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Moving on From Lotus Notes

According to recent Harvard Business Review data, 81% of organizations rate process automation as important to their future success.

This webcast explores how to automate business processes easily using a single platform designed to help you:

  • Integrate processes and data across departments
  • Make apps open to mobile compatibility
  • Create rich forms and automated workflows
  • Update Lotus Notes technology
  • And more

Find out how to reduce your reliance on manual business processes, and discover how to easily connect workflows – regardless of whether they stem from CRM, ERP, Salesforce, SharePoint, HR, or even legacy systems. 

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  • How and why to modernize your legacy apps

    Owens Illinois (OI) is the world's leading glass-packaging maker. Operating 79 plants in 23 countries, they launch over 600 new product solutions every year.

    Since their legacy Lotus Notes environment was going to shutdown, which included over 200 custom apps, OI took a group that had been developing ITIL and service management modules for years and transitioned them into a team that builds custom apps.

    In this webinar, see how OI was able to:

    • Transition to a new platform for innovation
    • Re-platform apps
    • Achieve significant time savings and cost
    • And more

  • Can your network properly support data-intensive applications?

    In a recent survey by PwC, almost half of health care IT executives noted 1 of their organization’s top 3 priorities over the next 5 years is revamping the patient experience.

    And that means using applications that require a robust network with sufficient bandwidth and smart, software-defined architecture to move data quickly and securely.

    Download this white paper to learn why healthcare organizations should upgrade legacy networks if implementing AI-enabled chatbots, online bill pay and other data-intensive tools that help make the patient experience quick and easy.

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    The survey from Teradata shows the UK is lagging behind France and Germany in its response to the challenges of handling and analysing big data.


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    It's not just the countries of the Middle East that have a plan when it comes to digital transformation. Private businesses are also overhauling their systems. One such company is the automotive division of Saudi Arabia's Abdul Latif Jameel Company (ALJC), which has completed one of the biggest SAP projects ever undertaken in the auto sector.


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    This expert guide from examines the available options and best practices to boost your wireless experience.


  • Terrorist use of the internet

    Terrorists are using web technology to help them launch cyber-attacks. What are the current and future threats?


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    This white paper describes 10 best practices for backing up VMware vSphere using Veeam Backup & Replication. Download the paper now to ensure you’re maximizing the value of your installs and to get expertise on how to execute app-aware backup, integrate storage-based snapshots into your Availability concept, and more.


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    This expert E-Guide discusses the evolvement of SIM tools, differences in deployment processes and top requirements you should consider before making a decision.


  • Case study: How enSilo helps block threats with infection detection

    Beverage companies' data is constantly on the radar of competitors and threat actors looking to steal or maliciously modify ingredients in data breaches. In this case study, learn how one beverage company was able to discover over 300 potential threats and unauthorized programs running on their endpoint by installing enSilo.


  • Web application firewalls: Protect your broadening attack surface

    In Gartner’s most recent Magic Quadrant installment for Web Application Firewalls (WAF), they named Akamai a Leader for the third year in a row. This white paper provides an overview of the benefits of WAF, and highlights Akamai’s approach to WAF. Read on to get started.


  • Under the hood of the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra

    Discover the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, an innovative computing device designed to provide the upgradeability of a traditional desktop with the convenience of an all-in-one package.


  • CW Middle East July to Sept 2016:

    In this issue of CW Middle East we look at how CIOs in the region are formulating their virtualisation strategies as organisations warm to the benefits of cloud computing.


  • How to plan for a successful CX platform investment

    View this webinar to uncover what your organization should be doing with CX technology. Inside, you'll glean expert insight into today's current CX landscape. Review 4 considerations to take into account when contemplating a CX platform investment, and unlock tips for basing your platform decision.


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