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CitiStreet Enhances Data Recovery Capabilities with Remote

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How to balance cost vs. convenience during replication implementation

Replication has long been relied on for providing availability (aka avoiding downtime) during and after a device failure or system malfunction, but it's since merged with modern backup strategies to complement backup tools and server hypervisors. In recent years, organizations have replicated data to the cloud or a DR site for disaster recovery. It's clear that the role of replication in IT has evolved.

Explore this evolution now by checking out this exclusive disaster recovery handbook on replication. Full of insight from industry pros such as Brien Posey and Paul Kirvan, this expert resource dives into topics including replication tools today, asynchronous vs. synchronous replication, and replication for virtual machines. Read on to arm yourself with the replication know-how needed to navigate this space in 2013.

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  • Disaster Recovery E-Brief

    In today's IT landscape, it's nearly impossible for an organization to argue against the importance of having a thorough, regularly-tested disaster recovery strategy in place - knowing your data is backed up and protected can be the difference between a few hours of downtime and crippling business losses in the event of a disaster. And without keeping up on the latest DR developments, technologies and best practices, your strategy can become outdated and ineffective.

    Thankfully, this E-Brief is here to help. Featuring a detailed list of everything you need to establish an effective DR strategy, this resource featuring expert Paul Kirvan has all of the information you need to get started developing and managing a successful DR plan. Read on for today's best practices, newest DR strategies, and information on the 5 most effective DR approaches, which include:

    • Server replication
    • Diversely configured LAN infrastructure
    • Data replication
    • And more

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