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AT&T Global Network Pandemic Preparedness

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Protect against IT attacks in the healthcare sector

The healthcare industry is moving to store all information electronically which is, without a doubt, beneficial for patients and caregivers. However, this has generated serious security problems for the healthcare industry.

Medical histories, test results, social security numbers, confidential employee information, patients and company data: all of them are incredibly valuable and are surrounded by the latest technology. The problem is, they are protected with a security system that is now obsolete.

In this white paper, learn about attacks to the healthcare industry and how these types of attacks can be avoided in the future.

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  • PDF: 4 Official DR Templates

    Disaster recovery (DR) is certainly an arduous process; however, what if you had several, ready-to-go DR planning templates in your back pocket to seamlessly establish the bullet-proof availability that your company’s high-transaction workloads demand? Now you can.

    Simply download’s 4 BC/DR Planning Templates for step-by-step instructions on conducting pandemic recovery, business impact analyses (BIA), and more.

  • Global Risks 2014


    Cybercrime and government surveillance pose a risk to the internet comparable in a scale comparable to the 2008 financial melt-down, the World Economic Forum warns in this analysis of the risks facing business and governments in 2014.


    The report assesses the impact of cybercrime and government surveillance on the public’s trust in the internet, and warns that the potential fragmentation of the internet could have a serious impact on the global economy.


    The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2014 report identifies cyberattack as one of the most likely global risks in 2014 and the breakdown of critical information infrastructure as among the global risks likely to have the most impact.


    The report analyses 31 global risks and includes a special in-depth investigation into digital disintegration. Other risks of significant concern include income disparity, extreme weather events, unemployment and fiscal crises.


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    The demands being placed on government in the 21st century are being driven by forces of change that are in many cases beyond its control.


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  • Comparing WiFi and CBRS

    It's no surprise that WiFi isn't holding up its end of the bargain: it was not built to support complex enterprise operations. But, with Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), there may be a better way. In this white paper, explore how Motorola's CBRS solution, MOTOTRBO Nitro, can provide increased capacity, greater coverage and clearer voice.


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  • Computer Weekly – 24 January 2017: World leaders discuss risks of social unrest from advances in technology

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the fears raised at the World Economic Forum over the potential for social unrest as technology transforms working practices. We hear from the CIO at the World Health Organization about how IT helped tackle the Ebola crisis. And we look at progress in adopting big data analytics. Read the issue now.


  • Case study: Using Wi-Fi to automate maintenance processes

    Leading global transportation services provider, Penske Truck Leasing (PTL), was struggling to complete manual service procedures on all their trucks. They decided to automate their truck maintenance process with the help of HPE. Learn about their experience in this case study.


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  • The business benefits of switching to mobile TV

    Over the past two years, the mobile TV landscape has changed dramatically.


  • Better support expansion with a secure automated environment

    Waterman Business Centres provides office spaces that companies can rent in multiple locations around Australia. To support their growing number of services offered and their expansion, they needed to upgrade their network. Find out how they did that and the benefits experienced since in this case study.


  • Overview Of Near Field Communication

    This chapter from the book NFC Application Development for Android, offers an overview of NFC for Android developers.


  • 5 digital requirements for a successful in-store experience

    As consumers’ online and offline journeys blur together, they expect “digital level” convenience and empowerment, if not more, from their in-store experiences. Read this white paper for 5 tips on creating successful in-store digital experiences.


  • 5G, IoT & edge computing: Analyst trends and predictions

    Research and analysis community Futuriom spent the first 4 months of 2019 studying the emerging edge-compute market and how it will be driven by 5G applications and infrastructure. Download this report to explore key findings.


  • How to tackle secure protocols and mobile management

    For a truly mobile device, operating to de-perimeterised principles, a wireless connection is probably required to achieve optimal connectivity while roaming.


  • CW+: Mobile Voice over IP - opportunities and threats

    Voice remains the most important element within the broader mobile telecoms market; however several threats exist to this mainstay  of operator revenues.  Indeed, the role that voice plays in the telecommunications ecosystem  of the future will be very different from today owing to unprecedented structural, competitive and technology drivers.


  • CW+: Business opportunities in the North American mobile market

    In May, 2010, Verizon Wireless told investors at Barclays Capital media and technology conference in New York that it expected to offer customers who signed up for its 4G services monthly “buckets” of data.


  • Incident response plan best practices: A playbook

    Preparing for and responding to data breaches and cybersecurity incidents is never easy. It takes knowledge of your environment and its unique threats, effective teamwork and, just as importantly, an Incident Response Plan. Download this report to learn how to formulate or improve your own cybersecurity incident mitigation and response efforts.


