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AppSight Application Problem Resolution System for Microsoft Windows and .NET

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How IT can take a slice of the AI-pie for themselves

IT operations are at the heart and soul of everything that today’s digital businesses rely on. But with a greater reliance on complicated technology comes greater pressure on IT to sustain more using less.

For many ITOps teams, the answer has been to build out systems that are just as smart as the technology they power.

Click inside to find out how machine data and AIOps are helping encumbered IT teams make sense out of the intricacies of modern infrastructure and applications – finding patterns, diagnosing problems, and even predicting future changes.

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  • Examining the ROI and risks of chatbots, ITSM platforms, and more

    The consequences of slotting digital workspace, ITSM, and chatbot platforms into existing IT environments aren’t always readily apparent – especially when making the case to business stakeholders.

    Inside this Forrester report, read through an analysis of the benefits, costs, and risks associated with these investments. You’ll find an examination of workspace, ITSM, and chatbot tools measured by calculations of ROI potential, forecasted productivity earnings, operating costs, and more.

  • How discovery software can have huge ROI, explained

    As enterprises make the push towards digital transformation, IT departments require as much visibility as possible into the hardware and software that support critical business functions.

    Open up this IDC report to find out how nine organizations utilized discovery software to improve visibility into their data center and software stacks, increase auditing efficiency, and more, ultimately earning each organization an average five-year ROI of 470%.

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    View this white paper to learn how chatbots can help empower your digital workplace, and review how a BMC Helix Chatbot can help your organization drive business value, reduce costs, and improve user experiences.


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    Find out what's on the horizon for ITSM as artificial intelligence and machine learning start to become standard service management technology options – and take a closer look at the impact that cognitive service management strategies can have on productivity, service accuracy, and more.


  • How to transform your workflow infrastructure for unprecedented insights

    Read this white paper to learn how a cloud-compatible workflow automation solution can help smoothly transition businesses into a digital model best fit for reaping analytics insights and making data-driven decisions.


  • 11 steps for strengthening your z/OS mainframe security

    The traditionally under protected enterprise mainframe can be a huge target for hackers. So, how do you safeguard it? In this white paper, learn about 11 steps you can take to strengthen z/OS security and compliance—and safeguard your critical business data.


  • How to launch a mainframe SIEM initiative

    SIEM systems have been the industry standard for enterprise network security, but the mainframe has been left out of this predominantly distributed discipline. In this white paper, learn how to launch a mainframe SIEM initiative. Also explore 4 steps to ensure malicious mainframe activity triggers a notification to the appropriate security system.


  • How multi-cloud discovery reduces cloud cost and risk

    Open this whitepaper to learn how multi-cloud discovery provides insight into your assets and their relationships across your environments, and can help you reduce cloud cost and risk.


  • Empower your workforce with chatbots

    In this white paper, learn how enterprise chatbots can be used to meet changing employee expectations. Discover the benefits of chatbot technology, and explore how chatbots can help your organization increase business agility and improve cost savings.


  • Can you reduce service management issues with omni-channel cloud?

    Growing service demands have placed a heavy burden on the businesses providing them, and the cost of managing these services is resource intensive. Read this short 2-page whitepaper to learn how a BMC Helix cloud can provide your business support in service management.


  • 4 auditing techniques to help your organization maintain compliance mandates

    More and more regulations are being passed that dictate increased effort be exerted to better secure and protect the accuracy and privacy of enterprise data. So how can organizations ensure they are in compliance with these regulations (and others)? Download this white paper for 4 data access auditing techniques to help maintain compliance.


  • How to keep your multi-cloud big data project profitable

    To keep big data multi-cloud projects flowing efficiently, consider implementing an automated workflow management and data integration platform—so more time is spent on utilizing actionable insights than tired operational processes. Read more information here.


  • Optimally run and reinvent your IT operations

    Legacy IT management platforms struggle to fully support modern digital transformation initiatives, leading to long-term project failure. Read this white paper to learn how to optimally run and reinvent your IT operations in preparation for productive technological disruption.


