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New Revenue Streams with MPLS Service Differentiation: Public Interoperability Event Test Plan and Results

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MPLS Advantages and Disadvantages for WAN Connectivity

Many companies have turned to MPLS/IP-VPN services to help them with their wide area network management. Read this expert guide to learn the advantages and disadvantages of MPLS for WAN connectivity, as well as:

•    Where in the WAN MPLS is used
•    MPLS compared to WAN connectivity alternatives
•    And more...

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  • Why SD-WAN is important in the cloud era

    Although MPLS offers a secure way to connect a headquarters to its branch offices, it’s also getting expensive to do so.

    Moreover, for organizations running SaaS apps in the public cloud, branch office networks have no choice but to run along the MPLS to the headquarters, only to then connect to the public cloud to grant users access to those apps.

    Sounds exhausting, right?

    That’s why SD-WAN aims to relieve you of some of the burdens associated with MPLS circuits. Tune into this video for more info on the importance of SD-WAN in the cloud era, 7 key components of SD-WAN, and more. 

  • MPLS vs. Ethernet: Which WAN Connectivity is Best?

    Abstract Copy:    Which is better for wide area network connectivity: MPLS or Carrier Ethernet?

    This expert guide from explores the pros and cons of each in terms of cost, scalability, and more. Read on to find out which is the best for your organization today.

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  • A Computer Weekly e-guide to WAN & applications services

    One of the key technology trends of the last five years, if not longer, has been the migration from networks based on multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) to the more agile and affordable alternative, wide-area networking (WAN) technologies and in particular software-defined (SD-WAN).


  • SD-WAN for national pain relief network

    A leading national network of pain relief centers helping over 1 million patients struggled to manage monthly invoices that spanned over 80 locations. This was in part due to the shortcomings of their legacy MPLS network. Download this case study to learn how SD-WAN and telecom expense management (TEM) helped improve bandwidth and reduce costs.


  • What is SD-WAN?

    SD-WAN technology is being touted as a critical tool for the future of networking, predicted to be worth approximately $5.25 billion by 2023. But what exactly is SD-WAN, what are its core functions, and how will it impact today’s complex IT environments? Read this helpful guide to find out.


  • ROI: Palo Alto Networks CloudGenix SD-WAN

    Forrester recently spoke with multiple Palo Alto Networks customers regarding their investment in CloudGenix SD-WAN as part of a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study. Download this Forrester report to see the various benefits customers’ saw when migrating away from MPLS to Palo Alto Networks CloudGenix SD-WAN.


  • 8 ways SASE answers your IT & security needs

    Evolving business requirements have revolutionized network and security technology. But what will the future bring? What matters is that you’re ready. Download this e-book to find 8 ways SASE answers your current and future IT and security needs.


  • MPLS vs. SD-WAN vs. Internet vs. SASE

    The WAN is the backbone of the business. It ties together your remote locations, headquarters and data centers into an integrated network. Yet, the role of the WAN has evolved in recent years. In this white paper, learn about the connectivity, optimization and security options that are needed when building a network for the digital business.


  • The Dark Side of SD-WAN

    There’s a glow on the upsides of SD-WAN, but there’s also a “dark side” that must be considered. Companies looking to SD-WAN to replace traditional MPLS have to learn how to design the middle and last miles of their SD-WAN to run reliably and with high availability. View this Cato Networks guide to learn how it’s done.


  • Rethinking WAN in the cloud era

    This white paper examines Direct Internet Access (DIA) as a fast, secure alternative to MPLS that pairs well with SD-WAN deployments. Learn about the pivotal considerations that come into play when deciding to move forward with DIA so that you can maintain network security and performance.


  • Network connectivity: SASE vs. MPLS

    MPLS was designed for use in the legacy, pre-cloud world where all enterprise users typically worked in a branch and all traffic was routed back to a data center to access IT applications and resources. Access this white paper to learn how SASE safely replaces MPLS with cheaper internet links.


  • The future is SASE: Transform your enterprise network for good

    Less than a year after it received an official name, Secure Access Service Edge has started to disrupt the networking and security markets. As incumbent vendors make strategic moves to build SASE offerings, the nascent technology has the potential to upend traditional networking and security.


