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Lowering the Cost of Test with Integrated Switch Management

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Ethernet switch buyer's guide for midsize businesses

The rapid growth of mobility, personal devices and cloud-centric applications today are driving the demand for bandwidth to an all-time high—will your wired network be able to handle the extra load? If not, you may need to start planning for an upgrade.

Explore options for Ethernet switches in this white paper, and find out which one is right for you:

  • Access switches
  • Aggregation switches
  • Core switches

These are also closely related to: "Lowering the Cost of Test with Integrated Switch Management"

  • Software-Defined Networking Strategies for Campus WANs

    Speed is the name of the game when it comes to your software-defined network (SDN) strategy. Unfortunately, when leveraging OpenFlow, using the wrong switch can be detrimental to speeds and cause issues when it comes to determining actual speeds throughout the network.

    In this E-Guide from, explore the issues associated with troubled OpenFlow switches, which vendors carry them, and details about an SDN strategy that will not cause the issues that these other switches do.

    In addition, discover details about a product coming out next year that will help you manage your campus network as one giant switch stack.

  • Network Infrastructure Management: Best Practices

    This expert e-guide examines the management of a unified, network and storage fabric and who controls FCoE switches and adapters. Additionally, learn about a cost-efficient method for switches and routers to stay ahead of new economic demands.

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  • Next-gen network switching: Deliver a best in class UX

    To deliver the experiences modern users demand, IT leaders need a modern network. Switching, in particular, will become more mission critical. Download this white paper to learn about Aruba’s next-gen switching portfolio, which aims to solve the problems of legacy switching with automation and built-in analytics to ensure a good – and safe – UX.


  • Why use subscription-based cloud?

    Alemba, an IT service management (ITSM) software provider recently made the switch to a subscription-based cloud model to help design and secure multi-tenant SaaS architectures. Read more in this case study here.


  • Your free guide to switches has arrived!

    Find out which 100 GbE and campus network switches are answering the call for fast, efficient data center connectivity by exploring this Network Switches Buyers Guide.


  • Support IoT from edge to data center with cloud native switching

    Switches are now expected to offer high-performance Wi-Fi aggregation and act as an IoT gatekeeper for everything from surveillance cameras to medical devices – all while delivering uninterrupted 24x7 network availability. Learn about Aruba Networks’ next gen switching portfolio and how it can help you in this product overview.


  • MicroScope - January 2020: SMEs and managed services

    In this issue of MicroScope, we look at the channel opportunity in the SME customer base as they look for managed services support, our roundtable discussion looks at the transformative appeal of unified communications, and consider why software development houses are switching to no-code. Read the issue now.


  • Cloud-based phone systems: Top reasons to switch to VoIP

    An increasing number of companies are adopting voice over IP and reaping the benefits of decreased costs, increased functioning, and ease of administration, Explore other reasons why companies should consider making the switching in this buyer's guide.


  • Unix to Linux migrations: How to overcome pitfalls while increasing ROI

    In this expert e-guide, discover how your organization can get the most value from a UNIX to Linux migration and overcome common pitfalls. This resource presents top considerations for making the switch and how you can evaluate the potential ROI of a UNIX to Linux migration.


  • Next-gen switching: Intelligent automation enabled by a cloud-native design

    IT leaders are increasingly turning to next-gen switching infrastructure and management tools to overcome the limitations of yesterday’s networks. Learn about the key capabilities to look for when restructuring network switching, and explore Aruba’s approach in this white paper.


  • Hybrid Agile: the key to better development processes?

    Download this whitepaper to learn about the state of medical device development, and learn why 75% of teams that switched to hybrid Agile methods were totally satisfied with the results.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Software-defined networking

    Computer Weekly looks at how SDN can give IT administrators greater control over the network infrastructure and make it more flexible and agile part of the business.


  • How to be a Data Center Hero with SDN

    Access this paper to learn how to make the complex simple and give business leaders what they want with software-defined networking (SDN) and next-generation switching for the multicloud era.


  • Case Study: Jersey College

    In this brief case study, learn how Jersey College was in search for an alternative VoIP provider that was a reliable and cost-effective system.


  • Myth-bust the top misconceptions about moving to the cloud

    Most companies need the agility and cost savings that come with switching to Microsoft Office 365. Follow this myth-busting guide to get the facts on Office 365.


