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TDWI Report: Best Practices for Deploying Dashboards and Scorecards

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Analyst's take: IBM Cognos Express helps efficient adoption of BI and PM technology

In September, IBM Cognos launched IBM Cognos Express, which is an integrated BI and PM application designed specifically for small and midsized companies.  The application provides tools and functionality in areas that include reporting, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, planning, budgeting and forecasting.  The application’s functionality is available in three modules which can be purchased separately.

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  • How you can improve sales effectiveness with interaction analytics

    Digitalization has created more competition, but has also created tremendous opportunities to improve sales effectiveness.

    With more customer data points and engagement channels available than ever before, businesses can harness that data to give customers what they want are increasing sales and building a sustainable competitive advantage.

    In this white paper, discover how interaction analytics can make contact center operations more intelligent, and uncover the best practices needed to gain insight into your customers and drive sales.

    Learn how interaction analytics:

    • Can monitor, record and transcribe 100% of customer contact across different channels
    • Automatically generate scorecards for each customer interaction
    • Show baselines and demonstrate performance trends
    • And more

  • Nucleus Research ROI Vendor Comparison Scorecard



    This tool provides a single page scorecard for comparing vendors across 14 weighted factors. It generates an overall score for each vendor along with a risk assessment based on the weighting of the factors.


    (End-user organizations may use this tool to analyse technology decisions but the tool may not be redistributed or modified in any way. Please contact Nucleus Research client services for further information.)


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    IBM Cognos software helps K-12 organizations increase visibility and improve decision making, driving improved student performance, lowered cost of interventions, greater productivity, and lower operating costs.


  • 10 ways to add value to your dashboards with maps

    Maps can add context to your analytical visualizations - making comprehension even more intuitive. Read this white paper for 10 ways to add value to your dashboards with maps.


  • 10 best practices for building effective dashboards

    A great dashboard's message and metrics are clear, color enhances meaning, and every bit of information you need is at your fingertips. So how do you build dashboards that live up to this promise and that are just right for your organization? Read on to find out.


  • 7 best practices for mobile business intelligence

    Mobile business intelligence (BI) is about putting data and analytics wherever work is being done. Read this white paper for 7 best practices for mobile BI.


  • How to design a truly effective dashboard

    Dashboards are important tools for communicating insights about particular sets of data. Read this white paper for 10 "do's and don'ts" of dashboards and how to design a dashboard that provides truly effective and actionable insights.


  • Keep your dashboard visualizations intuitive and informative

    Watch this webinar with Steve Wexler (Founder, Data Revelations), Andy Cotgreave (Technical Evangelist, Tableau) and Jeffrey Shaffer (VP of IT and Analytics at Unifund and Recovery Decision Science) for an in-depth discussion about making the best of your dashboard visualizations.


  • 5 ways to improve your data visualization

    There are seemingly infinite ways to analyze data. Dashboards are everywhere and they all say different things. Everyone uses data visualization, but how can your organization get the most out of your data visualization? Read this resource to learn more about how to improve your data visualization, and gain faster, more meaningful insights.


  • Embedding your analytics: Demo

    Rather than offering a standalone dashboard or report, or integrating another BI tool, you have the option to embed analytics into applications that are already in use every day. Watch this demo to learn how to turn data into valuable, business-critical insights that can be embedded directly into your pre-existing applications.


  • What is SOAR?

    A SOAR platform incorporates many different functions and activities. These functions including orchestration, automation incident management and report. In this white paper, learn about main requirements for each function in a SOAR. Also, explore how SOAR tools can help organizations to meet their goals.


  • 3 reasons to think beyond dashboard visualizations

    Visualizations can help us to understand analytics, but they cannot deliver the same richness in understand that is required for revenue-driving, business-critical insights. Read this white paper for 3 reasons you should be thinking beyond dashboard visualizations to encourage a truly data-driven business culture.


  • How to get an accurate read on your data center's pulse

    As data centers topologies grow more complex, getting an accurate gauge on infrastructure and application health can be an uphill battle. Learn more about why data center monitoring and reporting is an increasingly critical IT responsibility– and how a new platform from Veeam aims to condense it all to a single dashboard.