  • Automated security and compliance of your multi-cloud resources and containers

    Download this resource to learn how TrueSight Cloud Security can automate security and compliance checks and remediation across your multi-cloud platforms.


  • Make cloud migration easy with portfolio discovery

    Portfolio discovery and planning provides IT teams with the visibility and insight necessary to identify and migrate the right components, at the right time, in the right way. Open this whitepaper to learn how to develop a portfolio discovery strategy that can set your cloud environment up for success through every step of its lifecycle.


  • What makes a successful managed file transfer software?

    In this white paper, discover the key requirements of a successful managed file transfer software. Learn how to improve the quality and quantity of your file transfers, and explore the common challenges associated with multiple file transfer solutions.


  • Automation is the key to DevOps and cloud success

    The combination of DevOps and cloud change a lot about how and where work gets done, but not necessarily how quickly. Access this E-Book to learn how to efficiently automate cloud workloads and DevOps throughout your entire development process.


  • How to create an intelligent, automated mainframe

    Having more intelligent and automated detection, remediation, and operations in your mainframe is crucial to maintaining an agile, digital business—and there has never been a better time for investing in AI and machine learning technologies to do so. Read this white paper to learn about the opportunities and benefits in automating your mainframe.


  • Intelligent IT monitoring vendors stacked up: Q2 2019 edition

    Intelligent monitoring solutions have emerged as a direct response to traditionally siloed monitoring tools, using AI-functionality to provide a holistic and less reactive approach to IT diagnostics. Download this market report to learn how the top intelligent application and service monitoring vendors of Q2 2019 stack up against one another.


  • BMC Mainframe Survey 2011

    Big businesses are planning to grow their mainframe computer capacity despite the downturn  this survey of 1,347 large mainframe users worldwide by BMC Software reveals.


  • How the largest Australian electric company mobilized 8000 devices

    Dealing with major IT service inefficiencies? Download this case study to see how exactly Energy Queensland, the largest Australian electric company, used Remedy and BMC Discovery to boost service management through IT infrastructure, resulting in 40% better request handling time and 50% better change assessments.


  • How MDM and the Consumerization of IT are Reshaping IT Decision-Making

    Access this white paper to learn why your organization needs to start integrating IT consumerization and BYOD into its business – and how to get there.


  • Empower your security team with integrated automation

    It's simply not possible to address the security risks and management challenges posed by today's infrastructures using manual methods. Operations and security teams need automation—and they need it badly. In this white paper, learn how to empower your team with integrated automation.


  • Does AI have a place in the next stages of ITSM?

    Is traditional ITSM strategy enough to keep up with spiking user demands, now and into the future? Jump into this white paper to learn how ITSM is evolving through the steady integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities – a new methodology commonly referred to as cognitive service management (CSM).


  • How jobs-as-code is cutting back development errors

    Open this analyst brief to learn how jobs-as-code and batch processing can lead to increased efficiency between dev and ops teams, and even lead to far fewer errors in production.


  • Melding automation into the IT service desk

    Since its inception, the IT service desk has provided an intuitive portal designed to make it easier for users to get technical help – and for IT associates to keep on top of support workflows. So what happens when automation is thrown into the mix? Dive into this E-Guide to take a closer look.


  • Delivering on high cloud expectations

    Many firms are now planning to run mission critical workloads on public cloud, according to this research from Forrester and BMC.


  • ITIL and ITSM: How IT is becoming more service-oriented

    In this e-guide, we shine the light on the state of IT service management (ITSM) and the framework upon which it is effectively built, the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). We explore how ITSM is being changed by machine learning, how it can be used in the cloud and the datacentre, and the role ITIL could play in digital business transformation.


  • How these top 15 AIOps vendors stack up

    Research In Action has evaluated AIOps solutions based on surveyed customer needs and requirements, and compiled a list of top 15 global vendors for comparison—read the results of their research here.


