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NASDAQ Deploys SQL Server 2005 to Support Real-Time Trade Booking and Queries

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SQL Server: Get your 101 – for yourself and others

For those looking to get a comprehensive crash-course on Microsoft SQL Server, look no further.

In this 19-page white paper, learn everything you need to know about SQL Server, including information on:

  • Relational database management systems
  • SQL Server architecture
  • Database and storage structures
  • And much more


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  • How 12 top-tier companies modernized their datacenters

    Inside this collection of real-world case studies, find out how an array of companies – including household names like JetBlue, Nasdaq, Hyundai, and WD-40 – chose a simpler route towards datacenter modernization, giving their IT teams a break without skimping on performance and security standards.

  • SQL server performance: How to troubleshoot it without 3rd party apps

    Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to troubleshoot SQL Server database performance issues without a third-party data performance management tool.

    There are certain measures that can be taken to troubleshoot performance issues without third-party tools. Below are 2 shortcuts to effective performance troubleshooting on SQL Server:

    • Monitoring and alerting
    • Always know what has changed on your SQL Server instances

    Read this 34-page report from Microsoft SQL Server MVP Kevin Kline to learn more about these 2 shortcuts and several other techniques to effectively troubleshoot SQL Server without third-party data performance management tools.

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  • SQL Server storage strategies: Disk configurations, DR, and more

    Download this guide to learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of deploying and maintaining SQL Server and accommodate the most demanding workloads by integrating all-flash for accelerated database performance. Additionally, learn how to leverage the SAN array and database engine for effective data replication, transaction log backup, and DR.


  • Virtualized SQL Servers: Best practices for implementations

    Virtualization is an expectation today, especially for mission-critical systems using SQL Server. However, some businesses remain nervous about taking on a SQL Server virtualization project, in part because of performance concerns. In this white paper, learn how organizations can ensure quality performance in virtualized SQL Server implantations.


  • SQL 2008 end of support is coming: Why AWS can offer an alternative

    Mark your calendars for May 7th to hear experts from AWS and VMware discuss the details and benefits of a SQL Server migration. Plus, catch a live demonstration of the processes behind architecting a SQL Server database environment in the cloud.


  • SQL Server 2008/R2 are losing support - How to stay protected

    Official support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will be ending in July 2019. For businesses still using this server platform - now may be the time to start investigating newer solutions. Watch this webinar to learn about SQL 2017 and Azure and why it could be the best option for you.


  • Low cost handsets & entry level smartphones

    Though unprecedented changes have occurred in the last couple of years that have revolutionised the handset market, particularly at the top end of the market inhabited by smartphones, the low end market represents a continuing opportunity as emerging market individuals become connected in coming years.


  • 90% reduction in time spent responding to DB alerts: How 1 company did it

    Tableau Software was forced to sift through thousands of emails documenting problems with their SQL Server data. Read this case study to learn about how Tableau used SentryOne to reduce their time spent responding to database alerts.


  • SQL Server 2008 is on its way out - How to be ready

    SQL Server 2008 is about to lose all official support - meaning organizations that choose to remain on the platform will be open to security risks. Luke Black (Senior Manager, Softchoice) and Steve Thompson (Practice Lead, Innovation Team Microsoft EMS MVP, Softchoice) will discuss this and more in this webinar - watch it here.


  • An easier path to the cloud for your legacy SQL Server data

    With the end of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and R2 support on the horizon, now is the time to start considering modern alternatives in order to keep your data ecosystem scalable and agile. Read this 15-page resource to learn why Microsoft Azure can keep your SQL database agile and scalable in the cloud.


  • 4 companies that migrated their SQL data to the cloud

    With SQL Server 2008 support ending, now could be the perfect time to migrate to a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) option, such as Azure SQL Database. Read this white paper for other benefits that other companies have experienced after they migrated their SQL data to Azure.


  • SQL Server in Microsoft Azure: IaaS vs. PaaS

    The options available for SQL Server in Microsoft Azure deployment can be confusing for organizations new to the cloud platform. Read this blog post for a high-level overview of what these options are and why one might fit your needs better than the other.


  • Query optimization: A step by step guide

    How do you improve the performance of SQL queries? Read this e-book to learn about the various techniques that can be deployed to make your SQL queries more effective.


