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A proven methodology for enterprise data migration: 8 steps

Data migrations are a flat-out time and resource intensive IT project – and if approached incorrectly you jeopardize the quality and accuracy of your data.

Your data migration strategy and methodology can often mean the difference between a successful or problem-ridden migration process.

Download this best practices guide for insights into the biggest issues that cause migration failures, and an 8-step methodology for a thorough and successful data migration.

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  • Reimagine your business with Syniti

    With SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, organizations can accelerate their data migration while simultaneously supported business transformation projects.

    In this infographic, explore how SAP Advanced Data Migration reduces the annualized cost of data migration, cut downtime rates in half, and speeds up the time to complete data migration projects.

    Get the details now. Download the infographic here.

  • 3 ways to streamline your 365 deployment

    Microsoft Office 365 plays an important role in every organization’s digital transformation agenda, however migrating to Office 365 comes with adoption and ongoing management challenges.

    A unified workspace management platform can help your organization make the most of your move to Office 365 by simplifying the migration process and ongoing application lifecycle management.

    Read on to see how you can solve key security challenges related to cloud-based delivery, streamlining administration, and ensuring a simple, highly productive experience for users.

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  • Practical Data Migration: PDMv2

    Data Migration expert Johny Morris, explains how organisations can use the PDMv2 methodology to overcome common data migration problems.


  • How to simplify & accelerate bank integration during ERP migration

    In this eBook, you will learn about the key areas to look at during an ERP cloud migration payments project. Download your copy to see how you can significantly reduce the cost and time required to complete your ERP migration project.


  • Conquering your database migration

    Migrating data from one system to another is always a stressful, intimidating process—often more so when migrating from an Oracle database to a Postgres open-source database. Check out this webinar to learn how to conquer the database migration process and pick up some other useful tricks and tools on the way.


  • How to optimize payments during an ERP cloud migration

    Migrating payment processes can be one of the most complex parts of any ERP project. Download this eBook to explore some key focus areas for an ERP cloud migration payments project, and what you can do to ensure your move is successful.


  • How SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti delivers a 303% 3-year ROI

    Download this 34-page IDC report to explore the potential business value of SAP Advanced Data Migration and the top-line benefits organizations can expect to experience with the solution.


  • Plotting your cloud migration

    More than 80% of cloud migration projects run over time or over budget. Cloud migrations can introduce positive or negative changes to your business – it all depends on how well the transition is managed. After all, planning is key – and cloud migration services can help. Download the PDF here to learn more.


  • Definitive Guide to Exchange Server 2010 Migration: Chapter 1: Under the Hood of Exchange Server 2010

    Migrating to Exchange Server 2010 from the 2007 edition is becoming a must, as the 2010 edition offers improved email archiving, high-availability, and optimal storage features. But as you begin to explore the possibilities of upgrading to Exchange 2010, do you have a proper plan in place?


  • Best practices for your Office 365 migration

    Some people assume that an Office 365 migration is a relatively simple task—but without the necessary planning and groundwork, these projects can easily fail. Download this white paper to explore best practices for an Office 365 migration, with recommendations on developing a schedule, planning customizations, post-migration tasks, and more.


  • How to maintain network performance during a data center migration

    Organizations migrate their data centers for a variety of reasons. However, for any migration to succeed, it is essential to ensure that network and application performance is not compromised. In this white paper, explore a process for before, during, and after a data center migration that can help you ensure performance is not affected.


  • VMware Cloud helps address the 5 biggest challenges of migrating to AWS

    While your businesses sees the value in migrating to the cloud, you may not know the best way to overcome migration challenges before reaping its benefits. View this whitepaper to see the 5 biggest cloud migration challenges, and how VMware can help you overcome them.


  • Run a flawless system migration with Celonis

    Whether you are migrating to S/4HANA, Salesforce or any other new ERP, Celonis enables IT teams to deliver strategic value during the migration project. See how in this interactive webpage.


  • Exchange Migration E-Book Chapter 2: Mastering the Art of Migration Documentation

    This sample chapter explains how to draft a useful migration document and outlines key points your Exchange Server upgrade document should include, such as management strategies, storage design, software compatibility and more.


  • The 4 main mischief-makers in data migration

    When facing data migration, there are 4 common mischievous ‘monsters’ you’ll encounter. Read this visualized storybook to learn how Syniti can help simplify the data migration workflow through centralized project management and more.


