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Supporting the Lean Value Stream with Technology Solutions

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CFOs and finance pros: What you can learn from lean manufacturing

A company's health ultimately depends on its departments working together toward common goals.

And leaders in a company’s manufacturing organization wish their CFO understood one thing: Traditional accounting does not tell the whole story.  of a company's manufacturing organization.

In this expert guide, explore what you can learn from lean manufacturing and how one vendor is bringing accountants into the fold with their partner program.

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  • Lean portfolio management: How to make the shift

    Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) enables companies to adapt quickly to change and deliver customer value faster.

    In this paper, you’ll learn about the five important shifts that portfolio managers must make as they move to a lean approach to planning, funding, and tracking product development work. You’ll also learn smart tips from Atlassian’s agile transformation specialists based on the engagements with customers they’ve helped transition to a Lean Portfolio Management approach.

    Read the full paper to learn how a LPM approach positions your portfolio to rapidly respond to changing customer needs.

  • E-Zine: Enterprise CIO Decisions: Running Lean in 2010

    Technology decision makers in the enterprise are under pressure to deliver results on tight budgets while streamlining efficiency, cutting costs, and reducing risk for their organizations. Read this E-Zine from Enterprise CIO Decisions to find out how ITSM, outsourcing and technology are combining to make IT a lean, mean fighting machine in 2010.

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  • Everything You Need to Enhance Your SOC

    Organizations with a unified, automation-driven SOC (security operations center) enable lean security teams to protect their enterprise effectively. Dive into this datasheet to determine the potential benefits of Fortinet’s AI-Driven SOC Automation solution for your company.


  • Digital experiences and CMS: Top trends to know

    While 55% of today’s organizations deploy either hybrid content management systems (CMS) or digital experience platforms (DXP), many are still leveraging more traditional approaches. So, why are so many now leaning into hybrid and DXP solutions? Tune into this webinar to learn more.


  • Get more out of your B2B content

    Join marketing experts as they break down underutilized tactics you can use to improve engagement at all stages of the funnel. From executing an on-demand promo plan to leaning into real-time personalization, you'll walk away with tips and tricks you can implement immediately to broaden your content’s exposure.


  • Tips for building a better webinar: Visualizing data

    Webinars help build a solid audience, nurture relationships, and increase brand awareness. But, when presenting a complicated, dense, or downright dry topic, how can you make it appealing and eye-catching instead of text-heavy and dull? Access this webinar to learn more.


  • Strategies for winning the battle for the policyholder

    According to recent research insurance profits fell by about 15% across the sector over the last year. This white paper examines the opportunities for insurance businesses willing to lean in on new and emerging technologies and outline the strategies that could bring success in a sector in flux. Download now to learn more.


  • The Enterprise Buyer’s Guide to Integrated CASB Security

    To address today’s cloud security challenges, enterprises must take an integrated approach to CASBs to keep up with the exponential growth of SaaS. Download this e-book to learn about 5 must-haves of an integrated CASB solution, solution benefits and more.


  • Boost Your Team's Output: 5 Key Productivity Hacks

    Eliminate productivity blockers and uncover five best practices for streamlining and automating your team's workflows.


  • 16-page e-book: Digital twins for automotive manufacturing

    With an accelerated shift to electrification, automotive manufacturers are challenged to evolve their processes quickly while delivering consistent, compliant products. So, how can manufacturers approach that incredibly complex undertaking? Dig into this e-book to find out how adopting digital manufacturing technologies can help.


  • How to reduce manufacturing errors & save money

    The biggest mistake manufacturers make is assuming all errors stem from the factory and production lines. Errors can happen as early as the conversation between your sales rep and the customer. Access this blog post to discover the power of industrial manufacturing CPQ solutions and learn about strategies for reducing manufacturing errors.


  • Connecting your products to provide instant remote support

    As different as their industries may be, there is one thing that all manufacturers have in common: When a problem occurs, their customers expect quick support. That’s why many have begun connecting their products to provide instant remote support. Download this resource to learn more.


  • Manufacturers, what is Industry X?

    Manufacturers, are you familiar with Industry X? For a comprehensive introduction to the digital-transformation strategy that can supercharge how products and services are manufactured, tap into this white paper.


  • 4 benefits of digital twins for manufacturing

    As they strive for a competitive edge, many manufacturers have turned to digital manufacturing to evolve their processes and products. For an executive’s ultimate guide to digital manufacturing, browse this 20-page e-book.


