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How microservices take the complexity out of governance

Governance: it’s not a developer’s favorite word, but it’s a necessary part of ensuring software quality. Especially as apps become increasingly sophisticated, governance can be a complex and costly task.

In this expert e-guide, we explore a distributed, microservices-based approach to governance in a modern app architecture. Learn about:

  • The elements of microservices governance
  • The key role of APIs in governance
  • How to adapt IT for microservices with automation tools
  • And more 

These are also closely related to: "Effective SOA Governance"

  • Data governance 101: Creating a framework

    In order to become more data-driven, businesses need to think more strategically about governing the data they’re looking to be driven by.

    As a result, implementing an effective data governance plan comes down to not only picking the right tools but coordinating multiple business units, getting them involved, and possibly rethinking your operating model.

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how to create an enterprise data governance framework. Uncover some strategic best practices for big data governance so that you can boost data quality and prevent critical inconsistencies. 

  • Next Generation Governance. Now.

    It can be tough to implement effective data governance frameworks and solutions because of the difficulty you might face garnering employee buy-in or dealing with disparate data sets, changing workflows, and challenging compliance requirements.

    Alation’s next generation data governance takes a people-centric approach and uses automated technology to foster a collaborative, effective governance environment.

    The results?

    Up to 364% ROI and deployment within 6-12 weeks, according to one Forrester report.

    Access this white paper to learn more.

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  • Drop the complexity: A refined approach to data governance

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  • Is your business ready for data governance software?

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    Inside, discover how to innovate your existing data governance strategy with the help of an intelligent data catalog. Explore how an intelligent data catalog can help streamline operational compliance with data governance expectations, and decide if an intelligent data catalog is right for your organization's data governance goals.


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  • Data governance for all seasons and reasons

    To promote business buy-in and avoid resistance to governance policies, programs should be business-driven, with data owners involved and the data governance committee making the decisions on standards, policies and rules. This infographic highlights some of the best practices for implementing and managing data governance programs.


  • [Download] Using Alation to Accelerate Your Active Data Governance

    In this white paper, we explore how Alation helps customers deliver on the promise of active data governance with its Data Governance App and Service Offering. These data winners create and apply digital technologies, especially AI, to transform industry business models and deliver new value for customers. Download this PDF to learn more


  • Orchestrating A Data Governance Strategy in Manufacturing

    The manufacturing industry continues to evolve into a digitized data landscape, presenting companies with many new challenges. For data challenges, the best solution is to implement a data governance framework. Read on to learn about 9 best practices that should be considered when establishing a formal data governance strategy in manufacturing.


  • IT Leader’s Guide to Successful Data Governance

    This white paper will focus on how an architecture of different technologies and technological capabilities supports data governance. Read on to learn why the key to a successful data architecture is bringing together various software to efficiently address data challenges.


  • Data governance more important now than ever

    As organisations generate and store ever-increasing volumes of data, governance of that data has never been more important. In this e-guide, we discuss why good data governance is good business, why it's essential to data security and examine the state of GDPR after its first year being in effect.


  • Why AI governance is a business imperative for scaling enterprise artificial intelligence

    Interest and adoption of AI is escalating quickly with the introduction of generative AI. According to IDC, enterprises worldwide are expected to invest $151 billion on AI solutions in 2023. Despite the growth, there are barriers to adoption, including lack of AI governance and risk management solutions. Access this white paper to learn more.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to cloud-native architectures

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  • Analyst report: Evaluating 7 data governance providers

    The data governance market is no longer just about regulatory compliance; today, it helps businesses realize the true potential of their data. This Forrester Wave report evaluates 7 of the top vendors in the data governance space across 29 criteria. Read on to learn how they stack up and determine which solution is best fit for your business.


  • Combine your IG and BI programs for a 1-2 punch of data value

    Use this expert guide to explore the myriad of benefits that an information governance system can provide your business. Discover how records management can be improved when used alongside newer technologies such as analytics and BI.


