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Identifying potential IT issues before they escalate

IT teams are constantly trying to pinpoint and fix one problem after another, leaving little time for other activities that aim to improve performance and maintain availability. The value of an infrastructure monitoring tool that can help identify potential issues before they escalate and reduce system downtime cannot be overstated.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see the capabilities of IT infrastructure monitoring from ITRS in action.

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  • 5-page guide to enhancing access security

    Today, work is done from anywhere; therefore, it must be secured anywhere, too.

    But how can you level up access security for your highly distributed workforce? By employing Cisco Secure Access, this overview argues.

    Take a look through the overview to discover 6 benefits of this approach, including improved visibility into cloud application usage.

  • SASE: The driver of your SaaS security journey

    Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications have become popular in recent years due to their widespread availability, ease of use, and low costs – but are they secure?

    How do you adopt and use SaaS applications with confidence? How do you address shadow IT, data protection and other cloud security challenges?

    In this white paper, you will learn about how a secure access service edge (SASE) solution is designed to assist your cloud transformation and help you safely adopt SaaS applications. Solution benefits include:

    • Visibility into corporate cloud usage: what, where and who
    • Discovery into shadow IT activities to minimize risks
    • Safe cloud adoption, branch expansion and user mobility everywhere
    • And more

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  • Tablets and Smartphones in the Enterprise: Risks and Management Concerns

    This IT Handbook from offers a number of ways that you can incorporate BYOD into your company without compromising security – giving your employees what they want and keeping your environment safe and manageable at the same time.


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  • How sustainability monitoring provides unexpected security

    Recent attacks on hospital and emergency infrastructure have reminded us about the importance of cybersecurity to not only protect critical assets, but to protect lives. Learn more about how the unity between sustainability and security can be applied to your mode of healthcare work in this blog.


  • Keys to company-issued card usage and compliance

    Despite the level of convenience that a company credit card can provide, many organizations find that it can increase the chances of non-compliant behavior, leading to a handful of challenges. So, how can your business best new policies? Access this white paper to learn more.


  • How to solve the data problem with a new network architecture

    Some enterprises have closed down their data centers, but it doesn’t seem likely that another 7 out of 10 enterprise data centers will go offline in just five years. In this brief, learn why a new paradigm is needed to extend the WAN beyond the data center to the multi- and hybrid cloud environment in which the modern enterprise operates.


  • Tablets & Smartphones in the Enterprise

    Frantic IT departments are being forced to manage BYOD on the fly. Read this white paper to get strategic, practical advice on how to manage this consumer-driven trend.


  • Protecting applications, data and users with next-generation CASB

    With hundreds of SaaS applications, each with a unique mix of settings, it can be difficult for IT and security teams to ensure resources are properly configured, protected, and compliant. Download this ESG white paper to explore today’s changing IT environments in detail and unlock key attributes for next-generation CASBs.


  • E-Guide: PCI DSS 2011: Key themes to watch

    This expert tip pinpoints key observations and common themes related to what’s currently happening with today’s PCI DSS compliance programs and explains what’s in store for the future as companies transition to the PCI DSS 2.0 guidelines.


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  • Inside Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's cloud journey

    With a strong DevOps culture, Australian bank has been moving its most important applications to the cloud in a journey that has already reaped returns. Download the full article to learn more about Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's cloud journey.


  • Solid State Storage: Tips & Tricks

    This expert eGuide outlines the logistics of solid state storage, what to look for in a flash vendor and the different implementation options for this technology.


  • How to integrate SaaS with CASB

    Today, organizations rely on the cloud for core business applications and data, but a layered approach has also increased complexity and brings new challenges. This ESG report digs into how integrating CASB with SaaS security providers aims to address these challenges by delivering key capabilities. Read on to get started.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to sustainable datacentres

    There is a growing need for datacentres to adapt to modern demands. In this 19-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the new ideas coming from IT leaders looking to revamp datacentres, the importance of water usage in sustainability plans and the role uninterruptible power supplies have to play in decarbonisation


  • The future of a secure multicloud strategy will be powered by modern applications

    Access this Forrester Consulting report to explore companies’ current multicloud strategies, how they are evolving, and how application modernization and containers can help.


