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Supporting the Lean Value Stream with Technology Solutions

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CFOs and finance pros: What you can learn from lean manufacturing

A company's health ultimately depends on its departments working together toward common goals.

And leaders in a company’s manufacturing organization wish their CFO understood one thing: Traditional accounting does not tell the whole story.  of a company's manufacturing organization.

In this expert guide, explore what you can learn from lean manufacturing and how one vendor is bringing accountants into the fold with their partner program.

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  • SAP S/4HANA Brownfield migration: 5 key strategies for success

    Despite the push for organizations to lean into S/4HANA Brownfield approaches, 75% of SAP customers say that they feel unprepared for migration.

    This is worrisome, as Brownfield migrations are no simple task. So, how can companies ensure that they’re ready to take on these challenges?

    Tune into this webinar to hear from experts as they discuss the 5 ways automation can help ease your migration process and give insight into:

    • The most common challenges today’s organizations are facing
    • How change automation truly makes a difference in your operations
    • Real-world success stories
    • And more

  • Digital experiences and CMS: Top trends to know

    While 55% of today’s organizations deploy either hybrid content management systems (CMS) or digital experience platforms (DXP), many are still leveraging approaches like:

    • Legacy or coupled CMS
    • Headless CMS
    • Open-source CMS
    • And more

    So, why are so many now leaning into hybrid and DXP solutions? What are their benefits and do they fit your company’s needs?

    Tune into this webinar to hear from industry experts as they offer insight into the current CMS landscape and learn more about hybrid architecture trends.

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    Join marketing experts as they break down underutilized tactics you can use to improve engagement at all stages of the funnel. From executing an on-demand promo plan to leaning into real-time personalization, you'll walk away with tips and tricks you can implement immediately to broaden your content’s exposure.


  • Tips for building a better webinar: Visualizing data

    Webinars help build a solid audience, nurture relationships, and increase brand awareness. But, when presenting a complicated, dense, or downright dry topic, how can you make it appealing and eye-catching instead of text-heavy and dull? Access this webinar to learn more.


  • Strategies for winning the battle for the policyholder

    According to recent research insurance profits fell by about 15% across the sector over the last year. This white paper examines the opportunities for insurance businesses willing to lean in on new and emerging technologies and outline the strategies that could bring success in a sector in flux. Download now to learn more.


  • Observability Buyer’s Guide

    To drive digital resilience, many organizations have adopted an observability tool. So, when evaluating the observability market, what selection criteria should IT leaders keep in mind? Tap into this 18-page buyer’s guide to discover 3 key considerations.


  • The Enterprise Buyer’s Guide to Integrated CASB Security

    To address today’s cloud security challenges, enterprises must take an integrated approach to CASBs to keep up with the exponential growth of SaaS. Download this e-book to learn about 5 must-haves of an integrated CASB solution, solution benefits and more.


  • Connecting your products to provide instant remote support

    As different as their industries may be, there is one thing that all manufacturers have in common: When a problem occurs, their customers expect quick support. That’s why many have begun connecting their products to provide instant remote support. Download this resource to learn more.


  • Manufacturers, what is Industry X?

    Manufacturers, are you familiar with Industry X? For a comprehensive introduction to the digital-transformation strategy that can supercharge how products and services are manufactured, tap into this white paper.


  • 15-page e-book: Modernizing your MES

    Striving for faster, less expensive manufacturing, many manufacturers have adopted a configurable, out-of-the-box manufacturing execution system (MES). For a 15-page guide to such an MES, tap into this Siemens e-book.


  • Digital twins for manufacturers: 10-page guide

    Why, and how, are manufacturers leveraging digital twins? In this 10-page guide, discover use cases for digital twins and find out the value that the technology can drive for your manufacturer.


  • Manufacturing leader’s guide to mastering logistics

    As manufacturers continue to face high pressures for their supply chain and logistics processes, many organizations are looking for effective ways to meet customer expectations and combat recent challenges. So, what are the best ways companies can do so? Browse this guide to learn more.


  • Best practices for secure data sharing across locations

    In this 27-page e-book, you’ll discover how leading organizations across industries leverage secure data sharing to drive innovation. Access the full e-book now to explore industry-specific use cases and learn how you can accelerate your data and AI initiatives.


  • Unlock Actionable Insights with the IRIS Data Platform

    The ability to leverage data from your dynamic supply chain to make prescriptive decisions that impact the organization has never been more critical. Read on to learn how you can utilize a data platform to drive actionable insights into supply chain information and eliminate data silos, thereby accelerating time to value across your ecosystem.


