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Steps to simplify storage data migration

Storage data migration has many moving parts and can quickly become an overwhelming task—turning something that should be a simple project into a major event that takes months or even years to complete.

However, with a comprehensive plan and the right migration tools, you can reduce the risks and migration time significantly while keeping the project within budget.

Read the following white paper to examine an approach that can simplify, and reduce the risks associated with, data migration by:

  • Automating the discovery process
  • Managing the cutover process
  • Reducing the cutover downtime requirements
  • And more

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  • 35-page cloud migration e-book to AWS

    Often times the most critical component to a successful migration project lies in a company’s cloud adoption plan.

    Get this 35-page e-book which dives into the following migration topics:

    • 4 phases of migration planning
    • Migration scenarios and objectives
    • AWS migration guidelines
    • 3 post-migration operations
    • Plus much more

  • Practical Data Migration: PDMv2


    Johny Morris,  is author of Practical Data Migration and creator of the PDMv2 Data Migration Methodology, the only industry standard methodology for data migration currently available.


    In this chapter from the second edition of his book, Morris outlines PDMv2 and show how it overcomes common data migration problems by using a set of integrated modules that cover the whole scope of a data migration from project start-up to legacy decommissioning and beyond. The chapter also gives a brief overview of the types of software technology available to support data migration.

    Extract includes 20% discount code for the book Practical Data Migration for Computer Weekly readers 





    • Landscape analysis
    • Gap analysis and mapping
    • Migration design and execution
    • Legacy decommissioning
    • Data quality rules
    • Key data stakeholder management
    • System retirement plans
    • Migration strategy and governance
    • Demilitarised zone



    • Data profiling tools
    • Data quality tool
    • Migration controllers
    • Hubs and workflow


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