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How to Implement Technology Portfolio Management

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Vendor roundup: Strategic portfolio management

Strategic portfolio management (SPM) technology helps strategic portfolio leaders ensure enterprise-wide strategy-to-execution alignment and adaptation.

This research evaluates vendors offering SPM technologies supporting the progression of digital pursuits, amid a dynamic business environment.

Download the full Magic Quadrant report here.

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  • Threat management in the digital business age

    Digitization has completely changed the way enterprises interact with their customers and partners – leaving many threats and vulnerabilities that puts your sensitive customer data, intellectual property, and business continuity at risk.

    Software AG’s Alfabet for enterprise architecture and IT planning and portfolio management provides an effective threat management solution to stay updated with product vulnerabilities, assess their relevance to your IT portfolio and perform risk assessment.

    Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Avoiding project failure with strategic portfolio management

    According to a recent Gartner study, by 2025 70% of digital investments will fail to deliver the expected business outcomes in the absence of a strategic portfolio management (SPM) approach.

    So why is an SPM so important? It empowers organizations to drive business outcomes by aligning their strategy with their work, enabling them to plan, deliver, and track value continuously.

    Download this 15-page eBook to learn more about SPM, as well as key tips for how to get started implementing strategic portfolio management in your organization.

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  • 3 challenges to IT investment portfolio management

    In a scramble to keep pace with the competition, executive decisions makers often make rushed and ill-informed IT investment decisions. In the following guide, read about a strategic approach to your IT investment portfolio that can help you spend your money more wisely, more effectively manage risk, and accelerate your innovation strategy.


  • Building a Successful Business Case for Software Portfolio Modernization

    This is a step-to-step guide to help you build a strong business case for software portfolio modernization, to be presented to the board members. The guide further covers the aspects of software modernization, ranging from the portfolio assessment, levels of modernization, roadmap, and process.


  • Scale your cloud initiative faster than you thought possible

    Your application portfolio is a complex mix of things, from containers to mainframes to monolithic apps. You want to leverage the benefits of cloud-native but feel held back by all this complexity. This webinar dives into how you can scale your app portfolio modernization initiatives faster than you thought possible. Watch it here.


  • The 4 key principles behind product-centric software delivery

    Check out this Gartner white paper for the 4 essential principles for designing your product portfolio for product-centric software delivery.


  • Is enterprise technology management the new face of IT asset management?

    With the growing diversity and distribution of an enterprise’s technology portfolio, you need the ability to track assets from purchase to end-of-life, identify underutilized assets, generate cost savings, and more. Download this white paper to learn how you can finally get visibility into all your IT assets with Enterprise Technology Management.


  • A practical approach to application modernization

    Modernizing your existing application portfolio has become a critical part of transformation success. This guide to application modernization provides an overview of essential elements you need for modernization success, including building the right culture from executives to developers and when to use Kubernetes (and when not to). Access it here.


  • AWS Cloud Storage VP discusses latest portfolio expansion

    Access our latest TechTarget expert guide to find out why AWS is investing in cloud file storage services, view the major focus for the AWS storage portfolio over the next several years, and discover how AWS plans to address customer concerns over price.


  • Your look inside the Siemens Xcelerator as a Service Portfolio

    Take a look through this analyst report to learn how Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio enables end-to-end digital threads across value chains and industrial vertical markets.


  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Atlassian Jira Align

    Atlassian’s Jira Align is enterprise agile planning software for technology teams. In this report, Forrester interviewed Atlassian customers to examine the potential ROI organizations may realize by selecting Jira Align as their enterprise agility solution. Download now to uncover key findings from the study.


  • Overcome developer shortages with this DevOps suite

    With the serious shortage of skilled, security-cleared developers, achieving the high-level DevOps and other CI/CD practices your company desires remains out of reach. Download this whitepaper to learn how a strong portfolio of tools can help you overcome engineer shortages and modernize your organization's DevOps.


  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) 101

    It’s a safe bet that project portfolio management (PPM) is playing a significant role in your organization to achieve positive payoffs—but what exactly is PPM? This eBook provides a quick introduction, identifies key PPM issues, and highlights tools to facilitate effective PPM. Download the eBook here for safekeeping.


  • The future of strategic portfolio management

    With the world the way it is today, disruption is no longer just a possibility – it’s a fact of life. That’s why organizations need to learn how to control that disruption, or, better yet, embrace strategic portfolio management (SPM) to proactively incorporate disruption in a way that works for the business. Download this eBook now to learn more.