  • Deployable analytics for your sales team

    Whether you're new to Tableau, or looking for sales-specific business intelligence - this guide will get you on the fast track to obtaining actionable insights that will lead to improved sales performance.


  • Research report: UC state of the market

    The UC market is making a fundamental shift from premises-based UC to cloud UCaaS. Learn why and the implications of it in this Gartner report.


  • How to create a SQL Server health dashboard to streamline maintenance

    Watch this SentryOne webinar to learn how to create a SQL Server health monitoring dashboard that can streamline your day-to-day maintenance.


  • How to dramatically improve service availability

    Highly available business services rely on modern IT operations management (ITOM). What does that look like? This e-book can help you identify where availability challenges exist and improve your ability to analyze, prevent, and address problems before they occur.


  • How cloud-based CCM keeps CX unified and seamless

    Read this white paper to learn how to stay connected with your customers and empower your teams—all while maintaining an improved understanding of your business via real-time customer-centric dashboards.


  • 4 requirements of spatial analysis

    Since maps are familiar, using them as visualizations immediately orients your workforce to data and its relevance. Read this white paper to learn how to expertly integrate spatial data, custom regions, background maps, and more into your dashboard analytics.


  • Embedded analytics can drastically improve BI tool adoption

    Read this white paper to learn why embedded BI tools and analytics have a much higher adoption rate on average, and how you can best roll out embedded analytics into your model.


  • 12 ways to make your e-commerce customers love you

    Stop sending your customers to your competitors! In this helpful blog post, discover 12 ways to make your e-commerce customers fall in love with your business, and unlock expert tips for building ongoing customer loyalty.


  • Your analytical toolbox: Going beyond spreadsheets

    With pressure mounting to glean more insight from your data, spreadsheets don't always have the capabilities to deliver the insight you seek. Download this white paper to discover 5 ways you can go beyond spreadsheets and unlock value from your data. Inside, find out how to improve data integration, data cleaning, visualizations and dashboards.


  • How this platform could simplify your database administration

    The SentryOne database is designed to simplify server management by automating database administration and providing analytics for those databases on a dashboard. Read more about SentryOne's story and how the platform could simplify your organization's database administration.


  • Your best bet for Kubernetes monitoring

    Access this whitepaper to learn about one option for Kubernetes monitoring that can support pull and push of metrics, events, and logs from multiple sources.


  • An analysis trick to understand user experience

    Customers will likely jump to your competitor if they can't find exactly what they're looking for on your site. In this white paper, learn how head-tail analysis can uncover different search strategies and find the root cause of why customers are leaving.


  • Embedded analytics case study

    As a global fintech organization, UnderwriteMen needed to be able to provide detailed data insights to insurers as part of their reinsurance process. Download this case study to explore the numerous capabilities UnderwriteMe gained when they decided to use an embedded analytics platoform.


  • How Excel and Tableau can team up for better data analysis

    Excel is used by millions of people to track and sort data. However, Excel is oriented around numbers, and numbers alone do not always show the complete story behind data. Read this white paper to learn about how using Excel in conjunction with Tableau could help you visualize and analyze your data more easily.


  • How interaction analytics improve performance feedback

    In this white paper, learn about interaction analytics and explore how interaction analytics can help give contact center agents and managers the tools they need to perform at their best.


  • Data visualization: Out of the silos and into the workflow

    A strong data visualization tool can put data into context for anyone with the right questions to ask. Visit this landing page for an array of resources that break down all the benefits of incorporating visualized insights into your data analytics strategy.


  • How to produce quality self-service analytics

    Analytics projects can cause an inflexibility problem. Any time there is a problem with the dashboard, the user needs to submit a ticket to IT, who then has to fix the problem. Self-service analytics offers an alternative. Read this resource to learn more about how your organization can embrace self-service analytics.


  • Explore key vendors in the UCaaS market

    The UC market is making a fundamental shift from premises-based UC to cloud UCaaS. According to Gartner, by 2021, 90% of IT leaders will not purchase new premises-based UC infrastructure because future cloud UC offerings will be far ahead in terms of features and function. In Gartner's Magic Quadrant of UCaaS, explore key vendors in the field.


  • How can interaction analytics improve contact center efficiency?

