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VoIP: How to Plan for the Bandwidth and Calculate the Cost Savings

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Jargon Buster Guide to Voice over IP (VoIP)

Voice over IP, or VoIP telephony – the transmission of voice over an IP network as opposed to a traditional telephone network – has become the mainstay of communications in the modern enterprise to the extent that you’d be hard pressed to find a traditional handset in today’s office.

In this Jargon Buster, we’ll explore some key definitions around this topic, and look at how VoIP fits into the wider unified communications landscape.

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  • VoIP has never lost its voice: How to get the most out of your business communications

    In today's comms world, and especially with regard to hybrid working, a communications identity has now become a unified calling and collaboration endpoint, one which is part of a suite of business services spanning voice, security and network-as-a-service solutions to power the mobile workforce. Increasingly, VoIP capability is being integrated into the leading conferencing and collaboration tools, giving users the option of placing voice calls through a desktop application, an integrated IP phone, or directly through the native dialler on a mobile device. Download our exclusive e-Guide and read more about:

    • VoIP gateway vs. PBX: What is the difference?
    • Verizon Business enriches mobile endpoint for Microsoft Teams
    • Broadband Forum launches app-enabled services network gateway
    • Do you need to manage QoS when deploying VoIP over LAN?
    • What is the difference between IP telephony and VoIP?

  • Best practices for addressing voice network vulnerabilities

    As communications technology has advanced and unintentionally carried subsequent security issues, it has become clear that firewalls alone are not enough to provide a secure network.

    Instead, enterprises need a complete, seamless approach to network security to prevent exploitation through their VoIP communications.

    Access this white paper to learn about the current state of communications and voice network security, as well as:

    • Threats that SIP/IP communications face
    • Potential barriers to network security
    • How to build your defenses
    • And more

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  • The development of wired and wireless LANs in a hybrid work model

    Many companies have found that as they have begun to manage the return to offices for the first time since the first lockdown were introduced, the office environment and its demands are very different to a year ago. These different demands are seen in the development of wired and wireless local area networks (LANs).


  • Support for evolving your phone system

    Whether your employees work remotely or in the office, ensuring they can communicate securely and smoothly by phone is paramount for business success. Dive into this overview to check out some products that can bolster your telephony strategy.


  • You’re under SIP attack: Limiting SIP vulnerabilities

    Without the necessary expertise, monitoring, and management, companies could be leaving their network vulnerable to exploitation through their VoIP communications. Read this white paper to understand hackers’ tactics and motivations to help your enterprise operators secure their networks from attack.


  • How is the contact center changing? 5 trends to know

    The contact center of the future is powered by innovative technologies like AI, IoT, and UCaaS. Learn how to transform your contact center experience by leveraging the latest trends in this informative blog post.


  • Michelin accelerates network performance for 120K users with VMware

    Michelin adopted VMware SD-WAN to enhance network performance and security at 200 sites globally. This solution offered autonomy, visibility, and optimization, resulting in a 16-month ROI. Discover how SD-WAN empowers Michelin’s 120,000 users in the full case study.


  • How to deploy Microsoft Teams in the cloud

    In this case study, learn how one organization needed a partner that could allow them to easily scale the conferencing use case as well as support their longer-term migration strategy to Teams Voice in GCC. Save the case study here to explore the solution.


  • Compliance leader’s guide to cloud voice regulatory best practices

    The shift to cloud-based voice platforms is transforming communication and collaboration in businesses worldwide. Download this white paper to unlock key compliance considerations to prepare for the shift to cloud voice.


  • 5 considerations when integrating voice with Microsoft Teams

    The modern, hyper-distributed workforce communicates in myriad ways: in video meetings, over chat messages, through voice calls, and more. To simplify their communications strategy, many businesses have unlocked the power of voice with Microsoft Teams. In this guide, review 5 key considerations for that approach.


  • Deep Dive into DataOps

    In this e-guide, we hear from key decision-makers from Altran, Moogsoft, Puppet, Morpheus, Talend, NetApp and PagerDuty about how and why they are adopting DataOps.


  • Securing the perimeter-less network with increased visibility

    With the death of the network perimeter, cybercriminals have proven that every asset is a potential entry point for an attack. FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls


  • Spectrum Enterprise Fiber Internet Access powers 25 chain restaurants

    When this pizza chain struggled with inadequate bandwidth and an unreliable legacy network service, they knew it was time to change providers. Download this case study to learn how Spectrum Enterprise leveled up the pizza chain’s networking capabilities.


