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Cisco MDS 9000 Family Investment Protection

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How managed document services work in practice

It’s a never-ending race towards digitization in business, and it’s easy to lose sight of the important role that the document continues to play.

Whether printed or digital, document management continues be a challenge for organizations of all shapes and sizes around the globe.

In this white paper, explore how document management is evolving, and discover how managed document services (MDS) are helping organizations better manage their document volume without compromising:

  • Document creation
  • Document storage
  • And document sharing capabilities

Continue reading for a better understanding of the opportunity and some practical tips on evaluating the viability of an MDS deployment in your organization.

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    Due to the nature of their projects and timelines, Boston-based architecture firm MDS required minimal downtime during their VM server upgrades, overall high availability, and elimination of redundancy built into their new systems.

    Additionally, because of the rapid growth and servers nearing the end of their lifecycle, this project needed to be completed in short order.

    To learn how MDS completed the project, improved storage efficiency, and established a secure disaster recovery process, read this case study.

  • Managed Print Services Landscape, 2013



    By Louella Fernandes and Clive Longbottom


    The managed print services (MPS) market is evolving from the core services of device consolidation and optimisation to one that favours long-term business improvement. As enterprises move to next generation MPS contracts, they are increasingly looking to drive further cost savings and productivity improvements.


    Digitisation of paper workflows and industry-specific solutions are key differentiators, with leading providers now offering a wealth of business process optimisation capabilities.


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