  • Driving efficiencies in SQL Server environments with DevOps

    How do you bring the benefits of a DevOps approach to Microsoft databases? By deploying a tool that is designed to bring the benefits of DevOps to a SQL Server environment. Read this analyst report by Bloor to learn more about how SentryOne could help bring the benefits of DevOps to SQL Server environments.


  • SQL Server 2008 is coming to an end - prepare your next step

    SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 are losing official support starting mid-2019. So what are you going to do for the next phase of your SQL environment? Read this infographic for more information and potential solutions to this rapidly approaching issue.


  • PHC secures 100 VMs, SQL backups with converged data protection

    For Piedmont HealthCare (PHC), a partial SQL backup would take up to 10 hours—whereas now they complete it in less than 2 and never spill over into production. How did they achieve this feat and establish secure backup for over 100 VMs, 5 SQL backups, and 1 physical server? Download this case study to find out.


  • SQL Server 2017: Why now could be the time to migrate

    Microsoft built SQL Server 2017 with advanced analytics and machine learning and other current hot tech in mind. It could be time to consider a migration from older platforms - it might not be as daunting a task as you think. Read this white paper to learn more.


  • Making the right data type choices for your SQL server database

    Data type choices can have a significant impact on your database design and performance. A best practice is to "right-size" data types by asking business questions that are best suited to the organization's needs. Read this white paper to learn about all of the ways that data type choices can affect SQL server database performance.


  • Here are 5 reasons to deploy SQL on new servers

    Modern business demands technology that supports unprecedented data growth and rapid analysis. Download this for 5 reasons why you should deploy SQL on new servers.


  • Cloud database comparison: 5 vendors go head-to-head

    McKnight Consulting Group (MCG) conducted a series of benchmark tests to determine the relative performance of 5 cloud database vendors, including Actian Vector, Amazon Redshift and Microsoft SQL Server. Download this report to review the findings from these benchmark tests and discover how these databases compare to 1 another.


  • How to identify SQL Server performance problems in the development cycle

    In this white paper see how database experts, Mark Allison, Paul Anderton, and Kevin Kline catch SQL Server performance problems using


  • 5 techniques you need to secure your SQL-based apps

    SQL Injection, the hacking technique that has caused havoc since first being identified in 1998, is still being used on a regular basis. Download this e-book for 5 preventive techniques to get ahead of cybercriminals and secure your SQL-based apps from injections, today.


  • Actian vs. SQL Server: Comparing cloud database performance

    Relational databases with analytic capabilities continue to support the advanced analytic workloads of the organization with performance, scale and concurrency. Download this report to examine 2 cloud database performance platforms – Actian and SQL Server – and determine which is best suited for your organization.


  • How to identify SSAS performance bottlenecks

    Troubleshooting performance problems with SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) can be a frustrating exercise. In this five-part guide, discover insights from Steven Wright, Product Manager of Analysis Services at SentryOne, to uncover tips on troubleshooting SSAS bottlenecks.


  • Top 8 reasons to virtualize mission-critical apps

    In this expert e-guide, find out about the many benefits of virtualizing your mission critical applications such as improved hardware utilization and efficiency. Also, discover where to virtualize your applications to maximize these benefits.


  • 3 ways to leverage Azure SQL Data Warehouse

    Public cloud data warehouses boast robust functionality, limited upfront cost, and bring all the benefits that you already love about cloud services. Read this white paper to learn more about what you can do with a public cloud data warehouse like Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse.


  • Single-socket superiority: Single vs. dual socket performance tests

    In this third party test, find out how Dell EMC's PowerEdge R7415 servers equipped with AMD EPYC™ 7000-series processors stack up against popular dual-socket options when it comes to running workloads such as VMware vSAN clusters, SQL server OLTP environments, and mixed cluster workloads.


  • Plan ahead of SQL and Windows Server End of Support deadlines

    Support for SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 ends in July 2019, and Windows Server 2008 follows suit shortly afterwards in January 2020. In the face of these looming deadlines, find out how your organization can avoid last minute upgrades that can potentially jeopardize business security.


  • Inside: Template for formulating a business continuity plan

    Use this white paper as a template to formulate a solid business continuity plan for your organization. It includes instruction on auditing the scope for your business impact analysis, using scenario-based alerting, and more.


  • Is EMC Greenplum the real Hadoop company?

