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How to Implement Technology Portfolio Management

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The journey to effective Application Portfolio Management (APM)

Before you can think about digital transformation, you have to consider application portfolio management (APM) first.

ServiceNow defines APM as the concept of managing all technology assets as part of an integrated portfolio, allowing you to eliminate unnecessary redundancies. In short, APM is a necessary precursor to digital transformation.

Learn how to start your APM journey here.

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  • Keep SaaS costs down and morale up

    As companies struggle to keep employees engaged across an abruptly remote workforce, SaaS portfolio management is essential.

    In this resource, learn how Jim Fazzone, Head of IT at HashiCorp, partnered with Productiv to better manage their SaaS portfolio for remote work.

    Learn how to keep SaaS costs down and employee morale up. Download the resource here.

  • A portfolio of cybersecurity capabilities: Soccour Solutions

    This product portfolio provides a comprehensive overview of Soccour’s cybersecurity services, tools and capabilities designed to provide scalable and manageable security to their customers. Offerings within the Soccour portfolio include:

    • Penetration testing
    • Advanced malware protection
    • Managed email security
    • Security awareness training
    • & more

    Read on to learn more about what Soccour has to offer.

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    In this 2020 Dell Portfolio, explore the Dell products that can change your workspace—whether you’re in the office or at home. Find the details here.


  • Desktop Virtualization Solutions: Enable your Agile Workplace with HPE

    HPE is an open-systems company, offering a broad portfolio of secure VDI infrastructure solutions to match your specific use case, workload, scope, and deployment models. Designed for Citrix and VMware® environments, the portfolio supports a wide spectrum of architectures to align with your specific workload requirements.


  • Fewer vendors, fewer headaches: Dell’s all-in-one IT infrastructure portfolio

    Access this IDC white paper to learn about Dell Technologies and its expansive storage infrastructure portfolio which can help users incur less vendor management overhead, among other advantages.


  • 10 reasons to consider adding Extreme portfolio devices to ExtremeCloud IQ

    ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ) has added full visibility and configuration capabilities for EXOS and VOSS switches, as well as support for WiNG devices from the Extreme portfolio. In this brief, uncover 10 reasons why you should consider adding Extreme portfolio devices to ExtremeCloud IQ.


  • Portfolio management: Key factors, considerations and more

    Open this blog to take a look at crucial questions to ask yourself when trying to understand your organization’s portfolio requirements and learn how to draft value-driven software contracts that are both flexible and agile.


  • 6 ways to maximize the value of your application portfolio

    Is SaaS working as a true force multiplier for your business—or is it more like a patchwork of separate apps managed by spreadsheet? Now more than ever, you can’t afford the waste of messy SaaS implementation or haphazard management. In this SaaS Management eBook, find a quick crash course in how to maximize the value of your application portfolio.


  • Dell EMC Data Protection: Cost savings and capabilities

    Access this ESG white paper to see the results of a recent Technology Spending Intentions Survey as well as learn what’s included in the Dell EMC data protection portfolio, including 3 cost benefits it can bring to your organization.


  • How to get visibility and control of IT investments, projects and teams

    IT must manage a growing portfolio of projects, while being under pressure to cut costs and deliver value. If they don’t, it can lead to mistrust, cost overruns and project delays. Open up this eBook to explore best practices for successfully aligning investments to work with your organization’s needs, as well as tips for managing IT projects.


  • Consolidate legacy PBX telephony systems to a single hosted Mitel platform

    As part of its digital transformation strategy, FirstPort aimed to create an environment for migration from costly ISDN to SIP technology. Working closely with Koris, FirstPort decided to consolidate its 9 on-site standalone PBXs and migrate to a single hosted Mitel platform. In this case study, learn more about this migration.


  • HPE Ezmeral Software Portfolio Is a Bold Move Into the Container Platform

    In this report, IDC analysts dive into HPE Ezmeral – a new brand and software portfolio which covers capabilities like container orchestration and management, AI/ML and data analytics, AI-driven operations, and more.


  • The 12 pillars of Soccour cybersecurity

    Soccour offers 12 key cybersecurity services designed to provide their customers with scalable and manageable protection – read this portfolio overview for an exclusive look at each of Soccour’s security services, including the potential benefits it could bring to your organization.


  • HPE OneView Infrastructure Management Solution

    This light board video explains the functions & features of HPE OneView, an infrastructure management solution software. It helps to monitor & manage several products within the HPE portfolio.