  • The top 5 AWS cloud migration tools

    In the third installment of their cloud migration series, SoftServe breaks down and evaluates AWS technical services that can empower migration, including AWS Migration Hub, AWS Application Discovery Service, AWS Server Migration Service, AWS CloudEndure Migration, and AWS Database Migration Service. Download the guide here.


  • 4 perks of an SAP data migration

    Download this white paper to learn about the SAP Advanced Data Migration (ADM) application by Syniti, which is designed to reduce the costs, complexity, and risk of migrating your data to SAP S/4HANA.


  • Mitigating common cloud migration challenges

    Jump into this guide to learn about some of the historical shifts driving cloud migration, and how to mitigate migration challenges including incompatible infrastructures between clouds and lack of support for security policies.


  • Let the experts guide your Azure migration

    Jump inside this white paper to learn how Rackspace’s Azure migration consultants can help your enterprise expertly navigate the migration process, custom tailor a hosted environment that matches your workload demands, and more.


  • Using VMware virtualisation to accelerate AWS cloud migration

    For organisations with complex technology environments that want toaccelerate their journey to the cloud, AWS has developed a range of cloud migration methodologies.


  • Cloud migration: Short-term pain for long-term gain

    Despite the short-term pain of implementing a cloud migration, the long-term gains of the process make it worth the bumps along the way. In this guide, learn about the benefits of the cloud, as well as how to build a business case and calculate the TCO for a cloud migration in your organization. Download the guide here to get started.


  • Monitor, rinse, repeat: The 3 factors for cloud migration

    According to VMware and UK Cloud, the best cloud practices come in sets of three. For any IT project to be a success, there must be three factors in place: The right people, the right processes, and the right technology. To learn about the other factors involved in successful IT projects and cloud migrations, download the full guide here.


  • Implementing cyber-resiliency in the SAP Activate methodology

    Implementing security at the beginning of your digital transformation or cloud migration can enable your organization to migrate with confidence, knowing that their critical data and processes are secure, as well as save costs related to security fixes. Download this white paper to learn more about the secure transformation to HANA today.


  • Cloud migration made simple with VMware Cloud on AWS

    Rackspace Managed VMware Cloud on AWS with Managed Cloud Volumes is the only platform that enables you to quickly migrate to the cloud in a simple and cost-effective way. Open this article to learn how to simplify your cloud migration.


  • An IT pro’s guide to solving common Office 365 security issues

    Migrating from an on-prem active directory (AD) to a cloud-based directory, like Office 365, can put your users and organization at serious risk of a data breach – which can cost upwards of $4 million per incident, according to the Ponemon Institute. Read this e-guide for tips and guidance to securing your Office 365 migration.


  • Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA Migration and Implementation

    Inside, discover: The importance of a gradual migration processAdvantages and challenges of S/4HANA migrationPotential benefits of choosing a hosted platform


  • The cloud migration help you need

    Open up this article to learn how New Relic can help you with all parts of your cloud migration, including building a reliable migration plan that is non-invasive to your environment.


  • Optimizing you PostgreSQL performance in 5 steps

    PostgreSQL is one of the most common open source database management systems available today. But how can you get the most from its scalable, high-performance, and extensive architecture? Check out this white paper to learn 5 strategies and approaches that can help you get the most from your PostgreSQL databases.


  • SAP cloud migrations: Overcoming the top challenges

    Many organisations with SAP applications are already planning or are in the process of migrating their SAP portfolio onto public cloud—and they have plenty of reasons to do so. Read this white paper to explore the top benefits of migrating SAP apps to the cloud, as well as common migration challenges and how to overcome them.


  • Infographic: IT leaders share their thoughts on SAP cloud migration

    In this infographic, explore results from Ensono’s recent survey of IT leaders and their plans surrounding SAP cloud migration.


  • Expert Strategies for Making a Unix-to-Linux Business Case

    Access this expert e-guide and discover how to make the business case for your Unix-to-Linux migration. Learn how to clearly outline Unix limitations and what benefits will be achieved with Linux.


  • Eliminate cloud migration roadblocks with data-driven analytics

    For Komprise, there’s an easy way to see more cloud migration success: instead of viewing migrations as dreaded detours, consider them as part of a data lifecycle journey. Learn how to change your cloud migration mindset here.


  • Five steps for successful cloud migration

    Use this eBook, "Migrating to the Cloud" for key best practices for each part of your cloud migration journey, whether you're just beginning planning, introducing Agile, or going through an AWS migration.