  • 5G adoption in ANZ: Use cases, benefits & more

    Australia has been touted as a leader in 5G and some industries look set to start benefiting soon. In this ComputerWeekly trend watch handbook, focused on business IT in Australia and New Zealand, find out more about successful 5G use cases and the opportunities they present.


  • How PMOs can regain control and visibility

    PMOs continue to face major challenges as project delivery remains unpredictable. According to ServiceNow, more than 12% of project investment is wasted due to poor project performance, accompanied by low project throughput and quality. Explore 4 project portfolio management processes that deliver high levels of visibility and control here.


  • Modern IT ops practices vs. hybrid IT

    Download a copy of this expert E-Guide to learn about the latest and emerging IT ops, networking, and CMDB practices being used to tackle hybrid infrastructure management responsibilities, including a look at infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and configuration-as-code (CaC) tools.


  • Security as a service for MSP peace of mind

    Download this portfolio to learn more about WatchGuard's managed security service solutions, which give MSPs peace of mind through better endpoint management and comprehensive protection across your entire service ecosystem.


  • A sustainable solution for your edge-to-cloud world

    Make the leap toward circular IT with HPE GreenLake, a robust as-a-service portfolio that delivers IT outcomes that are responsibly sourced and efficiently delivered. Discover how you could gain greater efficiency with a pay-per-use model that optimizes asset utilization in this 1-minute video.


  • SPM tools: How 11 providers stacked up

    In Forrester’s 25-criterion evaluation of strategic portfolio management (SPM) providers, they identified the 11 most significant ones and researched, analyzed, and scored them. Download this report to see how each provider measured up and how to get started selecting the right one for their needs


  • Introducing the Hitachi Vantara Midsized Enterprise Flash Portfolio

    Access this data sheet to learn the how the Hitachi Vantara Midsized Enterprise Flash Portfolio provides the all-flash and hybrid flash storage solutions for any need.


  • How one manufacturer is managing risk in a connected world

    When one manufacturing company’s IT leadership team realized the firm’s security posture needed to evolve to modern industry standards to protect itself against the readily available malware used by modern malicious actors, it sought to expand its security portfolio by partnering with Trustwave. Access the case study to learn more.


  • How experience management platforms can improve CX in your company

    Experience management platforms can provide organizations with a multi-technology management platform that offers control, visibility, analytics and administrative functions across our solution-as-a-service portfolio. Watch this short video to learn more and see how it can benefit user experiences in your business.


  • CIO's guide to data & application modernization

    Today’s enterprise needs insights on demand, at any scale, and at any location, which means that data must be processed and analyzed from edge environments to multiple clouds. Read this white paper to learn how you can meet these ambitious data goals in a safe and secure way.


  • Addressing 6 top data storage challenges with Hitachi

    Explore this e-book to learn the 6 biggest data storage challenges facing organizations today and discover how Hitachi’s Midsize Enterprise Portfolio, including their Virtual Storage Platform, can help.


  • Prereqs for your app modernization journey

    With this comprehensive VMware guide, explore how your team can tackle application modernization in days and weeks, not months and years. Download the guide now.


  • Alfabet Portfolio Playbook: EA and ITPM: Delivering Digital Outcomes with Stakeholder Collaboration

    Download this webinar to take a look at how innovative collaboration features can support decision making, insights delivery, and information exchange in enterprise architecture (EA) and IT Portfolio Management (ITPM).


  • Integrating IT and OT to drive business value

    Read through this white paper to discover how Mendix and MindSphere solutions from Siemens Xcelerator portfolio can help your organization make faster, better informed business decisions with integrated IT and OT solutions.


  • Reference architectures: Analytics solutions for innovation

    Read this e-book to examine a variety of reference architectures taken from real world customer experiences and deployments and to understand the possible benefits for your business when you leverage Actian’s product portfolio.


  • 5 End-To-End Best Practices for Your PMO

    Whether you’re running a one-off project or complex projects, your project management offices (PMOs) must be on top of its game to ensure seamless delivery and strategic success. Take the survey to access this infographic and learn about 5 end-to-end best practices to help you manage every project, program and portfolio.


  • IT monitoring: The value of an integrated product portfolio

    The complexity of modern IT infrastructures requires organizations to invest in more sophisticated tools and equipment that can make visible what was previously unknown. Learn how integrated IT monitoring solutions helped a large consulting firm improve its visibility in this case study.