  • CPQ Concepts Explained: Go Beyond Guided Selling with Tacton

    There are significant gains to be made by letting your customers access the entire spectrum that your products cover, allowing them to find the product combination that suits their specific requirements. Read on to learn how you can leverage a CPQ application to go beyond guided selling and help customers find their optimal solution.


  • How to enhance CX with needs-based configuration

    Companies who have customizable product offerings are finding that traditional guided selling solutions are not providing the breadth of offerings that the market requires. Needs-based configuration allows your customers to get the best possible solution to their requirements – not just the best of what you hoped they needed. Read on to learn how.


  • Digital twins for manufacturers: 10-page guide

    Why, and how, are manufacturers leveraging digital twins? In this 10-page guide, discover use cases for digital twins and find out the value that the technology can drive for your manufacturer.


  • 101 guide to simulation-based manufacturing

    How can you boost your manufacturing process’s efficiency without sacrificing quality? Simulation-based manufacturing, Siemens argues, can help. Check out this video for a quick introduction to simulation-based manufacturing process planning.


  • Automotive MBOM: Common pitfalls & how to avoid them

    To learn how automotive manufacturers can better manage their manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM), check out this blog by Siemens.


  • How Can Manufacturers Leverage CPQ for Sustainability?

    It has become clear that creating new and exciting ways to buy sustainable products will be a key success factor in the upcoming years for manufacturers. So, how can your organization adapt? Access this blog post to learn how CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software can help set your business up for sustainability success.


  • Manufacturing leader’s guide to mastering logistics

    As manufacturers continue to face high pressures for their supply chain and logistics processes, many organizations are looking for effective ways to meet customer expectations and combat recent challenges. So, what are the best ways companies can do so? Browse this guide to learn more.


  • Creating Optimized End-to-End Operations with CPQ Integrations

    Disruption has become the status quo for manufacturing, but it's possible to create seamless internal processes that are always producing accurate and up-to-date quotes that can handle a changing market place. Explore this e-book to learn how CPQ software can help manufacturers transform information silos into seamless experiences.


  • Teleperformance puts one auto maker’s contact center on the fast track

    To maintain its market position and ensure success in a highly competitive landscape, a European auto manufacturer needed to level up its customer care center performance. Learn how this auto maker put their care center on the fast track with Teleperformance by downloading this case study or Schedule a Demo.


  • CPQ: A solution for modern sales quoting in manufacturing

    Sales quoting for configured products is nothing new, but with the rise of digital native buyers who demand information upfront, the importance of CPQ and its centrality to achieving efficient growth is starting to get noticed by manufacturers. Read on to understand the key drivers of CPQ adoption.


  • Bringing sustainability to your industrial data architecture

    While industrial processes are a big contributor to a company’s CO2 emissions, data processing and storage is also an important part of the sustainability equation. Read on to learn how manufacturers can support their sustainability goals while potentially increasing production and why DataOps is crucial for success.


  • Channels to Managed Print Services in Europe

    Analyst group Quocirca reviews channel-led managed print services (MPS) programmes.


  • How to apply lean manufacturing to data management

    The volume, velocity and variety of raw industrial data are ever increasing, making it difficult to work with. Fortunately, manufacturers already have the framework they need to streamline data production and preparation. Read on to learn how you can enable your organization with lean data.


  • Making Employee Journeys Unforgettable

    Read this paper to learn how to eliminate common and repeated inquiries by giving employees a place to find their own answers, and provide an easy transition for those with more complex issues.


  • Case study: How nVent Hoffman is leveraging CPQ

    A global manufacturer was struggling with long response times and quoting tools that were difficult to scale, and their CX was suffering as a result. In this case study, you’ll gain an understanding of how they were able to leverage Configure, Price, Quote technology to reduce order errors and boost sales productivity. Read on to learn more.


  • Smart manufacturing: Market drivers and trends

    The next wave of the industrial revolution, smart manufacturing, is here, and manufacturers should be getting future-ready now. Tap into this infographic to learn about the major factors expected to drive the global smart manufacturing market and next steps you can take to help your business take advantage.


  • Quick guide to creating statistical process control (SPC) charts

    To measure product performance, many chemical manufacturers leverage statistical process control (SPC). Yet, developing SPC charts can be time-consuming. Along with exploring why that is the case, this overview considers how manufacturers can accelerate the process of creating SPC charts. Read on to learn how.


  • The Importance of Supply Chain Visibility

    In this guide, explore how digitalization is driving the future of manufacturing, as well as the top strategies manufacturers are using right now to ensure supply chain visibility. Click here to learn more.