  • 1 simple tool to help avoid the hang-ups of legacy voice systems

    In this IDC white paper, discover how small to medium-sized business can realize several benefits from unified communications as a service, including worker flexibility, simplified business communications, and more.


  • 4 stages of your end-to-end voice testing lifecycle

    For many organizations who are struggling with their voice and contact center tech, end-to-end testing may be the right solution for their needs. However, due to a handful of challenges during its lifecycle stages, some can be daunted by the process and can be unsure of where to start. Browse this guide to learn more.


  • Programmable voice: The key to user privacy for all

    For companies specializing in package delivery, food services, or ride-sharing, customer and employee safety should be a top priority. So, what are the most effective ways you can ensure your user's privacy without hindering experiences on either end? Browse this article to learn more.


  • Fuel call center excellence with VMware SD-WAN

    With operations scaling, Simply Business’s existing network was holding their call centers back. Breeze Networks replaced the entire existing MPLS network with VMware SD-WAN, the central firewall and AWS interconnects, as well as deployed new resilient circuits and cloud-based web filtering. Download this case study to learn more.


  • The ISDN migration: Your guide for success

    As Integrated Services Digital Network continues to be phased out of some organizations' standard processes, many are struggling to migrate before the “switch off” in 2025. So, how can this best be done? Tune into this webinar to learn more.


  • Communications: Seamlessly connect to any telecom provider

    How can you improve your communications infrastructure to better connect employees and who they interact with? Access this whitepaper to learn how Ribbon’s portfolio is designed to help you move from a complex combination of call control platforms to modern cloud-based infrastructure.


  • The Great Decommission

    Analog lines or plain old telephone service (POTS) are steadily being decommissioned, with the FCC reporting that carriers are on a path to drop POTS lines entirely within 5 years. To avoid getting disconnected, access this article to help find the right POTS replacement strategy for your organization.


  • How to choose external communications integrations for Microsoft Teams

    Download this concise e-book for a buyer’s guide that describes Microsoft Teams’ PSTN integration choices. You will learn about the advantages and drawbacks of each without drowning in the details or losing sight of your original goal—to add voice service to Microsoft Teams.


  • How a materials company evolved its voice network

    To chart the unified communications journey of Eastman, a material innovation company, watch this webcast.


  • Jargon Buster Guide to Unified Communications

    In this e-guide we will explore and define some of the key elements of a UC deployment and offer some insight into some of the emerging trends that are changing the way we communicate in our working lives.


  • SD-WAN for national pain relief network

    A leading national network of pain relief centers helping over 1 million patients struggled to manage monthly invoices that spanned over 80 locations. This was in part due to the shortcomings of their legacy MPLS network. Download this case study to learn how SD-WAN and telecom expense management (TEM) helped improve bandwidth and reduce costs.


  • Palo Alto Networks 2nd Special Edition

    Most network and network security products on the market today weren’t designed to handle today’s security concerns. To address these challenges, Gartner came up with secure access service edge (SASE). Read this e-boo for an in-depth look at SASE and learn how you can secure your organization against today’s threats.


  • Practical steps for migrating to Teams Voice

    As they migrate to Teams Voice, what opportunities and obstacles should organizations expect? Unlock insights in this webcast, which features subject-matter experts from EnableUC and Ribbon Communications.


  • 2023 analyst report: Network management market

    In this 2023 analyst report, find out how 27 network management tools stack up against each other.


  • A seamless approach to managed identity verification

    Identity verification processes are the first and most crucial step in your security system. PingOne Verify is a cloud-based identity verification service which combines a number of relevant technologies to ensure seamless and secure identity security. Read on to learn more.


  • Computer Weekly – 16 January 2018: How to fix the Meltdown and Spectre chip flaws

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as CIOs come to terms with the Meltdown and Spectre processor flaws that make every computer a security risk, we examine how to protect your IT estate. We find out how Alexa-style smart speakers can help with CRM strategies. And we look at how the public sector is implementing DevOps. Read the issue now.


  • Computer Weekly - 20 April 2021: Shop and go – will Amazon's cashless 'just walk out' store work?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, Amazon has opened its first 'just walk out' grocery store in the UK, but is it the right time to hit the high street? We examine the human and technical issues around email security. And we analyse Microsoft's $19bn purchase of voice recognition supplier Nuance. Read the issue now.


  • Security Think Tank: Biden's Cyber Security Plan

    As Biden sets out his agenda for the next four years, the Computer Weekly Security Think Tank considers the opportunities for renewed international collaboration on cyber security, what aspects of cyber policy Biden would be best advised to focus on, and asks how the industry can better make its voice heard.


