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Rimini Street Advanced Database Security

Many DB professionals find that traditional database security patching methods are slow, complex, and ineffective.

This reality leads to fewer database patches and more vulnerabilities—obviously, a state that is less than ideal.

Read this datasheet to learn how Rimini Street Advanced Database Security offers virtual database patching, accelerating patches, eliminating the need for costly regression resting, and stopping zero-day exploits before they happen.

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  • Get more from your Oracle database support

    According to Rimini Street, Oracle is the leading database among SAP customers for good reason—it’s a mature, established product with few issues and proven value.

    Yet companies are often looking for ways to minimize Oracle DB TCO, improve scalability and performance, and virtualize these databases.

    Read this white paper to learn how you can maximize the value of your existing Oracle DB licenses and get more for your money moving forward.

  • Security best practices for PostgreSQL

    When it comes to implementing better database security, there are a wide range of measures and steps to be taken.

    Some of these are obvious, like keeping your operating systems and DBs patched or restricting physical access to your DB. Others, however, are less apparent.

    Tune in to this webinar to learn security best practices for PostgreSQL—specifically related to data breaches.

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  • How to improve your Oracle database management and monitoring

    Whether you’re running Oracle Enterprise, Standard, Exadata, or EBS, you are probably looking for a quality database performance monitoring and management system. Read on to learn how SolarWinds’s Database Performance Analyzer integrates with Oracle and gives you access to real-time performance management, historical analysis, and more.


  • Comparing two leading RDBMS solutions

    A variety of RDBMS systems comprise a vibrant market with options available for a variety of use cases. Examine this professional comparison of two popular DB solutions, EnterpriseDB and Oracle, to see which one is best for your company.


  • Database Architects and Administrators Guide to NoSQL

    According to IDC, NoSQL databases will dominate the spending in “New Stack” software development. This fact means DBAs need to master NoSQL database management—but not every DBA feels comfortable doing this. Download this guide to learn the essentials of NoSQL DB management—as well as how easy it can be to manage NoSQL platforms like Cassandra.


  • Unlocking Mainframe Data for Modern Cloud Uses

    Mainframe computers deliver mission-critical applications with strong performance, reliability and security. But unlocking insights comes at a cost. Are you looking to extract more value from your mainframe data – while offloading processing to less expensive platforms, like the cloud? Modernize your mainframe – and take advantage of the cloud.


  • July ezine: Getting storage right

    An issue looking at what products are in demand now in the storage world and what technologies are coming that need to be embraced by the channel.


  • E-Guide: Database Tools for Auditing and Forensics

    This e-guide presents the best practices for tuning database auditing tools. Continue reading this e-guide to learn more about these best practices which will allow you to audit without forfeiting  database performance.


  • IT Priorities 2014 Special Report

    Computer Weekly editors draw on their expertise to explain the main technology trends for IT in the UK and across Europe in 2014.


  • Automating data sharing to speed time to action

    Businesses are always pushing for faster “time to action,” but limitations on data architecture stand in the way of speed. What if there was a way to ensure data is instantly available throughout your organization? Read this white paper to learn how automated, real-time data sharing can empower your business to act with speed and accuracy.


  • 9 steps for future-ready infrastructure

    By updating your foundation with the latest POWER9-based servers, you can effectively run your mission-critical requirements alongside modern, data- intensive workloads. Learn more inside.


  • Gain real-time mainframe intelligence with Splunk: 6 real-world examples

    Answering fundamental questions about your organization like "How healthy is my IT infrastructure?" can very likely be answered with data your infrastructure produces. Read this white paper to learn how Splunk can be used to analyze and answer questions about your IT infrastructure in real time with 6 real-world use cases.


  • IDC Technology Spotlight

    In order to address the increasing frequency (and efficacy) of malware attacks, organizations have begun embracing managed detection and response (MDR) tools. This report provides an overview of MDR required capabilities, emerging trends and a closer look at the key features and capabilities of the GoSecure MDR Platform.


  • A white paper for you: Pairing DevOps and databases

    DevOps has been a blessing for developers and companies ever since it burst onto the scene in 2008, but its use isn’t only limited to application development. Check out this white paper to learn how MongoDB is designed to integrate with DevOps teams and processes, guaranteeing high availability and unprecedented database visibility.


  • Introducing SQL integrated storage

    To learn more about SQL integrated storage and its cross-team benefits, as well as to view a new solution from Tintri in this area, download this exclusive Storage Switzerland white paper.