  • Teleperformance puts one auto maker’s contact center on the fast track

    To maintain its market position and ensure success in a highly competitive landscape, a European auto manufacturer needed to level up its customer care center performance. Learn how this auto maker put their care center on the fast track with Teleperformance by downloading this case study or Schedule a Demo.


  • Bringing sustainability to your industrial data architecture

    While industrial processes are a big contributor to a company’s CO2 emissions, data processing and storage is also an important part of the sustainability equation. Read on to learn how manufacturers can support their sustainability goals while potentially increasing production and why DataOps is crucial for success.


  • Channels to Managed Print Services in Europe

    Analyst group Quocirca reviews channel-led managed print services (MPS) programmes.


  • How to apply lean manufacturing to data management

    The volume, velocity and variety of raw industrial data are ever increasing, making it difficult to work with. Fortunately, manufacturers already have the framework they need to streamline data production and preparation. Read on to learn how you can enable your organization with lean data.


  • Smart manufacturing: Roadmap & 5 case studies

    86% of manufacturing leaders are incorporating smart manufacturing into their digital supply chain strategy, according to Gartner. This e-book explores how you can accelerate your smart manufacturing journey by leveraging low-code. Tap into the book to access 12 pages of insights.


  • Making Employee Journeys Unforgettable

    Read this paper to learn how to eliminate common and repeated inquiries by giving employees a place to find their own answers, and provide an easy transition for those with more complex issues.


  • Five stages of supply chain management

    Supply chain management (SCM) is the optimization of a product's creation and flow from sourcing to production, logistics and delivery. Because it's such a complex undertaking, each partner must communicate and work together to create efficiencies, manage risk and adapt quickly to change. In this infographic learn about the 5 steps of SCM.


  • Smart manufacturing: Market drivers and trends

    The next wave of the industrial revolution, smart manufacturing, is here, and manufacturers should be getting future-ready now. Tap into this infographic to learn about the major factors expected to drive the global smart manufacturing market and next steps you can take to help your business take advantage.


  • Quick guide to creating statistical process control (SPC) charts

    To measure product performance, many chemical manufacturers leverage statistical process control (SPC). Yet, developing SPC charts can be time-consuming. Along with exploring why that is the case, this overview considers how manufacturers can accelerate the process of creating SPC charts. Read on to learn how.


  • The Importance of Supply Chain Visibility

    In this guide, explore how digitalization is driving the future of manufacturing, as well as the top strategies manufacturers are using right now to ensure supply chain visibility. Click here to learn more.


  • 5 verticals, 5 SASE strategies: Brief e-book

    Download this e-book to learn how SASE can augment security postures in 5 verticals, including manufacturing and technology.


  • Drive productivity and efficiency with GE Vernova and AWS

    Amid changing market demands, supply chain fluctuations, and traceability expectations, it can be challenging for manufacturers to deliver high-quality products and still maximize profitability. With GE Vernova’s Proficy Smart Factory on AWS, manufacturers can use a cloud-based MES to quickly measure, control, and improve efficiency. Learn more.


  • Sustainable operations

    Read the Accelerate Sustainable Manufacturing Operations with the Cloud ebook to learn how real-world manufacturers are leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) data, machine learning (ML), and advanced analytics to drive efficiencies that contribute to a healthier world.


  • Advanced analytics: The fulcrum on which sustainability & profitability rest

    For manufacturers, the solution to achieving sustainability goals lies in leveling up data analytics to adjust processes with an eye on minimizing emissions. However, is it possible to do so while maintaining profitability? Read this white paper to ascertain how this is possible and how to get started with advanced analytics in your company.


  • Trustwave threat intelligence findings

    Recent findings show that the average data breach in the manufacturing sector costs $4.7 million. This webcast investigates the unique challenges involved in securing manufacturing operations, as well as key research findings and strategies that can be used to overcome these challenges. Watch to learn more.


  • How Edge Computing is Enabling the Future of Manufacturing

    As edge computing and its applications continually evolve, ITDMs expect edge computing to transform the manufacturing industry in several ways. Access this research content to gain deeper insights into how manufacturers are leveraging edge computing to better prepare for the future.


  • Manufacturing sector guide: Top risks and cyber resilience

    In this eBook, you’ll learn about what issues manufacturing organizations are facing, key trends that are impacting them and how technology can help these firms build resilient supply chains against operational risks. Read the eBook.


  • Manufacturer’s guide to smart factories

    72% of manufacturers, according to Microsoft’s research, are advancing their efforts for building smart factories. So, what do smart factories look like, and what results can they drive? Access answers in this 10-page white paper.