  • Speaker recruitment 101: How to enhance your webinars

    A great presenter can elevate a brand faster than almost anything else, but identifying the right speakers can be difficult for even the most experienced program planners. Plus, once you've identified your perfect presenter, how do you even get them on board? Watch this webinar to learn more.


  • 4 advantages of using K8s to orchestrate multicloud containers

    Dig into this TechTarget custom article to uncover 4 advantages of using Kubernetes to orchestrate containers in your organization’s multicloud and hybrid cloud environments and how Dell and VMware Tanzu can assist in this process.


  • Contact center testing: What to know for 2024 & beyond

    Despite 80% of today’s organizations reporting that they’ve migrated some or all of their contact center to the cloud, 2/3 of CX leaders say that they do not have the visibility they need to ensure their contact centers are performing as intended. So, how can this best be fixed? Browse this report to learn more.


  • How health plans and providers can collaborate to improve care

    With avoidable hospital readmissions costing billions annually, provider and health plan collaboration has become an important step toward reducing spend. Download this white paper to learn how sustainable connectivity among physicians, hospitals, caregivers, and patients can help reduce hospital readmissions and improve care transitions.


  • Your guide to boosting your datacentre's environmental friendliness

    In this e-guide, we take a closer look at how the datacentre sector is taking steps to boost its environmental friendliness, and why.


  • Securely Implement and Configure SSL to Ward Off SSL Vulnerabilities

    Expert Nick Lewis, CISSP, information security architect as Saint Louis University, covers in this e-guide how to implement and configure SSL's to ward off vulnerabilities within your organization.


  • Market guide for attack surface management for 2024 & beyond

    Access this report to learn about key vendors for attack surface management, as well as ASM's functions such as asset discovery and risk scoring, noting the importance of integrating ASM with other security tools for a robust defense.


  • Enhancing patient outcomes with better medication adherence

    Using LexisNexis® data, a healthcare organization improved predictive modeling for medication adherence. With socioeconomic attributes, they achieved 20% better identification of non-adherent patients early in the year when intervention is most impactful. Read now on how data insights drive better outcomes.


  • 8 green computing best practices

    The overall amount of energy used in data centers is massive: the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimated that data centers used up to 1.3% of the electricity consumed worldwide in 2021. Here are eight green computing practices to make data centers more energy-efficient and sustainable, with both environmental and business benefits.


  • Revenue Cycle Management with Automation and AI

    As CFOs prioritize increasing profitability and invest in technology and revenue cycle management, providers are excited about implementing automated technologies in this area. Read more about it in this eGuide.


  • Lower IT asset costs without sacrificing digital experience

    With the prevalence of remote work, increasingly complex infrastructure and rising IT budget constraints, enterprises worldwide are seeking to eliminate expenditures without harming the digital experience. In this Solution Brief, discover how Riverbed helps lower costs with insights into user experience, device performance and cloud usage.


  • Decoding the Acronym “RFC”

    Do you know what “RFC” stands for? If you’re concerned with the inner workings of the internet, it’s an important term to understand. Check out this blog to learn about the acronym’s history and usage.


  • Hybrid cloud migration strategies, explored

    Check out this E-Guide on hybrid cloud adoption to learn benefits and advantages of hybrid cloud, how to migrate effectively, how to simplify your migration strategy, and much more.


  • Application Security Handbook: Application Security: Managing Software Threats

    Check out this expert e-book from the editorial team at to read the following three articles designed to help you address your application security before it's threatened: 'Ten Ways to Build in Security From the Start', 'Secure Your Mobile Apps in Enterprise Integration', and 'How to Boost Your Application Security Savvy'.


  • Brief Guide to MSSP Offerings

    Which offering from a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) does your business need? First, you have to understand your options. Dig into this brief guide to learn about and compare SIEM, Managed SIEM, SOC-as-a-Service and Co-managed SOC.


  • Identifying the right metrics and KPIs for your practice

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ensure your practice is operating efficiently and effectively. Maximize efficiency with KPIs. Pinpoint and resolve revenue cycle issues effortlessly. Veradigm Ambulatory Suite provides a collection of solutions that can help you accurately track and report these vital practice metrics. Read the eBook today.


