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Effective Loop Management and Testing for Residential DSL

This white paper, jointly developed by TeleChoice, Inc. and Turnstone, focuses on loop management in an environment where DSL and POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) run over a shared line. Rapid market adoption of DSL service and competition means that service providers will have to execute flawlessly as they scale their business in order to survive. In this environment, offering DSL over POTS is a good start - it allows greater likelihood of service availability and enables self-installation. Still, offering DSL and POTS over the same line does not eliminate all uncertainty from loop qualification. It leaves many troubleshooting tasks to costly manual completion, and it cannot tell a provider when cross connections in the CO or provisioning in the network have not been properly done. Remote loop management is critical for efficient installation and operation of DSL over POTS networks. Implementing a remote loop management solution can help customers and service providers out of DSL Hell by: · Automating loop testing so that service providers can compile an accurate inventory of qualified loops without the cost and delay of dispatching technicians. · Increasing the success rate of self-installs by proactively verifying physical layer connectivity, layer 2 and 3 network connectivity and voice service operation prior to customer equipment installation. · Eliminating the need for technicians to manually hunt down a missed cross connect or troubleshoot faulty lines. · Providing a means of accurately knowing the capabilities of a loop to support additional services. · Marketing additional services based on that knowledge.
Turnstone Systems Inc.
14 Jun 2001
05 Jun 2001
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This resource is no longer available.