve collected?

    The advent of big data changed data analytics, but not necessarily for the better. Right now, companies often struggle to turn the massive amounts of data that they’ve collected into useful, unified data sets.

    Disparate data storage locations and types, a lack of unified database structures, and changes to a pipeline are just a few of the issues your company could be running into. No to mention, once the data is on hand, it can be another struggle to make it readable information for those who need it.

    Download this ebook by Dremio to examine some of the challenges and trends in the data management world right now.

  • Emergence of data cataloging for modern data management

    The data catalog has emerged in recent years as a key enabler for modern data management architectures – providing the functionality to allow users to discover and access data across the data estate.

    Download this 451 Research report to learn about data cataloging specialist Alation, and explore Alation’s positioning around governance for insight, as well as its partnerships and its search-and-behavior-based machine functionality as adoption becomes more widespread.

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  • Augment your data lake instead of starting from scratch

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  • RE: How to modernize my data management

    Answer a few questions on your current data management initiatives, and you'll gain immediate access to our three expert guides - Navigating Data Integration, Data Repository Cheat Sheet, and Expert Guide to Storage Operational Data.


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    Long gone are the days when you could point an analytics tool at one particular database or file and satisfy all data your needs. High variety and volume keeps us on our toes - and demands for data are growing rapidly. Watch this webinar for a discussion on conquering slow, dirty and distributed data with Apache Arrow and Dremio.


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    The results of this TEI study for Alation Data Catalog investments reveal dramatic cost savings and business benefits, and answer critical questions like why modern data catalogs are important for digital transformation efforts—read more research results here.


  • 4 data science best practices to ensure project success

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  • How data plane virtualization can make your life easier

    Migrating to the cloud is not just a difficult process—it often seems like it’s a permanent change. Moving applications between different databases and storage systems is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.Watch this video and learn how Kaminario’s data plane virtualization could benefit your company.


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  • Research content: Comparing BI platforms based on customer satisfaction

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