  • SIP contact centers: Key benefits and potential challenges

    Learn how Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), unified communications (UC) and contact centers fit hand in hand in this e-guide from


  • The Benefits of Test Automation

    Dive into this e-book to explore the many benefits of automating your system and software testing, from time and cost savings to helping achieve continuous testing, improved test accuracy, maximized test coverage, and increased scalability.


  • Designing your performance tests for non-representative environments

    Dive into this white paper for a closer look at the 10 key factors that should be considered when managing the risks associated with performance testing in a non-representative test environment.


  • Integration Testing: Tips and Best Practices

    The term "integration test" means different things to different people. Integration testing can be challenging for all companies, no matter what the meaning. In this Solution Spotlight, readers will learn tips and best practices around Integration testing, as well as challenges they may face and how to avoid issues.


  • SD-WAN: Hitting the mainstream

    For the networking industry, 2018 was the year that interest in software-defined wide area network started to ramp up in earnest, as more enterprises started to assess the benefits of the technology, and more early adopters started to make concrete purchasing decisions. In this e-guide, our experts explore the state of play in the SD-WAN market.


  • The Essential Guide to Penetration Testing

    If your organization is required to comply with GDPR or ISO standards, then you know the importance of regular penetration testing. This is not a bad thing; regular testing provides helpful data as to how a breach could occur in your business. In this guide, you’ll read about how to conduct successful penetration testing. Read on to learn more.


  • Real-time communications improve patient experience

    Sinai Chicago is one of the largest private safety-net healthcare systems in Illinois. In the wake of COVID-19, they needed greater efficiency, better use of resources, increased interoperability and immediate communications across their network. Download this case study to learn MOTOTRBO’s digital radios and broadband push-to-talk helped.


  • 5 steps of a standard penetration test

    In today’s evolving threat landscape, the use of standard security testing methods cannot prevent today’s emerging risks. Access this white paper to learn how penetration testing is designed to evaluate your cybersecurity programs effectivenessIn 5 steps.


  • Functional testing vs. non-functional testing: Which is best for your project?

    Is functional testing or non-functional testing more important to your project? The more pertinent question is how much of each is required to deliver the expected business benefit whilst mitigating the high priority risks. Access this white paper to learn more about both types of testing and when it makes sense to prioritize one over the other.


  • Stop wasting value with legacy testing platforms

    This eBook explores Panaya Test Dynamix, a next-generation testing platform for organizations like you looking to transition from antiquated tools. 100 enterprises have already moved to Test Dynamix, singing praise about the platform’s simple, yet powerful remote testing capabilities and ease of use for non-technical users. Get started here.


  • Application security testing: Protecting your application and data

    Application security testing is critical in ensuring your data and applications are safe from security attack. This e-book, written for IT management, including QA and development managers, explains the basics of application security and then delves deeper into common vulnerabilities and performance concerns.


  • Prevent Application Meltdown with VDI Testing

    This E-Guide from highlights important techniques you should use when quantifying VDI network performance.


  • Why no-code test automation is the future

    Low-code or No-code (LC/NC) is a game-changer for testing. Considering most test automation tools require code, which the majority of QA teams can’t write, LC/NC testing proves enormously useful in addressing this issue and filling this gap. Access this white paper to learn more about Low-code/No-code test automation.


  • Publishing Test

    Publishing Test


  • RPA and test automation: Can and should they be used together?

    Can and should RPA and test automation be used together? In this webinar, Ryan Smith, Ten10's Lead RPA Consultant, discusses this question, covering what RPA and test automation are, the pros and cons of both, and challenges around maintaining automated business processes. Tune in now to learn more.


  • Step by Step: Best practices for security patch management

    Whether you're new to patch management or just need a refresher, this expert e-guide reviews best practices for security patch management to ensure accurate, effective patch testing in your organization.


  • E-Guide: Best practices for pen testing Web applications

    This expert E-Guide examines what a Web application test is and best practices to getting the most out of them. Uncover guidelines to ensure your pen test is a success and key recommendations on how you can avoid common pitfalls.


  • The Many Faces of Software Testing

    Read this expertly compiled e-guide to learn how your security testing mangers can educate about, plan for, and validate the communication that is required across the enterprise to make sure that your software is secure and protected.


  • High Availability & Performance. Effective Resource Usage. Low Cost.

    The need to maintain an efficient, continuous and performance testing operation is more important than ever. Access this whitepaper to explore what testing pillars like democratizing advance technologies and using serverless architectures can do to decouple processes and grant your QA teams real independence.