  • User experience management for S/4HANA: Case study

    How did a SAP User Experience Management (UEM) system from Knoa help energy giant, AES, increase the efficiency of their global operations while undergoing an S/4HANA migration? Explore this video to find out, and decide if a UEM system from Knoa is right for your SAP S/4HANA migration.


  • Analyst report: The business value, and ROI, of Syniti’s SAP migration tool

    In this IDC executive summary, you’ll learn how Syniti can help companies solve their SAP migration problems, assist in SAP integration and data governance, and result in a 303% 3-year ROI. Read on to learn more.


  • Cloud migration security challenges & solutions

    Cloud migrations are nearing the point of necessity – even for highly regulated and risk-averse organizations. So, how can these organizations minimize risk, ensure data privacy and avoid costly disruptions? Read on to learn more about the challenges of cloud migration and how BigID is helping organizations overcome these obstacles.


  • 11 best practices for migrating to a cloud data lake

    The business case for cloud data lakes is already clear: scaling finances, flexible storage options, and better performance make it a natural fit in most business plans. But migrating to this data lake is another question entirely. Check out this Dremio white paper to learn 11 best practices for migrating to a cloud data lake.


  • Migrate from Skype to Teams: Your step-by-step guide

    On July 31, 2021, Skype for Business Online will be retired. This means the application will no longer be accessible or supported, putting your workflows and productivity at risk. The good news is that something is ready to take Skype’s place: Microsoft Teams. Download this eBook for step-by-step instructions on how to migrate from Skype to Teams.


  • Migrating to Postgres: Benefits, and how easy is it?

    Migrating from another database to an EDB Postgres instance may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be—many migrations are easier than you’d think. Plus, the 3-year ROI of 168% provides incentive enough. Watch this webinar to learn what make an easy Postgres migration candidate, the benefits of migration, and more.


  • Navigating the journey to the cloud in 4 steps

    Access this e-book to understand several cloud migration challenges, common cloud migration questions, and the 4 steps that go into an actual cloud migration.


  • Don't be afraid of replacing your legacy ITSM system

    Replacing your ITSM legacy suite doesn't have to be scary. So why hasn't every company migrated to a modern ITSM platform? This eBook explores the importance of modernization and how to overcome the fear of legacy suite change.


  • How to avoid SharePoint migration migraines

    Moving to SharePoint Online has its upsides -- like someone else managing your patches and a variety of Office 365 applications to integrate with -- but there are also logistical and technical considerations, according to Microsoft MVP Brien Posey. To access this expert guide for tips on SharePoint Online migration, please take our ECM survey.


  • Here’s how to maintain performance during a cloud migration

    Organizations planning a migration to the cloud must have confidence that they will be able to match (or exceed) their current performance and availability levels—as well as have visibility into the end-user experience. Learn how to decide what to focus on before, during, and after a cloud migration to maintain performance in this E-Book.


  • Should you migrate Oracle workloads to the cloud?

    Luckily, with the Google Cloud Platform, migrating Oracle databases is as easy and straightforward as it should be. Learn more about why you should migrate Oracle workloads to the cloud here.


  • Reimagine cloud migration with cloud monitoring tools

    Planning and executing a cloud migration is easier said than done. Luckily, continuous cloud monitoring can make migration less of a headache with up-to-date cloud insights, reduced migration risk, and a single toolset to simplify operations. Learn more in NetApp’s eBook.


  • How to drive DX with smart data migration in the cloud

    Data-driven business models support critical processes—and data migrations are essential for your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise. With a cloud-based solution featuring powerful machine learning integration, businesses can improve and speed up data migration initiatives and ensure data quality.


  • Why cloud migration is still a challenge today

    Today, migrating to the cloud is less of a choice and more of a necessity. Still, the path to cloud migration can be rocky and dangerous. In this article, learn how to best plan your cloud migration, with insight from New Relic’s VP of Customer Solutions, Jill Macmurchy.


  • Expert Tips: Ten Essentials for Migrating Enterprise Desktops to Windows 7

    Enterprise desktop migration involves the full re-engineering of desktops, laptops and all related management systems across a company. Access this expert e-guide from to discover the 10 essential steps to simplify desktop migrations to Windows 7.


  • 12 steps towards painless application modernization and migration

    Migrating and modernizing apps is more an art form than it is a science, since it often seems so impossible to get “correct.” Yet there are better ways to migrate applications. Read this list of 12 key steps to learn how an expert makes his application migrations transparent, fast, and simple—and keeps his clients more than happy in the process.