  • Netflix's 3.5x streaming boost with Amazon EC2

    Netflix case study reveals 3.5x throughput increase per CPU by optimizing Amazon EC2 instances with Intel® tools, allowing significant cost savings. Read the full case study to learn how identifying performance bottlenecks down to the microarchitecture level can maximize cloud efficiency.


  • How to best measure your marketing programs’ impact

    Most B2B marketers will agree that sound measurement is crucial when determining the success and ROI of your webinar programs. Today’s demand gen teams have thousands of data points at their fingertips, but pinpointing the right metrics and insights is easier said than done. Watch this webinar to learn more.


  • The components and objectives of privacy engineering

    In this e-guide, read more about the differences and similarities of privacy by design and privacy engineering, the main components and objectives of privacy engineering, and how privacy engineers can help promote innovation and trust among employees and clients.


  • How to unlock the true value of data

    With a robust data architecture in place, a firm's data science team can turn raw data into business insight. We take a quick look at how this can be done.


  • How to reap the best ROI on your cloud investment

    From complex usage patterns to inefficient resource allocation, the cloud ecosystem presents an array of challenges that often lead to overspending. In this eBook, read about the most pressing cloud challenges and their impact and how you can reduce up to 40% of your cloud spend leveraging Anunta’s CloudOptimal.


  • Top data strategies for healthier populations

    In the tumultuous landscape within which healthcare operates, any insights into the digital health usage of U.S. healthcare organizations (HCOs) can be incredibly useful as a benchmark. Download your copy of the 2023 Digital Health Most Wired survey to identify major themes and shifts in the HCO marketplace.


  • IT Handbook: Private Cloud Management

    This IT handbook examines the top reasons to consider private cloud computing. Find out why virtualization is a critical first step in your cloud initiative and obtain detailed information on the role of performance monitoring, capacity planning, and chargeback.


  • Expert methods and strategies for application virtualization

    This expert e-guide explores best practices for virtualizing your applications to ensure optimal performance and availability.


  • Get the most bang for your buck out of flash

    This e-guide examines how many of your peers are actually using flash and discusses the most common usage scenarios and implementation methods. Learn why you shouldn't focus solely on performance numbers when evaluating vendor offerings and get advice on how you can make the most of your flash investment.


  • Enterprise Mobility Adoption and Security Considerations

    This expert e-guide from examines the detailed benefits of increased mobility and addresses the key areas to be considered when it comes to mobile security, particularly laptop usage and practices you can follow to avoid security breaches.


  • SaaS app usage: Why (and how to) boost visibility?

    To help their clients – small and medium-sized businesses – reduce tech risks, TEKRiSQ needed a tool to enhance their visibility of clients’ SaaS app usage. Check out this case study to find out how TEKRiSQ accomplished that mission.


  • Effectively leveraging cloud-based contracts

    Cloud contracts offer great benefits, but they can put organisations at significantly greater risk than conventional IT service contracts. This report by consultant Bob Fawthrop explains how to mitigate the risks.


  • Datacentre power and cooling: What you need to know

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the latest thinking on datacentre power and cooling, and share real-world examples of organisations that have used hardware upgrades and energy usage audits to change the way they power their server farms.


  • HCM & payroll: 3 hidden areas you may be losing profit

    Despite the benefits of your HCM and payroll systems, many organizations can run into issues involving manual tasks, low ROI, and compliance vulnerability. So, how can you combat these challenges? Browse this article to learn more.


  • AWS Differences between Active and Passive IAST and how to get the best of both worlds

    Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) is a relatively new technology that has caused a lot of confusion for not being clearly explained. This article sets out to clear the air. It will explain:What is IAST?What’s the difference between Active IAST & Passive IAST? Which approach is better for you?Access the paper here.


  • How the application integration landscape is changing

    In this e-guide, we discover how the industry is trying to make it possible to link applications together in order to share resources with ease. We take a look at how technologies like Distributed Computing and the Common Object Model have been refined into web services, service-oriented architecture and composable applications and microservices.