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6 reasons for choosing SmartUC with Webex

Employees, business partners, customers—each is a group in your business’s collaborative ecosystem.

How can your organization enable seamless collaboration experiences for all involved? StarHub advocates for SmartUC with Webex.

Browse this product overview to unlock 6 reasons for choosing SmartUC with Webex:

  • Secures data with enterprise-grade encryption
  • Provides features for calling, meeting and messaging
  • And 4 more

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  • E-book: Reducing web app risks

    Web applications enable financial services and e-commerce companies to offer faster, better online experiences – but they also expose the organization (and users) to new vulnerabilities.

    Read this Web Application Protection e-book to learn more about:

    • The risks targeting today’s web apps and how to reduce them
    • Why client-side web apps are particularly challenging
    • The anatomy of a web application attack
    • And more

  • Securing the University for the Future Zscaler for Higher Education

    The rapid move to online learning and remote work has accelerated the need for cloud adoption and digital transformation. SaaS and cloud-based infrastructure opens opportunities for new education models, expanding remote and online learning capabilities to students and teachers around the globe.

    But for this future to thrive, it must be secure. This e-book explores methods to prevent ransomware and secure workloads in both the data center and the cloud.

    Download your copy now and begin your cloud journey.

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  • 4 key online shopping trends from 2022

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  • E-Guide: How to build a toolset to avoid Web 2.0 security issues

    Collaborative, interactive nature of Web 2.0 technology has great appeal for business, and companies of all sizes and verticals are taking full advantage of social networking sites, free online services and other platforms. Learn how to implement security tools that monitor, prevent, alert, encrypt and quarantine data from leaving your network.


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  • E-Book: Technical Guide on Combatting Emerging Web Threats

    Attackers are almost exclusively targeting enterprises with hacks perpetrated over the Web. As most enterprises move operations and functionality online, Web-based applications become a tempting threat vector for cybercriminals. Read this e-book for a look at Web threats and vulnerabilities – and how to protect your organization against them.


  • 2022 UKI Media Consumption Study: Is digital fatigue overblown?

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  • The Social Collaboration Revolution: Keeping Your Dispersed Enterprise Connected

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  • Secure Voting

    This report from WebRoots Democracy, a pressure group for e-voting, aims to answer the key questions surrounding online voting security and the potential e-voting systems.


  • Toughening up web and mobile application security

    In this e-guide, read more about the best practices for web application security, how to balance app innovation with app security, why API security needs to be part of your defence strategy, and what are the top tools to keep your applications safe, among other trends.


  • How e-learning transformed a South African school

    Read this case study to explore how replacing an existing solution with a new web-based platform, opened the application not only to schools in South Africa but also to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of any of the subjects listed in the platform’s catalog.


  • Transform your Business with Hosted Enterprise Unified Communications

    Recent surveys found that more than 60% of cloud users have embraced hosted UC because of its ability to reduce the need for hardware/software maintenance, improve IT flexibility and better support strategic business goals. What could it do for you? Download this white paper to learn more on cloud UC and to explore CBTS hosted UC solutions.


  • Scaling and protecting websites stretched by COVID-19

    The COVID-19 crisis is forcing organizations to dramatically accelerate the shift to doing business online. This means you’re suddenly ramping up the web applications that your business depends on. Join this webinar to get advice on how to stay secure while rapidly scaling up capacity.


  • Flexible network infrastructure for modern restaurants

    A regional restaurant company with 120+ locations and franchises in several states, needed to unify disparate business operations, point-of-sale and communications systems across its network. Download this case study to learn how Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions helped, with Network-as-a-Service, managed SD-WAN and cloud UC.


  • Achieving Hybrid-Work Success

    To ensure success in today’s hybrid workforce, IT leaders must embrace applications including UCaaS, video conferencing, and team collaboration that enable virtual, distributed teams to effectively meet and work together regardless of their location.Access this white paper to learn how you can achieve hybrid-work success.


  • Creating a SOA Integration Strategy

    This expert e-guide explores the benefits of middleware integration and why they've become so popular for today's IT environments. Also, get an in-depth look at three real-life SOA integration projects and how they succeed in connecting applications and processes.


