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Incorporating IBM Speech Solutions into a Service Oriented Architecture

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Computer Weekly – 12 June 2018: How National Geographic uses tech to captivate its audience

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we find out how the world-famous National Geographic magazine is adapting to the digital age and using technology to better engage its audience. We ask what Microsoft’s $7.6bn acquisition of GitHub means for the open source community. And our latest buyer’s guide looks at the trends in developer tools. Read the issue now.

Also featured:

  • How chatbots are proving their value in a surprising variety of ways, from accountancy support to mental health.
  • How WD-40 has automated its business processes with Epicor ERP and found the system’s service-oriented architecture good for providing flexibility in the company’s business growth.
  • Enterprise interest in high-performance computing is reportedly being fuelled by demand for artificial intelligence-based applications and services.

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  • Bad bots make up a quarter of APAC's web traffic

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  • 3 Software Development Trends to Watch in 2021



  • Tesco's journey to edge computing with automation

    This case study explores how Tesco, a leading retailer, leveraged Chef's enterprise automation solution to securely upgrade store systems, maintain operations, and streamline management across its vast IT estate. Learn how Chef helped Tesco achieve resilience, compliance, and scale in its edge computing initiatives.


  • Infographic: NoSQL Databases

    NoSQL databases are geared toward managing large sets of varied and frequently updated data, often in distributed systems or the cloud. They avoid the rigid schemas associated with relational databases. But the architectures themselves vary and are separated into four primary classifications, although types are blending over time.


  • It’s time to level up your access management plan

    In order to provide an action-oriented approach to reducing the threat posed by all of those credentials, StrongDM built the Secure Access Maturity Model (SAMM).Download this white paper to unlock the full model and use it as a framework to evaluate your identity security systems, and guide you toward secure access maturity.


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  • 10 common uses for machine learning applications in business

    Machine learning (ML) enables businesses to perform tasks on a scale previously thought impossible. As a result, many organizations are finding ways to harness ML to not just drive efficiencies but to fuel new business opportunities. Here are 10 applications of ML that are being used to solve problems & deliver tangible business benefits:


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