    EMC Greenplum launched two new Hadoop-related technologies to support Big Data deployments. Analyst Group, Nucleus Research  assesses their importance.


  • Performance benefits of Oracle, SQL Server on all-flash

    Pella Corporation's existing infrastructure was holding the team back as IOPs needs doubled. So, as Pella pursued other options, they decided to test-drive Violin Systems all-flash arrays for their Oracle, SQL Server, and business-critical apps. View the results here.


  • Backup tool successfully migrates 800 VMs with no downtime

    Read on here to see which tactic newly merged law firm Charles Russell Speechlys took to migrate 800 VMs across data centers with no downtime and no data loss, meeting the merger deadline with three weeks to spare.


  • Taking Action to Secure Web Applications

    This expert E-Guide from explores the vulnerabilities of web applications and explores steps you should take to keep them safe.


  • How flash fulfills peak SQL Server database performance demands

    View the study here for more on how replacement large capacity flash arrays successfully fulfilled Collier County Public Schools' peak Microsoft SQL Server database performance demands, which their previous heterogeneous SAN environment could not handle.


  • Critical workload testing: Cisco HyperFlex vs. 2 other HCIs

    This report documents an ESG Lab audit and testing of Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) against two other HCI offerings on mission-critical workloads like Oracle and SQL Server OLTP. Read the results here.


  • Herding Geese: The Retail Supply Chain

    Steven Keifer draws on the pioneering work of US retailer, Walmart, to explain the essentials of EDI in the retail supply chain.


  • Hands-on Oracle Application Express security

    This book extract demonstrates how Oracle Application Express (APEX) can be vulnerable to SQL injection, using sample code.


  • How to get real-time analytics out of big data

    IoT devices, artificial intelligence (AI), social media and mobile apps are driving an increase in data volume, velocity and variety. Explore how a modern enterprise-grade SQL-on-Hadoop platform can help you optimize data ingestion and support diverse use cases.


  • Cloud data management: Tips for a modern strategy

    Moving data to the cloud is inevitable for many businesses, especially those that want to scale up and get insights out of their data. Use these best practices to successfully manage your data in a cloud data warehouse.


  • Our experts evaluate HCI offerings for virtualized environments

    Inside, our experts outline the history of converged infrastructure, and how the HCI landscape got to where it is today. Then read to find a comparison of 4 HCI offerings, and learn how to evaluate them yourself.


  • The business benefits of switching to mobile TV

    Over the past two years, the mobile TV landscape has changed dramatically.


  • Finding active buyers: Growing database 3x, improve conversion by 42%

    Leveraging Priority Engine and content syndication across TechTarget's network of enterprise technology-specific sites, Instaclustr grew their marketable database 3x and improved SQL-to-opportunity conversion by 42%. Read on for more information.


  • Big data, analytics, and data lakes: Make the most of your data

    BI and analytics plus big data equals an explosive business differentiator across all industries and regions. Discover how you can create actionable insights by building big data BI and analytics on data lakes and converged data platforms.


  • How a BI platform helps a life insurance firm

    BGL Life's daily data extraction provided minimal information for optimal responsiveness. Discover this case study to see how a BI platform allowed BGL Life to enhance their reporting and reduce the time it takes to do it.


  • System-on-a-chip built for today's database demands

    Find out how the latest iterations of AMD's EPYC systems-on-a-chip (SOC) are giving organizations the means to build-out systems that exactly match their business needs of today and tomorrow.


  • Digitalize documents with e-signatures for Office 365 and SharePoint

    Find out how Adobe e-signatures, designed to work in tandem with Office 365 and SharePoint, can help you digitalize document management and increase the number of automated workflows your business is able to use.


  • Network security is being redefined to better block data raiders

    This 10-page Buyer’s Guide to Network Security helps CIOs and senior IT professionals to identify what technology will best provide the additional protection needed against today’s threats.


  • How to navigate multi-cloud complexity

    Learn about a platform from VMware designed to navigate the complexity of multi-cloud management and provide an intuitive way to connect distributed applications and workloads.


  • Computer Weekly – 21 June 2016: Will Brexit spell disaster for UK IT?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as the UK prepares to vote on membership of the EU, we take a detailed look at the effect a possible Brexit could have on the UK technology sector. Authors Don and Alex Tapscott explain the impact of blockchain on CIOs. And we look at the growth of consumer tech in enterprise IT. Read the issue now.