  • 6 key considerations when switching to cloud communications

    Cloud communications offers a lot of potential benefits, but can be a notoriously hard transition to make. Download this white paper to review 6 key considerations that can help ensure success when making the switch.


  • Switching to a cloud-based phone system: What to know

    Cloud-based phone systems are growing more and more popular, thanks to benefits like lower costs, ease of use, increased flexibility, and mobile capabilities. Download this white paper to learn about these systems and their benefits, as well as pre- and post-deployment considerations.


  • How the Business Infrastructure Control System can help you control your network

    Up to 20% of network devices are undetected and unmanaged. This is dangerous; you cannot protect what you don’t see. In this brief, learn how The Business Infrastructure Control System (BICS) can help your organization find and control all your switches, routers, and endpoints, including those which popular NAC tools miss.


  • Why your competitors will pass you if you don't use DevOps?

    Business operations are becoming so much more fast-paced, which places more weight and stress on the shoulders of your IT department. Read this brief article, which will help you start your transition to a DevOps approach that will keep your business responsive in a fast-paced environment.


  • Claim your CCNA study guide now

    Add your valuable networking insights to our market research survey and you'll automatically be entered to win 1 of 3 hardcover copies of: CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Deluxe Study Guide. This exclusive giveaway can help you get started on the path to earning and maintaining your Cisco Certified Networking Associate certification.


  • SDN Integration: Centralized vs. Decentralized SDN Architecture

    This e-guide from outlines the differences between distributed and centralized SDN architecture models to help you decide which would be best to deploy in your organization.


  • From train platforms to mobile platforms: how Hitachi Rail uses SAP app dev

    When Hitachi Rail Europe faced difficulties with distribution, security components, and code-based app dev, the company decided it had to move to a mobile platform to stay on track. In this video, Hitachi Rail Europe elaborates on its SAP move. The platform switch helped developers automate and build apps in minutes. Watch the video here.


  • Alteon Stackable Web Switches 180 and ACEdirector Series

    The Alteon 180 and AD series provide an ideal solution for enterprises and service providers to maximize their network and server investment.


  • 10 reasons to consider migrating to new server technology

    Next-generation server technology offers significant benefits on older technology, promising to reduce costs, improve manageability and increase flexibility.


  • Paying for Azure: Should you use a CSP or pre-paid model?

    This case study follows a pub company that transitioned from a prepaid credit payment method for the cloud to a cloud solution provider (CSP) model. The company switched to the new payment method in just half a day. Thanks to the switch, the company is now able to monitor their cloud usage and save money at the same time. Read the case study here.


  • How to move your phone system to the cloud

    Migrating communications to the cloud is not as risky or complicated as it may seem. With a bit of planning, making the switch can be relatively simple and straightforward—and lead to big benefits. Read this guide to explore key considerations and a step-by-step plan to help your organization successfully move communications to the cloud.


  • Case study: Using a headless CMS to improve automation and workflows

    After years of using a traditional CMS, Icelandair wanted to upgrade to accommodate the increasing demand for personalization and omnichannel content delivery. Find out how they did that with Contentstack headless CMS in this case study.


  • 3 ways to make your digital workspace more productive

    Imagine the impact on your employees’ productivity if they could focus on the work that matters most without distractions like switching between platforms, apps and content types. With Dropbox Business, that’s possible. Learn about the platform in this white paper, and how it can enable a productive digital workspace.


  • Key benefits of a cloud native contact center

    View this webinar to discover key differences between a cloud native and hosted contact center, and explore why more and more companies are switching to a cloud-based contact center software.


  • Network management with Auconent BICS

    In this white paper, explore a high-level introduction to network management in the Auconent Business Infrastructure Control Solution (BICS) for office and industrial networks.


  • E-Guide: Virtualization implementation and management: A network perspective

    Virtualization has become a reality in the networking world. It is vital for professionals to understand how server virtualization and networks affect each other.


  • How does ScyllaDB differ from Apache Cassandra?

    There are a variety of NoSQL database options that users are regularly confronted with; often, these options seem so similar that choosing one feels more random than it does logical. Watch this webinar to see how Comcast switched from Cassandra to ScyllaDB and learn what differences they noticed in the process.