  • Comparing MES with frontline operations platforms: What to know

    Discover how Tulip's Frontline Operations Platform revolutionizes manufacturing compared to traditional MES. Explore time-to-value, ownership costs, data contextualization, and upgrades. Empower workers and drive digital transformation with a no-code, cloud-based solution. Access the e-book.


  • A seamless Azure integration for reduced carbon footprint

    Radius Recycling, one of North America’s largest manufacturers and exporters of recycled metal products, began the process of migrating their main SQL server that supports mission-critical apps over to Azure in a digital transformation effort.


  • Extend your network to the production floor

    How can you extend your network to the production floor? Managed Workplace Package with Smart Spaces simplifies the deployment and management of multiple network components you need to connect your production floor to your digital network. Read on to learn more.


  • Product development & digital transformation: 7 benefits of PLMs

    When 84% of today’s consumers agree that it’s “somewhat” or “very important” that companies they buy from are innovative, it has become critical for organizations to transform their operations to meet new standards. So, how can you best do so? Dig into this infographic to learn more.


  • Utilizing a digital twin for efficient EV battery manufacturing plants

    Want to learn the secrets behind the 4 pillars necessary to meet the EV battery manufacturing plant challenges?Download this e-book to better understand (and overcome) the challenges of designing and operating an EV battery manufacturing plant with an efficient and sustainable electrical distribution strategy.


  • New products from prototype to production with digital tools

    Mack Molding used Tulip's Frontline Operations Platform for rapid prototyping to production. Tulip's real-time data and digital instructions sped up market time and enhanced quality. Discover how Tulip transforms manufacturing in the full case study.


  • Manufacturing efficiency: The power of digital signage

    Manufacturing organizations rely on in-the-moment communication to coordinate operations, track production and projects, and share vital health and safety information (and other updates). But how can HR and Operations teams reach digital, deskless, or frontline workers? Browse this infographic to learn more.


  • The case for industrial automation on your warehouse floor

    As organizations continue to innovate, the complexity of manufacturing processes and product designs have only increased. Because of this, manufacturers must keep up with changing demands while also keeping costs down. Now, there is a modern approach to solve for this. Read on to learn more about an industrial edge platform that changes the game.


  • IT4IT for Managing the Business of IT

    IT4IT™ for Managing the Business of IT – A Management Guide, from The Open Group, provides best practice advice and focuses on the data and automated workflows needed to manage IT services in a lean, agile and business-focused way.


  • Computer Weekly – 24 January 2017: World leaders discuss risks of social unrest from advances in technology

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the fears raised at the World Economic Forum over the potential for social unrest as technology transforms working practices. We hear from the CIO at the World Health Organization about how IT helped tackle the Ebola crisis. And we look at progress in adopting big data analytics. Read the issue now.


  • Remote support: How TeamViewer can boost TTR by 20%

    One of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of professional coffee machines, Cimbali Group, was looking for digital solutions that could improve the customer experience and, at the same time, improve their time-to-resolution. Understand why they chose TeamViewer to perform remote troubleshooting in this case study.


  • Why are process manufacturers lacking analytical insight?

    With so much data, why is it so difficult to apply advanced analytics to process manufacturing and gain the same benefits as other sectors? Download this detailed paper to examine this problem in full and to glean 5 questions to ask when selecting advanced analytics for process manufacturing.


  • Avoid black holes of data with augmented reality

    Access this brief to learn how manufacturing operations have transformed in recent years, why modern data management and field service management solutions are now critical to success, and how augmented reality solutions from SAP and TeamViewer can help your teams improve supply chain transparency, integrate and digitize key processes, and more.


  • Secure power for sensitive semiconductor processes

    Discover in this white paper how Integrated Schneider Electric solutions can offer your organization a complete electrical system including power monitoring and a resilient architecture to improve subfunction operation, enable optimum use of energy, and save up to 30% on operating energy costs.


  • Integer supercharges response times with Tanium and Microsoft

    To derive even more from its suite of Microsoft security services, a leading global medical device outsource (MDO) manufacturer turned to Tanium. Read this case study to learn how the partnership enabled the manufacturer to unlock key benefits, including automated security and access control.


  • Innovation Awards APAC 2023 - Project of the Year: Mondelez International

    Mondelez operates a large supply chain and manufacturing footprint to produce well-known snacks such as Cadbury chocolates and Oreo biscuits. In this e-guide, read how Mondelez tapped low-code/no-code development, drones and other emerging technologies, to deliver productivity gains, better employee experience and higher production yields.


  • Data center leader’s guide for improving modernization efforts

    When this leading tire manufacturer began to struggle with their data servers, ESG, and modernization efforts, they sought out a way they could upgrade their existing manufacturing site server room in a safe and sustainable way. Access this case study to hear the full story.