  • Top 12 enterprise service management vendors head-to-head

    In this Forrester analysis, find out how the top 12 enterprise service management vendors stack up – and which are leading the pack.


  • The savior of strained IT budgets

    Inside, learn why many enterprises are turning towards vendor support services as an answer to shrinking IT budgets. Plus, get a closer look at the perks vendor support services offer, such as 24/7 support, on-site servicing, and more.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to asset management for hybrid IT

    Hybrid IT opens up a range of new considerations for businesses. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how to manage its infrastructure, the importance of cost management and the main considerations to make when addressing cloud management issues.


  • How to adapt your server strategy to counter cyber-threats

    Jump inside this white paper to learn how to adapt your server refresh strategy to the rising frequency of hardware attacks. Plus, get a closer look at some of the latest server models being purpose-built to withstand the capabilities of modern cyberattacks.


  • Make the most of automation in a virtualized server environment

    In this guide, find out specific goals and key processes to address before implementing an automated server virtualization platform. Access now to learn about the benefits of automation in 3 main areas: compliance, provisioning and configuration.


  • Demystifying Server Root of Trust chains – and building your own

    Root of Trust (RoT) chains ensure airtight server security, using a cryptographically protected signature and immutable source code. Inside this analyst report, learn how RoT chains can be used throughout data center infrastructure and technology to achieve complete – and impenetrable – hardware security.


  • IT Service Management: Optimizing IT performance and delivered business value

    As enterprises expect and demand more from their IT and the organizations that provide it, IT functions need management frameworks and enabling technologies to help to deliver high quality IT services and cost efficiencies, to demonstrate delivered business value, and to increase IT-to-business alignment or integration.


  • CW+: BDNA: IT asset management user trend survey

    IT asset management and discovery tools - the user's view.


  • Which APM tool is right for your organization?

    Applications now provide us with more data than ever before on how they're performing, but if you don't use this data for peak performance or to predict events, you're likely not running applications and systems as efficiently as possible.


  • Cisco UCS: with vs without Zenoss Cloud

    If you're operating under Cisco UCS alone, you're not getting the most out of your service. Download this solution briefing to see how Zenoss Cloud paired with Cisco UCS gives you 8 added benefits versus just two without it.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: IT Tools

    This Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to IT tools shows how you can use software and systems to improve the running of your IT department.


  • The top 9 ITSM tools stacked up: Who's leading the pack?

    In this analyst report, find out how the top nine ITSM tools on today's market stack up against one another. Explore the strengths, cautions, and adoption trends around each offering to get a better idea which one matches the needs of your I&O team – and which ones to avoid.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Software-Defined Everything

    In this 10-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the practicalities of the software-defined approach to everything including computing, networks, storage and more.


  • Leveraging search technology: The key to better self-service

    View this white paper to learn how 5 great brands are leveraging AI-powered search technology to drive more engagement and better service across their organization.


  • Computer Weekly – 3 July 2018: Future-proofing Gatwick Airport's technology

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we go behind the scenes at London Gatwick Airport and talk to its CIO about a critical network upgrade to support passenger growth. Our latest buyer's guide examines automation and intelligent systems management. And we assess the latest technologies for boosting storage performance. Read the issue now.


  • Best Practices for E-Mail Management

    Access this expert e-guide to discover best practices for managing your organization's email and email servers.


  • Key benefits of Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

    In this product overview, learn about the Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager and how it can secure access to high risk accounts and groups, replace static, shared passwords with periodically changing random values, and much more.


  • Reasons to deploy Hitachi ID Password Manager

    Download this product overview to learn how Password Manager can help lower IT support cost and improve the security of login processes at your organization today.


  • Key benefits and capabilities of Hitachi ID Group Manager

    Hitachi ID Group Manager helps make the administration of security groups and mail distribution lists faster, cheaper and more secure. To learn more, download this product brief and discover all of the ways Hitachi ID Group Manager can benefit your organization today.