  • Retail giant Unilever achieves DevOps transformation with Qualitest

    A global consumer goods company achieved a successful enterprise-wide DevOps transformation with Qualitest's help. They implemented a standardized Quality Assurance Governance Framework, reducing regression testing time by over 95%. Read the full case study to learn how they transformed their DevOps processes.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Containers and Microservices

    In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how the architectures are configured, the suppliers building them – and the benefits to the organisation using them.


  • How businesses are driving value through data governance

    According to recent Forrester research, 73% of organizations are planning to increase spending on data governance solutions. In this webcast, you’ll hear from industry experts as they discuss trends around data governance and how organizations can navigate a changing landscape to strengthen their insights-driven capabilities. Tune in to learn more.


  • AI governance for responsible, transparent, and explainable AI workflows

    This e-book discusses the concept of AI governance, which is defined as the overall process of directing, managing, and monitoring the AI activities of an organization to ensure outcomes are trusted and explainable. It outlines the key building blocks and introduces IBM’s new toolkit for AI governance, IBM watsonx.governance. Read on to learn more.


  • AI governance: The hidden secret for success

    As the volume of data continues to snowball and organizations increasingly adopt AI, the need for a robust data governance strategy has become even more critical for success. This e-book examines how a lakehouse architecture with unified data and AI governance can help. Read on to learn how you build customer trust for your business.


  • Three Steps to Application Access Governance Maturity

    To learn how you can boost application access governance at your organization, and to discover why doing so is important, check out this blog.


  • Key data governance considerations: Picking the right tool for you

    In this expert e-guide, we explore key evaluation factors for selecting the right data governance tool to suit the needs of your organization. Find out which metrics matter most when it comes to picking your tool, like handling metadata objects, managing data quality, addressing unstructured data, and more.


  • How to Craft Data Quality and Master Data Management Strategies (Podcast)

    If you’re looking for an ideal case study for how MDM drives enterprise reinvention, agility, and growth, this is it. In this podcast with Eckerson Group, you’ll learn why enterprises need data quality and MDM, and how they can craft effective strategies with real-life use cases. Tune in to learn more.


  • CW ASEAN, November 2018: Blockchain is no 'magic wand' for security

    Blockchain is all the rage, although the technology is so much more than just about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In this issue of CW ASEAN, we examine how blockchain is being applied in cyber security, and whether the technology is really as secure as claimed by its proponents. Read the issue now.


  • Customer Case Study: Crocs, Inc.

    To maximize their data assets, Crocs needed to put a higher priority on governing the data they rely on for insights and decision-making. Tap into this case study to learn why Crocs chose Alation as its data catalog to address its data governance needs and enable benefits such as speed change management, aligned data definitions and more.


  • Governance for AI in app development: Why it’s necessary but underutilized

    More organizations are turning to generative AI for its many business use cases. It’s been especially helpful for IT teams that use it for low-code and no-code application development. But, if your organization doesn’t have proper governance and controls, you risk app sprawl and wasted resources. Read on to learn how to establish solid IT controls.


  • SailPoint, IBM, Oracle, and more: Comparing IGA vendors

    Traditionally, identity governance administration (IGA) was called the passive side of governance, where organizations would implement largely on premises to improve their regulatory compliance positions. This report provides an overview of the current IGA solution market, highlighting and comparing the leading vendors. Read on to learn more.


  • Infographic: 6 information governance best practices

    Information governance can streamline an organization's data management, cut storage costs and ensure compliance, which are all critical for content management. Best practices, such as forming a committee, accounting for collaboration tools and creating reports, can guide the way.


  • Why ServiceNow was named a governance, risk, and compliance leader

    ServiceNow has been recently named a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platforms, Q4 2023. But what does this actually mean? Find out in this deep-diving ServiceNow blog post.


  • Data governance for data-driven organizations

    This eBook analyzes several topics related to data governance and privacy such as scalability, establishing and implementing organization-wide standards, and data lineage and traceability.


  • Computer Weekly - 16 November 2021: How cosmetics retailer Lush authenticates with ease

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how Lush has modernised authentication, governed by a desire to care for customer data. We talk to Nasa's CDO about data as a strategic asset. And we foreground a call for the government and the Post Office to compensate Horizon victims without delay. Read the issue now.