  • 5G Wireless: Understanding the Basics

    A barrage of media and marketing has spotlighted 5G technology, which has seen some success but more setbacks, according to Gartner's most recent Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking. Find out what's really going on with the technology in our guide, Where's 5G? Not Here, which you can access after a 5-10 minute multiple choice survey.


  • BMC Mainframe Survey 2011

    Big businesses are planning to grow their mainframe computer capacity despite the downturn  this survey of 1,347 large mainframe users worldwide by BMC Software reveals.


  • How cyberattackers are taking advantage of Office 365

    Account takeovers are responsible for upwards of $7 billion in annual losses across multiple industries, according to Forrester. The following Spotlight Report from Vectra provides a comprehensive analysis of the cyberthreats targeting Office 365 users, and why some of these attacks are succeeding – read on to learn more.


  • How modern DataOps can make your data actionable

    Modern data management simply isn’t as effective when you’re building your data architecture at random. Read this white paper to learn how Qlik’s Data Integration Platform uses DataOps to provide you with automated real-time data streaming, cataloging, and publishing, so you can quickly find analytics-ready data.


  • Gain access to critical data with minimal effort—in real time

    Read this white paper to learn how Syniti Data Replication can help users to move data in real-time from source to target, allowing for instantaneous informed decision-making


  • Computer Weekly – 14 March 2017: UK digital strategy lacks vision and ambition

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the UK government's new digital economy strategy and hear why critics labelled it unambitious and lacking imagination. The recent AWS cloud outage puts the spotlight on cloud and disaster recovery. And we look at the next generation of storage technology. Read the issue now.


  • Real-time z/OS analytics explained

    Inside, learn about Z Abend Investigator, a problem determination tools for z/OS environments designed to put real-time analysis capabilities into the hands of developers and expedite the recovery process in the event of failures.


  • 10 major benefits of migrating content management to the cloud

    When it comes to potentially disrupting critical data and processes that keep a business running smoothly, some ask if the risk of moving an on-premises enterprise content management system is worth the rewards. This white paper highlights the benefits and advantages of migrating content management to a cloud-based content services approach.


  • Managed SD-WANs: Accelerating enterprise transformation

    Increased adoption of cloud services, demand for rich media, and growth of global ecommerce are forcing enterprises to reevaluate their existing WAN architecture. SD-WAN has emerged as a flexible architecture that allows enterprises to host their apps and data at the lowest cost and with superior performance. Download this IDC report to learn more.


  • Election system security starts at the network

    There’s a spotlight on cybersecurity that is pushing local, county, and state officials to update and fortify elections systems. Download this webcast to learn how election system security starts at the network.


  • Time to rekindle the Digital Transformation drive

    The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the importance of joined up processes where manual intervention is kept to a minimum. In this e-guide we explore how IT spending is shifting to support post coronavirus digital transformation initiatives that connect internal business units and external partners to reduce manual intervention.


  • How to avoid legacy data roadblocks when modernizing analytics and AI

    As businesses evolve their data architectures to deal with cloud technologies and new data formats, they risk running into conflict with the massive amount of data currently being generated and stored in legacy systems. Read this white paper to learn how legacy data can present a serious business risk—as well as how it can be dealt with.


  • Network Security: Spotlight on Australia/New Zealand

    In this e-guide learn more about how security leaders are turning to AI to take out the bad guys, how blockchain can help secure an IoT network, and whether network security strategies are keeping up with emerging cyber threats.


  • Case Study: Med-Tech in the era of COVID-19

    The healthcare industry has been a prime target of cyberattacks for several years, however COVID-19 brought most of these issues into the public eye. This case study highlights where the vulnerabilities lie and provides an overview of how Rezilion is working with healthcare device companies to prioritize and mitigate these risks.


  • 5 accounts payable KPIs you should track

    Download this eBook to review 5 AP KPIs that are worth tracking, and can help you maximize productivity and profitability.


  • Vendor spotlight: Egress’ machine learning email security platform

    Traditional email security approaches are no longer viable in today’s environment. In fact, a recent FBI study indicated that BEC generates more than 50% of all cybercrime revenue. Download this IDC Vendor Spotlight report for a closer look at Egress’ Intelligent Email Security offering, which uses machine learning to enhance threat readiness.


  • Analyst's take: Independent software vendors save money with DataDirect drivers

    Independent software vendors (ISVs) that embed DataDirect drivers can leverage DataDirect’s expertise to improve data connectivity.  Using DataDirect helps them reduce cost and risk so they can focus on innovation and competitive advantage.