  • 10 lessons learned from conducting 300 web app penetration tests

    After conducting hundreds of web application penetration tests, lead architect of the Halo Security solution Nick Merritt has gained a wealth of insights to save you time and help avoid common mistakes. Explore the 10 lessons he has learned in this e-book.


  • Consumer Survey: The State of Digital Shopping 2022

    In June 2022, FullStory polled over 1,500 US consumers to learn how their spending habits are changing and their attitudes toward online shopping. Access the report to learn where consumers are spending more and less due to economic pressure, the issues that consumers find most frustrating when shopping online and more.


  • Tech-Savvy English Public School Streamlines Office 365 Security

    Download this case study to learn how IT Director Tony Whelton was ultimately able to provide the Wellington College’s students and staff with more flexible, secure notebook protection without straining IT budget or resources.


  • Guide to digital acceleration in the modern era

    A global survey of 600 technology decision-makers conducted by MIT Technology Review Insights, in association with VMware, finds that most organizations in Asia-Pacific and the world over had largely prepared for the online commerce and remote working the pandemic made compulsory. Read the report to learn more.


  • Web Application Firewalls: Patching, SDLC Key for Security, Compliance

    In this expert e-guide, discover how web application firewalls (WAFs), combined with a strong software development lifecycle (SDLC), are playing an essential role in web application security and compliance. See how you can achieve a strategic, defense-in-depth approach to enterprise security by reading on now.


  • Breaking Down the Stem Ecosystem Conference Room

    Tap into this Frost & Sullivan Analyst Gauntlet to learn how they evaluated the Stem Ecosystem conference room from Shure Inc, which provides solutions for professionals to collaborate among each other.


  • Shure MXA920: How it performs in tech tests

    In a Frost & Sullivan training room, a team of IT staff tested the performance of Shure’s new ceiling array microphone MXA920 for cloud-based video conferencing. Based on the experience of administrators and users, hear the analysis of the technology investment built to address common AV coverage requirements in this analyst report.


  • Defending a Defense Contractor with a Compliant Unified Communications Solution

    A national, privately held defense contractor had previously leveraged Avaya on-prem PBX, Verizon PRIs and numerous collaboration and messaging tools (Teams, Slack, etc.) As many of these were disjointed, compliance risks arose. View this case study to learn how ARG helped this contractor aggregate tools and eliminate overlap.


  • How to deploy Microsoft Teams in the cloud

    In this case study, learn how one organization needed a partner that could allow them to easily scale the conferencing use case as well as support their longer-term migration strategy to Teams Voice in GCC. Save the case study here to explore the solution.


  • Computer Weekly – 10 July 2018: Tackling the digital identity problem

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as UK government attempts to create a digital identity standard flounder, we examine progress on establishing the online ID system the digital economy needs. Barclays bank talks about its move to DevOps and public cloud. And we find out how AI could help improve IT service management. Read the issue now.


  • Enterprise Social Tools Need UC Integration to Thrive

    This expert E-Guide from explores why enterprise social networking tools need to be integrated with your everyday unified communications (UC) tools to be successful and unveils the benefits such an effort can provide.


  • An IT Modernization Readiness Guide for State and Local Government

    Today’s citizens demand easy access to government services — from paying water bills online to finding out about road closures. As a result, modernizing system and networking technology has become a priority to meet constituent needs. Download this guide to unlock 5 key things to keep in mind when moving your IT modernization project forward.


  • How Did a Financial Services Organization Simplify and Automate UC Admin

    In this case study, a global financial services organization partnered with Kurmi to simplify how they onboard their unified communication (UC) users. Access this case study to learn how automating UC admin can save your organization valuable time.


  • Computer Weekly - 26 April 2022: The latest salary trends for IT professionals

    In this week's Computer Weekly, the results of our annual salary survey show pay returning to pre-pandemic levels and work-life balance a growing consideration. As sustainability becomes a critical issue, we look at how datacentres can meet emissions targets. And we find out how IT leaders can help protect children online. Read the issue now.


  • Managing Web Security in an increasingly Challenging Threat Landscape

    In this expert guide, discover how new trends such as mobility, social networking, and cloud computing may be putting your organization at risk, and learn essential strategies for securing your extended enterprise from Web-based threats – read on to learn more.