  • Examining the compelling Red Hat SAP portfolio and its benefits during migration

    SAP HANA migration is a time-consuming, risky process that takes a significant amount of labor. For this reason, IDC recognizes the value of choose an expert third party to automate and optimize migration. Read this IDC white paper to learn why there are compelling reasons to choose Red Hat to standardize, automate, and modernize SAP landscapes.


  • How to apply NVMe and SCM in your enterprise

    Watch this video with James Hall to learn more about NVMe technology. James will explain how HPE is applying NVMe and Storage Class Memory into its HPE Storage Portfolio in order to help drive application performance for customers.


  • How a cloud optics platform helps portfolio management

    Large, complex organizations with a myriad of different software and technological needs are recognizing the power of a Cloud Optics Platform. In this guide, see how organizations are using the platform to manage large portfolios of contracts across multiple vendors—and how the platform can greatly reduce Azure costs at the same time.


  • Determining which UCC team to join?

    An objective guide for IT management when making executive recommendations for an optimized enterprise collaboration portfolio. Compare Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams to determine which solution works best for your team’s digital meeting and content sharing needs. Download the guide.


  • Data management across 4 tiers with Iron Mountain

    Access this data sheet to learn about Iron Mountain’s data management solutions across the archive, backup, disaster recovery, and ransomware data protection storage tiers.


  • Driving the Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud with Application Profiling

    The blueprint reviews hybrid cloud migration challenges and provides guiding principles outlining best practices and technologies to help you accelerate your hybrid cloud migration. It helps you improve outcomes and streamline your transition by using the right mix of public and private resources for your enterprise application portfolio.


  • Free Microsoft 365 market templates: Brochures, emails, and more

    On this page, find a collection of white-label marketing collateral templates and email templates designed to streamline your marketing efforts around Microsoft 365.


  • Protect data in multi-cloud environments

    The biggest challenge for enterprises in the cloud is securely moving data to different clouds and keeping it as safe as it would be on-premise. Also, they must ensure interoperability among cloud environments, all while staying compliant. Download this white paper to learn about a data protection portfolio for multi-cloud architectures.


  • 5 SaaS management platform questions to ask

    There’s an enterprise SaaS application for every business need. As a result, your SaaS portfolio is growing at an unprecedented pace. Use this guide to answer the most pressing questions when it comes to choosing the right SaaS management platform for your organization.


  • 5G adoption in ANZ: Use cases, benefits & more

    Australia has been touted as a leader in 5G and some industries look set to start benefiting soon. In this ComputerWeekly trend watch handbook, focused on business IT in Australia and New Zealand, find out more about successful 5G use cases and the opportunities they present.


  • The Future Project Management Professional

    This report from Axelos identifies the key trends that will most impact the project, programme and portfolio management profession.


  • HPE Storage Portfolio backup options

    HPE offers many options when it comes to choosing the right storage platform to backup your enterprise, but which one is right for your needs? This technical lightboard explores the options available to you within the HPE Storage Portfolio.


  • Your guide to becoming an Azure AI Engineer

    Watch this short video to learn how you can build the skills, experience, and certifications needed to be a complete Azure AI Engineer.


  • How Dell infrastructure meets the needs of educational IT during DX

    With Dell’s solution portfolio of primary storage, servers, and SDDC tools, the technologies and capabilities they bring to the table match the needs of education organizations undergoing DX. Download this IDC report from Dell Technologies and Intel to learn more


  • How PMOs can regain control and visibility

    PMOs continue to face major challenges as project delivery remains unpredictable. According to ServiceNow, more than 12% of project investment is wasted due to poor project performance, accompanied by low project throughput and quality. Explore 4 project portfolio management processes that deliver high levels of visibility and control here.


  • Modern IT ops practices vs. hybrid IT

    Download a copy of this expert E-Guide to learn about the latest and emerging IT ops, networking, and CMDB practices being used to tackle hybrid infrastructure management responsibilities, including a look at infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and configuration-as-code (CaC) tools.


  • Cloud portfolio brings business together

    Architecture, construction and engineering (AEC) projects, contracts and collaboration are becoming more complex for design and construction firms. As such, there is a goal of bringing together remote employees, data and processes for value production. Watch this short video to learn about how Autodesk’s cloud portfolio makes this possible.


  • APM 101: Implementation, strategies and more.