    In this white paper, explore how interaction analytics can help your organization increase efficiency and improve CX. Discover the core capabilities of interaction analytics, and review the best practices you'll need to get your to make your contact center transformation.


  • Embedded BI: 7 criteria to consider before moving forward

    If your company intends to take full advantage of its analytics initiative (internally and externally), deployable dashboards with integrated visual analytics are a must. But - do you build or buy your embedded BI solution? For 7 major consideration points in this debate - read this white paper.


  • Analytics for sale ops: 4 fundamental capabilities to have

    Simply stated, it's critical that analytics be quick, easy, and intuitive. Visual elements and dashboards are always a plus too. Download this white paper to uncover 4 fundamental capabilities that make an analytics platform worth the investment and help you provide timely insights to your sales ops team.


  • Defend yourself against today's advanced threats

    Save time by drilling down threat details into one console and defending against today's threats with all of the essential security tools you need. Test drive the AlienVault USM with a 30-day free download trail today.


  • Finding the best cloud collaboration tool for your company

    By 2021, 90% of IT leaders will not purchase new premises-based UC infrastructure —up from 50% today —because future cloud UC offerings will be far ahead in terms of features, functions, portals, analytics and dashboards, according to Gartner. Explore some of the cloud options available today with our printable collaboration tool comparison chart.


  • Enhance network security with automated device compliance verification

    Daman is a leading specialist health insurer in Abu Dhabi, and was looking for a Network Access Control (NAC) solution to help them comply with a new electronic governmental standard for information security. Learn why Daman chose Aruba and the benefits they've experienced in this case study.


  • Windows 2012 Server Network Security

    This book chapter offers an introduction to Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 network security and  IPv6. It includes a 30% discount code for Computer Weekly readers.


  • Extend video communications beyond network boundaries

    Download this white paper to learn about Zoom Video Communications—a cloud-based videoconferencing platform that offers video, audio, and chat communications. Also explore the 10 top reasons for moving away from on-prem communications.


  • Cloud UC: Zoom's PBX offering

    In this expert guide learn about leading vendor Zoom and their new cloud PBX offerings, which use desk phones from Polycom and Yealink that integrate with contact center products from Five9 and Twilio.


  • Save your current data management investments with this BI tools

    Read this white paper to see how Domo can complement your existing infrastructure investments while handling data governance, dashboard deployment and still keep everything agile and scalable.


  • Learn how to achieve scalable reporting with modern data management

    In this white paper, learn how to achieve scalable reporting with modern data management technologies and practices. Explore recommendations for reporting at scale, and learn how a modern data management can help your reporting practices.


  • Self-service analytics: How to empower everyone

    Having a successful citizen data scientist culture in your business means data-driven decisions can be made by any team. It's a great way to approach BI tool adoption, but implementation is a struggle area for many businesses. We have a guide to self-service BI deployment for you – ready for download now – but first we ask you complete a survey.


  • Rethink network connectivity at the edge for the age of cloud

    Discover best practices for network connectivity and physical infrastructure management so that you can ensure employees stay connected to the critical apps they need.


  • The Economic Value of Data

    Big data analytics promises to boost customer centricity and profitability for financial services firms, according to this report from Cognizant.


  • The 5 biggest blunders that doom BI projects

    When it comes to implementing BI tools, even the best-run businesses in the world can make common missteps that lead to lukewarm BI performance. This paper explores the 5 "worst practices" that contribute to poor BI deployments. Discover negative impacts from a technology and a business perspective, and learn how to avoid them.


  • Cloud resiliency best practices at the edge

    Inside this 12-page white paper, read through an analysis and critique of industry-standard physical infrastructure practices. Then, find out best practices for ensuring high-grade application resiliency across the organization and the workforce.


  • Analyst's take: Return on investment of IBM Cognos Software

    Companies that use IBM Cognos software are able to improve productivity, reduce or avoid headcount, reduce financing costs, and increase profitability.  These benefits are achieved because when employees can rapidly access and analyze data in consistent ways, they are better able to make business changes that both lower costs and increase revenues.


  • Interactive analytics: Customer support's secret weapon

    Download this white paper to explore how interaction analytics work, and review how speech and interaction analytics can help your organization improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, and create stronger customer support teams.