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Advancing toward Test Automation through Effective Manual Testing

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How to write test cases for manual and automated tests

Although each organization has different standards for writing test cases, the impact is the same: the tester takes on the role of the user and decides what QA needs to test.

In this collaborative e-guide by SearchCIO and AutomatePro, explore how to write test cases for both manual and automated tests.

Download this exclusive e-guide here to keep as a handy reference.

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  • Complete guide to understanding Agile testing methodologies

    To thrive in an Agile testing and DevOps world, it’s critical to have a comprehensive understanding of Agile testing, and the different methodologies that are part of Agile development.

    This e-book is designed for testers, developers, QA leaders, DevOps leaders, and others who manage application development and testing. This guide will help you better understand:

    • What Agile testing is
    • The different types of Agile testing methodologies
    • Choosing the right methodology for your workflow
    • Agile and DevOps trends and predictions
    • And more


  • Why continuous delivery demands continuous testing

    With the evolution of ERP systems comes the demand for rapid and accurate testing for SAP projects.

    However, manual testing can be time-consuming and still invites in a great deal of risk. Use this guide to explore how automated, continuous end-to-end testing helps keep ERP systems secure.

    Learn more here.

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    What can you do to speed up your SAP initiatives? Automate SAP testing. Open up this paper to explore three best practices for SAP test automation, covering real-world examples for each, and the benefits your organizations may realize by adopting them.


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    Regression testing, while important for preventing bugs as you improve your application, can be tedious and time-consuming when done manually. Access this guide to explore how automated regression testing can streamline your testing operations.


  • Gaining widespread network access through brute force techniques

    SecureWorks adversarial testers worked with a leading transportation company in Australia to pressure test their network and identify areas for immediate focus. In this brief video, hear how SecureWorks adversarial testing team took a strategic and creative approach to showcase vulnerabilities externally, internally and physically.


  • How to achieve end-to-end test automation for SAP

    Manual SAP testing is tedious, requires too much maintenance, and even if you have a test solution in place, it may not support SAP. Watch this webinar to explore how Avo’s platform can help support your testing efforts for SAP, Salesforce, and beyond on the browser of your choice.


  • Buyer’s guide for test automation

    Relying on manual software testing will inevitably create bottlenecks in your organization. To find the right automation solution for your enterprise, download this buyer’s guide to learn what you need to consider for your specific testing priorities.


  • Cybersec: All it takes is one foot in the door

    In a recent engagement, Secureworks Adversarial testers worked with a leading retail organization with 300+ stores Australia-wide to identify, pressure test and expose vulnerabilities in their security measures. Hear from the Adversarial Testing Lead on how he compromised internal, external and physical security systems.


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    Manual application testing can be time-consuming and tedious. Watch this webinar to explore the benefits a no-code testing automation platform can bring to your business.


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  • Explore AutomatePro’s platform, AutoTest

    In this demo, take a closer look at AutomatePro – aiming to save IT pros weeks and months of manual testing and documentation labor for ServiceNow. Open now for a full AutoTest demo, final thoughts on the platform and more.


  • Security testing for web & mobile apps

    According to the NTT 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report, 55% of all attacks last year were application specific. Named a leader in a recent Gartner Magic Quadrant report, WhiteHat offers an application security testing bundle – designed to automate testing across the entire DevOps lifecycle. Download this solution brief to learn more.


  • Application security testing: Protecting your application and data

    Application security testing is critical in ensuring your data and applications are safe from security attack. This e-book, written for IT management, including QA and development managers, explains the basics of application security and then delves deeper into common vulnerabilities and performance concerns.


  • 10 Benefits of test automation

    Test automation is essential for increasing test coverage and resiliency. Access this short white paper to learn what test automation can do for you beyond the obvious.


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  • How to craft a cloud testing strategy

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  • Rethinking Penetration Testing Get Better Roi For Your Penetration Testing Investment

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    A slow or problematic application can doom its success from the start. Access this short E-guide to explore the most important objectives you need to implement into your testing procedure.


  • Integration Testing: Tips and Best Practices

    The term "integration test" means different things to different people. Integration testing can be challenging for all companies, no matter what the meaning. In this Solution Spotlight, readers will learn tips and best practices around Integration testing, as well as challenges they may face and how to avoid issues.


  • The Many Faces of Software Testing

    Read this expertly compiled e-guide to learn how your security testing mangers can educate about, plan for, and validate the communication that is required across the enterprise to make sure that your software is secure and protected.


  • E-Guide: Best practices for pen testing Web applications

    This expert E-Guide examines what a Web application test is and best practices to getting the most out of them. Uncover guidelines to ensure your pen test is a success and key recommendations on how you can avoid common pitfalls.


  • E-Guide: Expert insights to application security testing and performance

    Two of the biggest challenges in an organization’s application security strategies are testing and integrating best practices within the application lifecycle. In this E-Guide, readers will learn best practices for testing injection integrating security measures into the application lifecycle.


  • How mature are companies' software quality management processes in 2010?

    There is very little data that exists on the maturity of testing practices throughout the software quality life cycle in the Industry and lots of people refer to the maturity with a level of certainty not backed up by any real data. In 2009 Experimentus established a survey for this very purpose.