  • Five stages of supply chain management

    Supply chain management (SCM) is the optimization of a product's creation and flow from sourcing to production, logistics and delivery. Because it's such a complex undertaking, each partner must communicate and work together to create efficiencies, manage risk and adapt quickly to change. In this infographic learn about the 5 steps of SCM.


  • Orchestrating A Data Governance Strategy in Manufacturing

    The manufacturing industry continues to evolve into a digitized data landscape, presenting companies with many new challenges. For data challenges, the best solution is to implement a data governance framework. Read on to learn about 9 best practices that should be considered when establishing a formal data governance strategy in manufacturing.


  • Best practices for manufacturing data management & analytics

    In this whitepaper, you’ll discover how advanced data management and data analysis technologies enable manufacturers to leverage their data treasures to increase the resilience of their manufacturing systems and supply chains and make them safe and secure for the future. Read on to learn how you can make the most of your manufacturing data.


  • Advanced analytics: The fulcrum on which sustainability & profitability rest

    For manufacturers, the solution to achieving sustainability goals lies in leveling up data analytics to adjust processes with an eye on minimizing emissions. However, is it possible to do so while maintaining profitability? Read this white paper to ascertain how this is possible and how to get started with advanced analytics in your company.


  • Manufacturing Sales with CPQ

    In uncertain economic times, it’s important for manufacturers to invest wisely and strategically to ensure their businesses remain competitive. This blog explores key investment areas for manufacturers to consider in order to stay resilient and how Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is helping maximize these investments. Read on to learn more.


  • Trustwave threat intelligence findings

    Recent findings show that the average data breach in the manufacturing sector costs $4.7 million. This webcast investigates the unique challenges involved in securing manufacturing operations, as well as key research findings and strategies that can be used to overcome these challenges. Watch to learn more.


  • Configurator Tool

    Product configurators are designed to work with a CPQ solution that improves every aspect of the sales, purchasing, and production processes. By removing errors, providing transparent quotes, and reducing lead times, they can help you empower your customers to place their orders independently. Read on to learn more.


  • AI at the edge: 4 key use cases for manufacturers

    Modern manufacturers produce massive amounts of data every day, but without the ability to use that data to drive decisions in real time, the data means nothing. Access this custom TechTarget media to discover how the cloud is holding manufacturers back and why edge AI has the potential to unlock more efficient and cost-effective operations.


  • How Edge Computing is Enabling the Future of Manufacturing

    As edge computing and its applications continually evolve, ITDMs expect edge computing to transform the manufacturing industry in several ways. Access this research content to gain deeper insights into how manufacturers are leveraging edge computing to better prepare for the future.


  • The future of manufacturing: Industry 4.0 and more

    Manufacturers understand the importance of quality. However, ensuring quality can be made difficult by a number of challenges. So, how can companies revamp their operations to best prioritize quality in their processes to improve their profitability and the bottom line? Dig into this white paper to learn more.


  • Global Manufacturers Get Serious About Sustainability

    Global discrete manufacturers are pursuing sustainability with 97% of green manufacturers having adopted a circular economy strategy and 95% expecting a positive impact over 2 years. Access this infographic to learn more about why companies are prioritizing sustainability and servitization.


  • 7 Benefits of Adopting Smart Manufacturing

    To discover 7 reasons why you should consider adopting smart manufacturing at your organization, and to find out how businesses like Tyson Foods have benefited from smart manufacturing, check out this e-book.


  • IT4IT for Managing the Business of IT

    IT4IT™ for Managing the Business of IT – A Management Guide, from The Open Group, provides best practice advice and focuses on the data and automated workflows needed to manage IT services in a lean, agile and business-focused way.


  • Manufacturer’s guide to smart factories

    72% of manufacturers, according to Microsoft’s research, are advancing their efforts for building smart factories. So, what do smart factories look like, and what results can they drive? Access answers in this 10-page white paper.


  • Analyst report: How manufacturers can future-proof operations

    To discover how manufacturers can future-proof their factory operations, review this IDC Spotlight report by IDC’s Research Director of Manufacturing Insights, Stefanie Naujoks.


  • Manufacturing sales: How to thrive amid uncertainty

    There are steps manufacturers can take to prepare for a recession and maintain their operations, regardless of the state of the economy. The key to success is creating operations that are resilient and adaptable. Access this research content to learn how leaders in manufacturing are setting their firms up to thrive in the face of uncertainty.


  • Computer Weekly – 24 January 2017: World leaders discuss risks of social unrest from advances in technology

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the fears raised at the World Economic Forum over the potential for social unrest as technology transforms working practices. We hear from the CIO at the World Health Organization about how IT helped tackle the Ebola crisis. And we look at progress in adopting big data analytics. Read the issue now.