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Addressing the Insider Threat with NetIQ Operational Change Control Solutions

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How to implement policies and controls to mitigate insider threats

External attackers can compromise systems in hours or even minutes, while it can take months for organizations to detect intrusions. Since insiders have fewer barriers to overcome and compromises don’t require circumventing controls, it can take months or years for the threat to be discovered.

Therefore, rogue partners, careless contractors and negligent (or malicious) employees can seriously disrupt your organization.

In Verizon’s Insider Threat Report, learn more about insider threats including:

  • The risks and potential abuses associated with privileged access
  • The motivations and methods of internal threat actors
  • How to implement policies and controls to mitigate insider threats

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  • How to minimize the risk posted by an insider threat

    Sometimes the biggest threat to your sensitive data is not malware or an external bad actor, but one of your own employees.

    In this webcast, Fidelis’ Lucas Chumley and Louis Smith will demonstrate how to minimize the risk posed by an insider threat. Also, see how Fidelis technology can help identify and provide initial notification of a probable threat and then automate response.

    Download now to learn about the following topics:

    • What is an insider threat
    • Categories of insider threats
    • Cross-functional responsibilities
    • And more

  • Insider Threat Report 2015

    Highly publicised insider data theft, such as the recent Morgan Stanley breach or Edward Snowden incident, highlight the increasing need for better security practices and solutions to reduce the risks posed by insider threats.

    This report is the result of comprehensive crowd-based research in co-operation with the 260,000+ member Information Security Community on LinkedIn and Crowd Research Partners to gain more insight into the state of insider threats and solutions to prevent them.

    Key findings:

    • 62% of security professionals said insider threats have become more frequent in the past 12 months
    • Privileged users, such as managers with access to sensitive information, pose the biggest insider threat to organisations
    • 38% of survey respondents estimated data breach remediation costs to reach up to $500,000 per insider attack

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