  • Leader’s guide to ESG: Top opportunities in 2023

    Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) mandates are top of mind for organizations everywhere. Explore this guide to 2023's top ESG opportunities, beginning with three ESG trends.


  • 10 data lake uses for enterprises

    Data lakes have become an essential tool for the modern data management platform. They provide a scalable and cost-effective platform for storing and managing large volumes of data, and they support real-time data analysis and processing. This infographic highlights ten cases in which data lakes are critical for modern data management.


  • Maintain critical services with centralized remote connectivity

    State and local governments have a vast array of services they need to support their constituents with. In this brief, learn how centralized remote IT connectivity helps you manage and maintain all of these critical services—without requiring additional staff or infrastructure.


  • CISSP Exam Guide Chapter 1 sample download

    In this 174-page chapter download from McGraw Hill, learn everything you need to know about the first domain, security and risk management, to help you excel at your CISSP exam.


  • Royal Holloway: Man proposes, fraud disposes

    In May 2017, a strain of ransomware called WannaCry infected 32 NHS trusts in England. The NHS's report on the incident noted that all English local authorities reported being unaffected, despite also being connected to the NHS's own national network.


  • The art of migrating workloads to the cloud

    Many cloud migrations fail not because of technology, but rather because of established business processes or the corporate culture. The goal of a cloud migration should not be transforming your technology, but rather transforming the business. Read on to learn about best practices you can leverage to successfully tackle your cloud migration.


  • 5 steps to implement a successful data analytics strategy for government

    Legacy systems full of siloed, inaccurate data are no longer sufficient to effectively drive policy. To keep pace with their quickly evolving environments, governments need to embrace the digital age with real-time data that is supported by an enterprise analytics strategy. Read on to learn how you can enable informed decision-making.


  • 3 paths to faster growth with low-code development

    Read this guide to see how you can empower your people to innovate while saving time and money, using agile automation delivered through low-code apps built at speed. Create cross-enterprise apps fast, while maintaining governance as your business grows.


  • Application Modernisation: The Essential Guide

    In this guide, we look at how distributed systems have evolved to support more agile software development.


  • A global look at emerging regulatory frameworks for AI governance

    AI at scale is the end goal for many organizations. However, the uncertainty of future regulation and potential for risk - especially when it comes to Generative AI - presents challenges. This e-book unpacks how you can scale AI with ease by implementing AI governance best practices that will withstand the test of new regulations.


  • Your Blueprint to Cloud Adoption

    As workloads move across different environments and data is repatriated on-premises, maintaining cyber resilience becomes a major challenge. This complex hybrid world requires a clear blueprint for cloud data protection that extends to the edge of your environment. Get started with your own cloud blueprint by downloading this e-book now!


  • 9 best practices for building & maintaining operational resilience

    When approximately 30% of a business’s relative total shareholder return (TSR) is reportedly linked to resilience, it has become critical for organizations to prioritize improving their operational efficiency and resilience. But how can companies successfully do so? Browse this white paper to learn more.


  • Design SLAs to Support Revenue Engine Success

    In this exclusive Forrester report, explore the importance of standardizing service-level agreements (SLAs).


  • Identity security: Transforming how organizations meet regulatory compliance

    Meeting regulatory compliance is a complex challenge that can introduce further challenges into already difficult business. SailPoint AI-driven identity security ensures authorized access to sensitive data, allowing for an easier compliance process through the following benefits. Read on to learn more.


  • Analyzing the economic impact of Red Hat training

    IT teams are faced with significant challenges, including increased IT complexity and skill shortages. This Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Economic Validation report explores how Red Hat Training enables your business to improve employee efficiency, increase IT performance and agility and improve governance. Read the ESG report here.


  • Computer Weekly - 24 March 2020: Making home working work - a guide for IT leaders

    In this week's Computer Weekly, with staff working from home during the coronavirus crisis, we look at three key technology areas to consider. We find out about a novel approach to teaching security awareness to users. And we examine the role of IT in corporate environmental, social and governance programmes. Read the issue now.