  • Case study: T-Systems’ experiences with PROJECTnow integration

    Check out this case study for a close look at T-Systems' experience integrating ServiceNow's PROJECTnow platform.


  • Acronis Cyber Cloud boasts AI-based ransomware blocking

    Read this case study to discover how your company could benefit from Acronis Cyber Cloud, with features like built-in AI-based anti-ransomware and cryptojacking blocking technology.


  • Improving operational capacity with risk management

    Check out this infographic for 3 examples of organizations embracing observability, breaking out of silos, and integrating new acquisitions faster with the help of ServiceNow.


  • The top 10 vulnerabilities facing API security today

    Tune in to this webinar to discover the essentials of modern API security, as well as how webMethods can help you securely manage your API portfolio.


  • Drive sustainability with circular IT

    By 2025, 90% of Global 200 will mandate use of reusable materials in hardware supply chains, carbon neutrality targets for IT facilities, and lower energy use as prerequisites for doing business. Learn how you can make the leap toward circular IT with HPE GreenLake, a responsibly sourced and robust as-a-service portfolio.


  • Converged computing at the distributed edge with HPE

    By 2022, 50% of data will be created and processed at the edge, which is why HPE is calling edge computing the next major wave in IT infrastructure. Explore this e-book to learn about converged computing at the distributed edge with HPE including common uses cases, solution portfolios, and more.


  • Broadcom Full Mainframe Protection for the Entire Security Lifecycle

    Do you know what your mainframe is trying to tell you? Download a copy of Broadcom's latest eBook 'Full Mainframe Protection for The Entire Security Lifecycle' to find out.


  • How smart sensors can support a modern workplace from EX to sustainability

    Download this overview to understand why your company should invest in smart tech and sensors to maintain safety, stay competitive among other employers, and use an agile workplace framework in a time of digital transformation.


  • How to become a Hitachi Vantara partner

    As a cloud service provider, you want to help empower organizations to accelerate their digital innovation projects with advanced insights based on trusted data. The Hitachi Vantara Partner Program enables you to provide these benefits and so much more. This e-book details what you can expect by becoming a Hitachi Partner. Read it here.


  • Infrastructure optimisation for business application management

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the latest trends in server hardware design and specifications to help IT buyers make an informed choice about the best infrastructure to run their portfolios of business applications on.


  • Achieving a business-aligned IT investment portfolio

    When business and IT strategies are not aligned, there is great danger of wasteful capital expenditures and a lack of productivity. An enterprise architecture (EA) tool can help identify and close gaps between management and IT, hit strategic goals in stride, and provide insight into investment decisions. Watch this webinar to learn more.


  • The benefits of Hitachi flash storage for analytics & AI

    Access this short product sheet to learn how Hitachi’s midrange VSP storage portfolio, comprised of NVMe, hybrid flash, and all-flash storage options, is designed to give medium and small businesses the storage power and flexibility needed to fuel advanced analytics, train AI, and scale and manage complex workloads.


  • How to enable your collaboration spaces for engaging meetings

    As we settle into the era of hybrid work, it’s abundantly clear that video conferencing will remain a key tool to connect distributed teams. Tap into this Frost & Sullivan white paper to learn how you can enhance your video conferencing investments with a flexible audio product portfolio.


  • Critical elements to getting value-based care right

    During the pandemic, surveys showed a significant drop in revenue for hospitals and health systems, and providers struggled to manage various quality improvement programs.For value-based care (VBC), these results were a double-edged sword.


  • How Cisco’s security offerings promote security resilience

    Companies are investing in resilience, but without a security system as resistant as the rest of the organization, these investments will inevitably fall short. Access the following portfolio overview to learn about the 5 dimensions of security resilience and unlock an overview of Cisco’s diverse array of security offerings.


  • How to make hybrid work sustainable in 2022

    While business leaders and IT teams have proven they could accelerate workplace transformation, the challenge in 2022 is proving they can sustain it. In this white paper, learn about the long-term planning necessary to take to keep your employees, and customers, thriving in a new hybrid work environment. Read on to get started.


  • A Guide to Right-Sizing Office Space in a Hybrid Work World

    Download this comprehensive guide to learn how you can create an effective right-sizing strategy to support your hybrid workforce & discover how you can execute it successfully to create a frictionless hybrid workplace.


  • 3 essential steps for driving strategic outcomes with SPM

    Dive into this white paper for your 3-step roadmap for driving critical outcomes across your organization by adopting SPM as a strategic fulcrum.