  • Buyer's Guide: Applications of next generation networking

    The race is on for businesses to adopt next-generation networking to stay ahead of their rivals. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how close we are to software-controlled networks becoming commonplace, assesses the current state of software-defined networking and explores the challenges a software-defined future poses


  • Sandnet++ – A framework for analysing and visualising network traffic from malware

    This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series looks at Sandnet++, a framework for analysing and visualising network traffic from malware


  • Focus: Network security

    During the course of 2016 we saw the clamour around network security – which was already very loud – reach fever pitch. From allegations of nation state-level interference in crucial elections, to massive botnet attacks that brought down critical online services for millions, network security dominated mainstream news cycles for weeks on end.


  • Biometrics in the enterprise: An opportunity or an ethical minefield?

    Is biometric technology ready for use in the enterprise to help improve IT security? IT leaders need to be aware of the concerns. In this e-guide we take a look at some of the potential – as well as the risks.


  • Vulnerability assessment in 2024: Compare leading vendors

    As you evaluate the vulnerability assessment (VA) landscape, the thoughts and experiences of other customers – your peers – can be a valuable resource. To supply you with that resource, Gartner developed the 2024 “Voice of the Customer for Vulnerability Assessment” report. Dig in to unlock the insights in full.


  • Hybrid meeting equity 101: 6 tips for success

    For today’s organizations, effective collaboration means everything. However, making sure that all of your team members can participate in meetings regardless of their location, device, language, or experience level can be a tricky task. Browse this infographic to learn more.


  • SD-WAN: Hitting the mainstream

    For the networking industry, 2018 was the year that interest in software-defined wide area network started to ramp up in earnest, as more enterprises started to assess the benefits of the technology, and more early adopters started to make concrete purchasing decisions. In this e-guide, our experts explore the state of play in the SD-WAN market.


  • Your guide to leveraging automation for your contact center

    As labor shortages, agent burnout, and inferior customer experiences plague contact centers, many are turning to automation to solve these issues and more. However, most organizations are unsure of where to start and can find the integration process daunting. Browse this article to learn more.


  • Facilitating day-1 connectivity for construction trailers

    Connecting their on-site engineers and construction trailers is key to Bilfinger SE – an international industrial services provider – meeting their strict deadlines. So, how does Bilfinger facilitate reliable, secure connectivity? Explore this case study to find out.


  • IT roadmap for improving Teams calls & collaboration

    Today, organizations around the world rely on Microsoft Teams for their collaboration and cross-team communications operations. However, as tools like Teams Voice rise in popularity, companies must ensure quality calls to keep productivity high. So, what are the best ways you can do so? Access this guide to learn more.


  • FedRAMP compliant UC

    A top 10 federal defense contractor with over 20,000 employees was managing a complex environment with large Avaya and Cisco footprints for PBX and contact center. They required a FedRAMP environment that provided a seamless consolidation of collaboration, conferencing and voice. Download this case study to learn how they got it.


  • Guide to overcoming challenges facing the telecom sector

    The telecoms sector in 2017 finds itself increasingly challenged as operators and end-users respond to multiple challenges, such as the emergence of software-based networks, the steady erosion of voice revenues, and the growth of 'free' communications services.


  • Thorough network assessments: An example

    In this e-book, discover an example of a thorough network assessment by Net Reply that examines a company’s data center, cloud connectivity and more.


  • The risk of off-channel communication

    With fines being imposed for recordkeeping failures in the U.S. totaling over $2.6 billion, communication compliance remains a serious issue. This white paper takes a deeper look at the dangers of off-channel communication and provides strategies you can employ to improve communication while reducing risk. Read on to learn more.


  • Fix your contact center challenges: Government agency guide

    With the average, overall satisfaction rate for digital government contact centers being 66%, it has become clear that agencies and organizations need to step up their game when it comes to the citizen experience. So, how can this best be done? Access this guide to learn more.


  • Covid-19: An Infographic - 3 Immediate Actions for CIOs

    This infographic highlights the measures CIOs should be taking in the wake of COVID-19. Download now!


  • 3-Step Guide to Creating Authentic B2B Webinar Content

    To enhance marketing and sales content, B2B companies have turned to webinars to open the floor to live engagement and reach new prospects to deliver revenue growth. However, many struggle to direct well-executed webinars and connect with their audiences. Access this guide to learn the best practices.