  • 70% of employees at SMBs have poor WiFi

    When it comes to wireless networks, SMBs face unique challenges in performance, affordability and management. Listen to this webcast to see how cloud-managed WiFi could be the answer for SMBs.


  • Monetising the Mobile Content Plan

    This exclusive report for Computer Weekly readers by Juniper Research, offers a comprehensive briefing on the routes Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) taking to develop new business models.


  • Preparing for the Capital Requirements Directive

    Just how prepared were the financial markets across Europe for CRD IV and XBRL?


  • Convenience with a side of fries: Benefits of using an NSP for restaurants

    In this white paper, learn about an NSP that can ease the burden associated with building and maintaining a network capable of handling the bandwidth-intensive needs of various technologies so you can focus on providing a great customer experience.


  • Consumerisation and BYOD Purchasing Intentions Europe 2013

    This exclusive Computer Weekly/TechTarget research reveals European organisations plans for BYOD and Consumerisation of IT.


  • Secure medical devices with network security monitoring

    As the number of medical devices being used in HDOs' networks increase, so too does the number of targets for threat actors. In this white paper, learn about a passive network security monitoring solution and how it cover the existing medical devices in an HDO's network, but also any new devices that are placed onto the network.


  • IT in Europe: Next-Generation Network Management Techniques

    This issue examines how network managers can simplify their management tools gather from the network through the use of protocols like NetFlow and IPFIX and hardware like matrix switches. Learn how network managers are adopting new tools that give them better control over virtualized infrastructure, cloud environment and multi-vendor networks.


  • SD-WAN Growth Outlook: 2018 trends and vendor comparison

    With all these SD-WAN software and hardware providers making cloud-enabled WAN, it can be difficult to figure out which cloud-delivered WAN is best for you. Download this 2018 SD-WAN Growth Outlook to learn about 20 different vendors and their products, and the projected trends for SD-WAN.


  • Implementing a comprehensive IT security strategy

    IT security measures should be at the forefront of every business owner's mind. Improving cybersecurity to prevent data loss and protect critical business and financial data is essential. In this white paper, explore 8 elements that play an important role in developing and maintaining secure IT environments.


  • CW+ Quocirca report: Standardised battlefield SOA

    Enabling Network Centric Operations through the provision of inclusive, adaptive information networks in harsh and rapidly changing situations.


  • Everything you need to know about crises preparedness

    This white paper details the many complexities involved with emergencies and how disaster planning requires a consistent, conscious approach for maximum preparedness and effectiveness.


  • How hotels can enhance connectivity with FIA and managed Wi-Fi

    In the age of the connected guest, expectations for hotel stays have changed. They must deliver high-quality connectivity and interactive entertainment to satisfy the needs of connected guests. In this executive brief, learn how Fiber Internet Access (FIA) and Managed Wi-Fi can help hotels further improve guest experience.


  • Here is why you need to be prepared for emergencies, or else

    In this white paper, learn the risks associated with not having an emergency notification system at your business – plus, the benefits that come with emergency preparedness when disaster strikes.


  • IPv6 Leakage and DNS Hijacking in Commercial VPN clients

    Services used by hundreds of thousands of people to protect their identity on the web are vulnerable to leaks, according to this report researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and others.


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    Digital Britain is the UK government’s strategic vision for the UK digital economy. While social inclusion and rights protection are major themes, the plans will also have a significant impact on businesses.


  • How to execute workplace transformation: A buyer’s guide

    By 2025, millennials and Gen Z workers will comprise over 75% of the workforce. Inside this booklet, learn why workplace transformation matters, not only to your current workforce, but to the generation of workers still to come – and what technology choices will make the biggest splash.


  • Enhanced Wi-Fi Companion: A Complete Wi-Fi Solution for Business Mobility

    Businesses that want to deploy Pocket PCs or other Windows Mobile/CE based devices on their Wi-Fi networks will benefit from a solution that incorporates the latest data security and Wi-Fi innovations, CCX certification, and a user-friendly interface in a single, complete solution without third-party supplicants.


  • 36-page e-book on ransomware's scope and effective recovery

    Premier organizations like Nissan, FedEx, and even the National Health Service were victims in one of the most infamous ransomware attacks in history, costing a total of $4 billion.To save your business the setbacks of a ransomware attack, take this e-book which gets into the specifics of proactive and reactive ransomware protection strategies.