  • 3 ways to speed up Salesforce testing

    While Salesforce’s cloud-based architecture and extensibility make it a powerful tool for innovation, there’s a catch. Since Salesforce focuses on an organization‘s most critical data and processes, any update, extension, or customization must be thoroughly tested. Explore 3 strong strategies for speeding up Salesforce testing here.


  • Cyberattack simulations vs. penetration & vulnerability tests

    Targeted cyberattack simulation, vulnerability scans, penetration testing – which of these is the most effective method of identifying weaknesses within your defenses and ensuring your security capabilities can handle the rigors of today’s cyberthreats? Read this white paper to find out.


  • A thousand pen-testers, at your service

    Traditionally, manual penetration testing is a costly and unreliable endeavor. However, modern automated penetration testing platforms enable organizations to better understand their unique vulnerabilities, allowing them to stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats – read this data sheet to learn more.


  • DIY malware testing guide

    Want to perform your own in-house endpoint security product testing using live malware? This DIY Malware Testing Guide is designed to help you conduct safe, secure, and accurate in-house tests by explaining how to set up a test lab, and the software needed to analyze malware. Download this guide to get started.


  • How to accelerate you SAP testing

    If you’ve been struggling with SAP testing, you likely suffer from a fragmented, tedious testing solution or a test automation solution that doesn’t even support SAP. Watch this webinar to explore how automated SAP testing can truly work for your enterprise and enable higher quality software delivery.


  • Free e-guide: automation test cases, performance requirements

    Access this e-guide for factors to look for when you need to settle on your test strategy, and how to effectively gather information to define performance requirements. This guide covers how to decide when to automate tests, defining testability, software quality requirements, performance requirements, using analysis models, and more.


  • Mobile App Security Testing Checklist

    Web traffic has moved to mobile apps. Has your security? Download this mobile app security testing checklist to find out for yourself.


  • The state of penetration testing in 2021

    New research shows that while organizations invest significantly in penetration testing, they only test 50% or less of their attack surface, leaving them with huge blind spots and high vulnerability to compromise. Access this DARK Reading report to go in-depth on this research and see where organizations need to improve.


  • How AutomatePro is speeding testing with automation

    Check out this blog post to learn 6 benefits of AutomatePro, an automated testing platform designed to overcome traditional testing obstacles.


  • World Quality Report 2015-16

    The annual World Quality Report examines the state of application quality and testing practices across multiple industries and geographies


  • How to keep your APIs secure

    Traditional API testing is manual, time-consuming, and widely unpopular. In fact, less than 25% of organizations are testing their APIs. However, the critical nature of APIs requires them to be protected. In this data sheet, take a closer look at the key features of Sentinel Auto API and see if it meets for your API security needs.


  • Meet regulatory requirements with modernized software delivery

    In this case study, discover how Germany’s second-largest bank moved to a standardized CI/CD platform to manage the organization’s highly complex development environment, encompassing up to 120 different test environments, hundreds of developers, and intricate deployment and release processes.


  • Red team testing: Simulating real-world cyberattacks

    An organization’s ability to detect and respond to an incident can mean the difference between an internal planning exercise and making the news. Read this data sheet to learn about preparing your organization for today’s threats by simulating real-world attacks.


  • How to avoid test automation rot

    Most developers are more familiar with test automation rot than they’d like. In this 25-minute webinar, discover how to avoid test automation rot with a world of seamlessly linked automation tools available to your organization right now.


  • 6 types of penetration testing

    Penetration testing can provide your organization with the confidence and wherewithal needed to secure data from evolving threats and continuous attacks.Download this data sheet for a closer look at the pros and cons of 6 types of pen testing, how to think and act like an attacker, and more.


  • ServiceNow upgrades often diverts time from other tasks. Here’s how to speed it up.

    This white paper uncovers a quicker way to upgrade and re-test ServiceNow platforms that won’t take away from team resources, covering everything from the planning stages to comparison and final test results. Open now to get started.


  • Automated pen testing vs. breach & attack simulation

    Attack simulation and penetration testing are popular methods for organizations to find and address potential weaknesses in their security programs – but deciding between pen testing and attack simulation can be tricky. Read this e-guide for helpful tips.


  • Why you should have a disaster recovery testing plan in place

    With this guide, gain a better understanding of why a disaster recovery testing plan is important, how to efficiently conduct tests, and some tools and terms that you will encounter along the way.


  • Step by Step: Best practices for security patch management

    Whether you're new to patch management or just need a refresher, this expert e-guide reviews best practices for security patch management to ensure accurate, effective patch testing in your organization.


  • Mastering SAP software testing

    Access this guide to learn how the barrier of SAP software testing can be overcome through improve testing processes.


  • 2 important disaster recovery questions to ask

    Companies that encounter the most surprises during a disaster are the ones that don’t test their BCDR plans or perform tests that aren’t as close to reality as possible. Access this data sheet to learn the questions you should be asking about your BCDR plan, why testing will make your BCDR plans stronger, and helpful scenarios to test.


  • How to create and configure end-to-end test suites

    Explore how Datadog Synthetic Monitoring enables you to create and configure robust end-to-end test suites to monitor all your environments, so your team can increase release velocity while maintaining software quality. Find the details here.


  • Discover an application stress test

    Download this data sheet to explore the capabilities of Snapt LoadTest, a managed service that tests your business-critical applications for their ability to operate under heavy load.