  • Essential Guide to Software Defined Networks

    Software defined networking (SDN) allows network engineers to support a switching fabric across multi-vendor hardware and application-specific integrated circuits. A network administrator can shape traffic from a centralised control console without having to touch individual switches.


  • Computer Weekly@50: What was happening in July

    The National Museum of Computing has again been looking into Computer Weekly's 50 years of magazine issues for another selection of articles highlighting significant news published in the month of July over the past five decades.


  • How to build a scalable, modern data center network

    Download this white paper to learn how you can build a scalable, robust, and agile data center network—without breaking the bank—by using fixed form factor switches (FFF) and disaggregated network operating systems in a leaf/spine Clos architecture.


  • E-Guide: Designing a redundant backup solution

    Access this expert E-Guide to learn about designing a redundant backup solution and transitioning from tape to a disk backup appliance. Read on to explore the evolving case for disk-based backup.


  • What is Third-Party Maintenance in the data center?

    Third-Party Maintenance can give you back control of your equipment life cycle, reduce long-term maintenance costs, and help maximize your investment in your data center. Download this Service Express white paper and weigh the pros and cons of switching away from Original Equipment Manufacturer support.


  • Case study: World Fuel Services’ experience using Zoom

    World Fuel Services, a fuel broker and logistics organization, consolidated multiple communication platforms to connect remote workers all over the world. In this short video, learn how switching to Zoom and leveraging Zoom Rooms saved World Fuel Services more than $1 million in travel expenses over 18 months.


  • 3 reasons to use cloud-optimized backup for O365

    As backup and storage locations vary, organizations should consider a cloud backup option specifically for cloud-first deployments. Watch this webcast to see the top reasons you need Office 365 backup and learn about a new backup support system that provides 3 crucial functions.


  • Creating seamless, secure network access: Le Bloc case study

    In this case study, find out how Le Bloc deployed wireless access points and switches designed to help deliver a cloud and mobile-enabled network.


  • Case study: how Equinix helped a leading bank modernize

    As businesses modernize, they often find themselves facing parallel sets of problems—like the need to upgrade to cloud infrastructure, even as they must tighten security for regulatory reasons. Read this case study to see how Equinix was able to help a leading Japanese bank switch to the cloud while cutting costs and remaining compliant.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to SAP Hana Deployment

    SAP's Hana in-memory data platform promises to transform business processes. In this 11-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how Hana is changing traditional SAP architecture, how it has streamlined customer services for one business, and why there is confusion over Hana implementation.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to testing and code quality

    Find out why agile software development is outstripping traditional testing practices, how to keep code in good shape during agile development and how to optimise the performance and security of web-based business applications in this 12 page guide.


  • How to improve multi-channel customer data integration

    Before implementing Nextiva, Goldberg HedgeFunds was frustrated with the quality of their phone service, the lack of customer data visibility across systems, and the overall usability of their CRM. Read this case study to learn how they were able to improve all these problem areas by switching to Nextiva Business Communication Suite.


  • Learn about the security capabilities and features of Auconet BICS

    Auconet Business Infrastructure Control Solution (BICS) for IT Security and its counterpart, BICS for Industrial Security, can help overcome key challenges of securing complex IT and industrial control networks. In this white paper, learn more about the security capabilities and features of Auconet BICS for IT and industrial control networks.


  • Gartner: Top trends in network outsourcing 2011

    Most organisations had mandates in 2008 and 2009 to freeze or reduce spending on network services to match overall revenue performance, yet end-user requirements for mobility, video and cloud grew.


  • The future of databases in APAC

    In this e-guide, read more about the promises of autonomous databases, why relational databases are poor at running digital transformation projects, and why Amazon Web Services decided to switch off its Oracle data warehouse.


  • The must-knows of PCIe and SSD

    This e-guide provides a list of essential SSD definitions you should incorporate into your vocabulary and reveals some price and performance benefits that you may not be aware of. Find out when it makes sense to switch entirely to PCIe and whether typical SSD limitations translate over.


  • 3 key areas that make or break cloud migration

    To make the most out of AWS Cloud, there are many considerations a company must decide on beyond applications and databases. Access this data sheet to learn about a cloud service solution that delivers additional agility, lower costing operations, and allows organizations to benefit from the leading hyper-scaler through 3 key areas.