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Public Cloud Security Guide: Migration, Performance Monitoring & Identity Management

The public cloud is an attractive option for many enterprises because of its scalability, speed and pay-as-you-go model.

But, those benefits don't apply to all workloads -- in fact, some applications could perform poorly or cost more in the cloud. Before you migrate, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • How do I choose which apps to migrate?
  • Which migration approach should I take?
  • What are my options for cloud migration tools?

In this essential guide, find out the answers to those 3 questions, plus learn how performance management and identity management tools can eliminate blind spots in your cloud environment. 

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  • Data quality in the constantly changing tech space

    Given the constant state of change in the tech world, it is very likely that most organizations will need to take on a data migration project to keep pace.

    At every stage of a migration, data quality is essential.

    Experian conducted a survey to mark global trends in data quality. With more than 1,400 people polled, respondents came from a variety of roles and industries, from telco and retail to IT and marketing.

    This resource explores:

    • How a successful data migration sets up future successes
    • Common challenges and obstacles for data migrations
    • The importance of data quality in a migration
    • A secret for successful data migrations
    • And more

    Download and gain a better understanding of data quality so that you can complete your data migration project on time and within budget.

  • 4 non-cloud-native app migration recommendations

    Many evaluating whether to move existing apps, not built for the cloud, to a public cloud environment, but there is little information available as to the specifics – beyond, of course, the idea that most are using lift-and-shift tools rather than more cost-intensive complete rewrites.   

    In an effort to uncover the process of non-cloud-native app migration in practice, Forrester Research conducted a global survey with 272 respondents to dig into cloud migrators’ drivers, challenges, and strategies. Read on to view those, as well as:

    • Factors you should examine before moving specific workloads
    • How to resolve security and staffing challenges
    • 4 recommendations for pros seeking to migrate existing workloads
    • And more 

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  • Communication vendors: 5 key considerations

    Not all unified communications and collaboration products (UCC) are equally effective in delivering the flexibility and integration your employees need to thrive. Uncover the 5 questions you should be asking when evaluating UCC vendors to ensure that you achieve the best ROI possible.


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  • Practical Data Migration: PDMv2

    Data Migration expert Johny Morris, explains how organisations can use the PDMv2 methodology to overcome common data migration problems.


  • AWS migration best practices and sample strategic models

    Amazon Web Services has developed two models to shed light on the cloud migration process, each offering a set of loose, guiding principles to use when mapping out the process – leaving you to fill in key decision factors like your company's goals, budget, culture, and more. Click inside to learn more.


  • Migrating SAP workloads to AWS for a scalable cloud platform

    With SAP Business Suite set for end of life status by 2025, SAP clients will need to migrate to S/4 HANA by that time. Moving to Amazon Web Services can be a great way to save work duplication. Download this article to learn about cloud migration to AWS and the benefits it can have for your business.


  • Your guide to automating AWS Backups

    In this white paper, learn how you can boost the backup snapshots AWS gives you when you adopt by automating the process with a 3rd party program to futureproof your operations.


  • Overcoming the final barrier to cloud: Efficient data migration

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  • Why previously skeptical companies are turning to AWS

    As more companies are successfully running enterprise applications on the cloud, other organizations that had previously expressed hesitation are starting to see its viability – and the cost and agility benefits that follow suit. Discover the driving factors pushing once skeptical companies towards harnessing the cloud to deliver enhanced IT value.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to VM backup & disaster recovery

    Computer Weekly looks at the products traditional and new suppliers have brought to market; how to mitigate some of the problems of virtual server backup; and asks whether cloud should the standard backup platform of the future?


  • View cloud adoption through the CFO's eyes

    This white paper explores the financial drivers behind cloud adoption and raises important questions about staffing and technology decisions that are critical to success.


  • Secure the network through each step of your cloud migration

    Learn how to securely accelerate your app migration to cloud environments like AWS with a software-defined, network-centric approach.


  • Step-by-step Guide to Migrating from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

    While Exchange 2010 promises to offer enhanced communication and collaboration capabilities, the migration process can still be a challenge for even the most diligent IT professional. Take a look at this e-book from the editors at for a top-to-bottom, expert analysis of the Exchange migration process.


  • A detailed overview of SAS Enterprise Mining

    In this white paper, receive a detailed overview of SAS Enterprise Miner and how it can help your business break through increasing volumes of data, find useful insights and act confidently to make fact-based decisions.


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    As the only stock exchange in Israel and with a daily turnover of over $400 million USD, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange quickly realized they need to eliminate the risks and operational costs that their legacy environment began imposing before it got worse. Keep reading to find out how they did it on-time and on-budget.


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