    In order to bring organizations into the modern world, IT need to identify, understand and bring applications under control of one central IT function. Enter: Application portfolio management (APM). Dive into this white paper to learn everything you need to know about APM, including APM in business strategies, implementation and more.


  • Uber operations are powered by SaaS management

    Uber’s scale is massive, with over 600 offices globally and over 35,000 people—and the IT platform to support this large enterprise is even bigger. With over 1,000 SaaS applications, Uber knew to prioritize managing their software portfolio in a much more systematic and dynamic way. See how they did just that in this report.


  • Align IT investments with business goals: Here's how

    Dive into this guide to read through best practices for successfully aligning investments and work with the needs of your organization – and get tips for managing your ever-changing portfolio of IT projects effectively.


  • Standardizing data protection with StorageCraft

    Read this data sheet to find out how ShadowXafe from ServiceNow drives standardization for data protection and disaster recovery, allowing MSPs to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to project management in the digital age

    ComputerWeekly looks at how project management is changing, as large projects with a defined endpoint are being swapped for an agile approach.


  • Case study: How one company handled developmental growth

    ServiceNow needed a way to develop, deliver, and adapt software quickly while ensuring the production code quality remained high. Open up this case study to see how ServiceNow was able to fix this dilemma by adopting Agile as a development methodology, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.


  • Innovative Secure Shared Service: Lowering the Cost of ICT across Government

    The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) had already made a significant investment in an Avaya platform for the strategic vision to lower the cost of IT investment through shared services. Read on to learn how they turned to 4net to extend the portfolio to provide unified communications for the PMO.


  • Tackle the challenges of critical data with Dell's data protection portfolio

    To explore Dell Technologies' data protection portfolio, made of uniquely integrated VMware hybrid cloud solutions, check out this ESG white paper.


  • An SD-WAN portfolio that offers the right operating model for every company

    One of the first decisions an enterprise must make on the way to an SD-WAN is on which operating model is best for the company. In this white paper, learn how Deutsche Telekom has developed an SD-WAN portfolio that offers the right operating model for every company.


  • SAP cloud migrations: Overcoming the top challenges

    Many organisations with SAP applications are already planning or are in the process of migrating their SAP portfolio onto public cloud—and they have plenty of reasons to do so. Read this white paper to explore the top benefits of migrating SAP apps to the cloud, as well as common migration challenges and how to overcome them.


  • 5 ways to address Shadow IT

    The rise in Shadow IT underscores the need to establish procurement best practices, monitor technology costs, and gain clarity into the ever-growing portfolio of SaaS products, all while allowing innovation to thrive. Here, take a closer look at how 5 IT leaders are approaching the way they manage SaaS within their organizations.


  • Pros and cons of 3 platform security approaches

    The demands of securing your organization are significant. The grind never stops. It’s time for a new approach. An approach that enables security teams, processes, and technologies to work as a coordinated unit. Download this white paper to learn more.


  • Rethink cloud operations with Cisco Intersight

    Right now, businesses are feeling the real effect of the "always-on" digital world as IT operations teams battle the pressure of weekly changes, quick restore service goals, and a building application portfolio. To keep it short, it’s time to rethink cloud operations. Get started here.


  • Get better ROI with HCI optimized for cloud usage

    HCI has continued to sustain success as a breakthrough technology, with the market predicted to reach $27.1 billion by 2025. But not all of the solutions available are equally high-quality. Read this custom article to learn about Dell’s HCI portfolio built in conjunction with VMware, which is uniquely suited for cloud infrastructure optimization.


  • Kraft Heinz Scales and Automates Global Endpoint Incident Response

    In this eguide, read through a case study of Kraft Heinz, and how they adopted endpoint indicent response to solve challenges they faced.


  • Why the mainframe should play a key role in your application modernization efforts

    Deloitte has one key piece of advice: Don’t leave the mainframe behind. According to Deloitte research, the market for application modernization services will reach nearly $25 billion by 2025. In their new report, learn why—and how—the mainframe should play a key role in your application modernization efforts.


  • MSP’s 3-step guide to building Backup-as-a-Service

    Dive into this guide to learn the three key steps for building a successful and efficient BaaS offering that meets customer demands and checks all compliance considerations.


  • Expose vendor audit risks: Here's how

    As the number of cloud platforms and subscription-based licenses continue to rise, many organizations existing software auditing capabilities are no longer good enough. Tune into this webinar to learn how to identify and manage audit risks within your organization’s software portfolio.