  • Gartner: Three actions to support governance as business gets social

    While businesses are seeing the value of becoming more open through social collaboration, there is a tightening of regulations impacting corporate governance and, subsequently, IT governance.


  • Comparing 14 data management platforms for analytics

    Teradata has been named a Leader and received the highest score in the Current Offering category in The Forrester Wave™: Data Management for Analytics, Q1 2020 report. Access this report now to learn what distinguishes one data management for analytics vendor from another, see why Teradata is a leader, and draw your own conclusions.


  • IBM i 7.4 explored

    Dive into this IDC white paper to explore the unique nature of the IBM i platform in an IT world dominated by thin, kernel-based operating systems – and why IBM i-based enterprises are so keen on upgrading to i 7.4.


  • How SMEs tackle cyberthreat challenges

    The small to midsize enterprise (SME) segment may not make the top headlines when it comes to cyberattacks, but that doesn't mean these organizations have it any easier than their large enterprise counterparts. Read on for actionable insights into how peer organizations in this segment are tackling cyberthreat challenges.


  • Wireless networks study: Australia 2020

    Connectivity is essential for business. While that’s nothing new, the brushfires and implications of COVID-19 in Australia have put the spotlight firmly on the need for more and better connectivity options. In this Cradlepoint Wireless Networks Study, learn how IT decision makers in medium to large organizations plan to use 5G to their advantage.


  • Next-gen data security: Discover, protect & control

    Security pros tasked with ensuring data protection are facing challenges on 3 fronts: looming cyberthreats, growing compliance requirements, and expanding environments. Read this data sheet for a closer look at the key features and capabilities of Thales’ CipherTrust Data Security Platform – which looks to alleviate these pain points.


  • Put big data to work with embedded BI

    StreetLight Data recently developed a traffic and mobility solution that intakes unfathomable amounts of data from mobile devices to track traffic patterns, and manages to organize it all into actionable analytics and insights—with some help from Qlik. Watch this webinar to find out how it all works.


  • CipherTrust data security platform: Protect data at rest

    IT security organizations are seeking a data-centric solution that secures the data as it moves from networks to applications and the cloud. When perimeter network controls and endpoint security measures fail, protecting data at rest is the last line of defense. Learn more by reading this data sheet on the CipherTrust data security platform.


  • Learn how Solarwinds provides real-time database monitoring

    Having an efficient database monitoring system can go a long way. Check out Solarwinds’ Database Performance Analyzer in this datasheet to learn how it provides 24/7 real time monitoring, machine learning anomaly detection, detailed blocking and deadlock analysis, and more.


  • 3 multitenant database deployment options

    This white paper will show you the different ways that Postgres can help you achieve a multitenant database architecture. Download now for a complete architectural overview and to view these 3 multitenancy options at your disposal.


  • Mainframe file processing without the programming language requirements

    Learn about HCL Z Data Tools, user-friendly tools that enable your team to manipulate data stored on z/OS systems interactively without requiring additional programming.


  • The Rise of the Video-Enabled Digital Workplace

    Video technologies are taking their turn in the corporate spotlight. Adoption of business video solutions surged during the first half of 2020 as COVID-19 quarantines spurred a new class of work-from-home employees, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Check out this report for an in-depth look at the present and future of business video.


  • How to overcome the threat of technical debt

    ProfoundLogic defines technical debt as the work your IT teams need to do to simply maintain existing systems. The bad news is that technical debt can threaten the enterprise. The good news is that you can overcome the threat of technical debt with a few key strategies. Explore the strategies in this guide.


  • The surge in demand for mainframe skills, explained

    During the pandemic, mainframe systems are experiencing such a surge in usage, demand for Cobol skills has skyrocketed. Dive inside this E-Guide to learn more about the recent explosion in demand for mainframe skillsets.


  • The current state of data warehouse automation

    Access this e-book to learn what the current state of data warehouse automation (DWA) looks like, what DWA can do, and take a look at DWA tools in context with Qlik Compose.


  • The great customer experience opportunity for telcos

    As the telco industry races towards yet another new network shift, customer experience is in the spotlight. Download this report to explore insights from the industry leaders placing CX at the top of their to-do lists, as well as tips to help you design your own strategy.


  • Special Report: 2019 Email Security Trends

    How can you keep your pulse on the evolving threat landscape? Download the following report, which illustrates the current state of email security and spotlights trends around security spending, malware and phishing, Office 365 security, and more.