  • Using a WAF to protect your applications

    You can’t run a business today without applications. However, applications are a primary target for attackers. Therefore, it’s more critical than ever to secure and safeguard your applications with the right web application firewall (WAF). Access this e-book to learn why an organization should choose a WAF.


  • E-Book: Technical Guide on Web Application Firewalls

    Web application firewalls are becoming critical data protection and compliance tools that any security decision maker must understand. presents a comprehensive guide to Web Application Firewalls in which experts examine evaluation criteria, deployment considerations and management issues.


  • 7 steps to improving virtual meetings

    Download this Frost & Sullivan white paper to learn 7 crucial steps to improving virtual meetings and collaboration. Examine how enhancing audio quality, adopting cloud and changing focus can give your video conferences the upgrade they need to support employees in the new era of work.


  • Covid-19: An Infographic - 3 Immediate Actions for CIOs

    This infographic highlights the measures CIOs should be taking in the wake of COVID-19. Download now!


  • Amidst Corporate Restructure, Leading U.S. Bank Forges Trust and Strengthens Community Engagement

    When a leading U.S bank began to struggle with engagement throughout their restructuring process, they began to search for a solution that would allow them to launch a video resource center for their customers, as well as self-service videos and an immersive mobile experience to help their staff. Access this case study to hear the full story.


  • MicroScope – January 2021: Looking forward to the future

    In this issue of MicroScope, take a look at what the year ahead holds for the channel after a largely positive 2020. Also discover why IAM technology is so important for post-pandemic cloud computing, and what approaches are fundamental to finding business success


  • Computer Weekly – 14 March 2017: UK digital strategy lacks vision and ambition

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the UK government's new digital economy strategy and hear why critics labelled it unambitious and lacking imagination. The recent AWS cloud outage puts the spotlight on cloud and disaster recovery. And we look at the next generation of storage technology. Read the issue now.


  • How to choose the right CRM platform for your organization

    When researching CRM platforms for your organization, two names tend to pop up in conversation: Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot. Though the solutions may seem similar, the differences between them are many, and it can be hard to decide which is the right option for you. Check out this guide to make your decision.


  • Computer Weekly - 22 June 2021: A new three-year plan for digital government

    In this week's Computer Weekly, the new CEO of the Gov-ernment Digital Service, Tom Read, explains his three-year strategy for improving online public services. EU attempts to regulate AI are under fire – we examine the issues. And we find out how Bupa is turning to the cloud to deliver per-sonalised healthcare. Read the issue now.


  • Ensure hybrid collaboration and meeting spaces for all

    It’s become increasingly clear that hybrid and remote work will not be going anywhere. To accommodate this, 48% of organizations report that they’ll be implementing or updating meeting spaces in order to accommodate more dispersed workforces. But, what are the best ways to do so? Access this guide to learn more.


  • The secrets of Microsoft Support

    For IT leaders who are confused about Microsoft’s Support structure, you are not alone. While it is a top-notch service, it is not the easiest to navigate. Now, there is a cloud partner that specializes only in Microsoft support with a platform designed around their Premier support model, but with much lower costs. Read on to learn more about it.


  • The Ultimate Enterprise Video Platform Buyer’s Guide

    Global use of digital services such as video conferencing has grown tenfold since 2020, according to a recent report. However, existing video content industry players continue to struggle to overcome a handful of challenges. Tap into this guide to explore 6 key considerations when selecting an enterprise video platform.


  • Alteon Stackable Web Switches 180 and ACEdirector Series

    The Alteon 180 and AD series provide an ideal solution for enterprises and service providers to maximize their network and server investment.


  • How We Built a £1 Million Revenue Machine with HubSpot

    Check out this webinar to watch Adam Lewis of BBD Boom sit down with Lumi's CMO, Kerry Leighton-Bailey, to discuss how they turned a redundant HubSpot account into a £1 million revenue machine.


  • Reducing operating costs by 40% by migrating to Google Cloud VMware Engine

    Check out this case study to learn how Carrefour reduced operating costs by 40% and energy consumption by 45% by moving its on-premises landscape to Google Cloud VMware Engine.