  • Elevating Db2 Monitoring to SRE Tooling in DevOps

    Access this blog post to learn ways you can monitor your Db2 for z/OS test and production environments and integrate mainframe performance testing and benchmarking into your DevOps pipeline with BROADCOM.


  • Exploring the Relationship Between HIPAA and Interoperability

    Does HIPAA support or hinder interoperability? This panel discussion will explore the nuances of HIPAA, how it enables the exchange of protected health information, and common misconceptions surrounding the relationship between HIPAA and interoperability.


  • Infographic: Comparing the leading SD-WAN vendors

    This SD-WAN vendor comparison chart is a useful starting point to get information about SD-WAN deployment options, pricing, cloud connectivity options and more.


  • The benefits of consistent penetration testing

    There’s no way to know how your security will perform in the face of an attack, until it is attacked. This doesn’t mean you should wait on cybercriminals to know if your security is effective. This webcast presents an analysis of the effects of penetration testing, looking at how organizations are testing for vulnerabilities. Read on to learn more.


  • Demonstration of HackerOne Bug Bounty

    Cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link. HackerOne Bug Bounty uses a crowd sourcing model to pay freelance hackers for every security weakness they find in your system, thus facilitating high volume and high-quality testing. Watch this full demonstration and see if Bug Bounty is the testing solution you need.


  • E-Guide: Expert insights to application security testing and performance

    Two of the biggest challenges in an organization’s application security strategies are testing and integrating best practices within the application lifecycle. In this E-Guide, readers will learn best practices for testing injection integrating security measures into the application lifecycle.


  • Enterprise Observability in Pre-Production Testing

    This e-book explores the benefits of applying Enterprise Observability in pre-production testing.


  • The problem with limited cybersecurity testing

    According to a recent study, the costs of cybercrime are 6,000 times greater than the collective net worth of the companies that strive to prevent it. This white paper analyzes the state of cybersecurity testing, and advocates for a more intensive approach that removes arbitrary limitations for more realistic testing. Read on to learn more.


  • PHC Test sessions res

    PHC Test sessions res


  • Testing done right: How this company mastered management

    For this utility company who was struggling with ways to manage testing, they began to seek out a company that could meet their needs and make processes more efficient. That’s when they found Panaya, who was able to successfully minimize risk and accelerate change. Access the case study to learn more.


  • Cybersecurity Phishing Tests for Attack Preparation

    How can your business prepare to defend against phishing attacks? Cybersecurity phishing tests can instruct your organization on what to look out for. Browse this blog for an introduction to phishing tests and for guidance for spotting a phishing email.


  • A thousand pen-testers, at your service

    Traditionally, manual penetration testing is a costly and unreliable endeavor. However, modern automated penetration testing platforms enable organizations to better understand their unique vulnerabilities, allowing them to stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats – read this data sheet to learn more.


  • E-Book: Definitive Guide to Exchange 2010 Migration Chapter 4: Load Testing and Security Exchange 2010

    This chapter explains how to test Exchange 2010 with native and third-party management tools and how best to protect your investment.


  • 10 ways to ensure TDM keeps up with the modern app lifecycle

    If the data used in test environments is not production-quality, data-related defects will most likely be found later in the software development lifecycle, which results in delayed software releases and higher costs. Read the e-book to learn how data-focused brief checklists can provide, manage and secure data while keeping test data quality high.


  • Quick Start Guide to Test Drive EDB BigAnimal

    EDB’s BigAnimal test drive lets you explore the powerful world of fully managed Postgres for 14 days, allowing you to get started with no AWS or Azure setup needed. Access this info sheet to learn about this test drive that includes a fully managed Postgres DB environment on top of access to EDB’s world-class Postgres expertise.


  • How one company mitigated phishing and fraud attacks against senior staff

    Learn how Tricentis, an automated software testing company, was able to thwart spear-phishing and fraud attacks against senior staff.


  • SAST vs. IAST: Picking the Right Tool for the Job

    Watch this webinar for a demo of static application security testing (SAST) and interactive application security testing (IAST) solutions and determine which is the right tool for your needs.


  • Mock REST servers: How to create them

    Developing and testing your code when external components are still under development is one the main challenges of integrating APIs into your application. One solution is to create mock servers that imitate the response of a real server. Access this blog to explore 9 helpful tools for making your own mock servers.