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Console Connect’s CloudRouter® removes the complexity of network configuration and management by creating a private and secure network between your different network endpoints.

What makes CloudRouter® different is that it creates a virtual ‘full mesh’ between network endpoints, ensuring that network traffic benefits from enhanced routing between data centre locations and the cloud. Simply use the Console Connect centralised management portal to add or remove new network edge locations and let CloudRouter® do the rest.

CloudRouter® is the perfect fit for your multi-cloud environment, enabling you to seamlessly connect your different clouds and SaaS applications at the click of a button - without the need to install, manage or maintain any equipment.

But CloudRouter® goes beyond multi-cloud connectivity, giving you the ability to create a scalable, virtual Layer 3 full mesh network that ebbs and flows according to the needs of your business.

Download this eGuide and learn to build instant virtual networks between your different clouds, SaaS applications, IoT devices, enterprise locations, other networks and more.

Gateway Global Communications Limited
May 22, 2024
May 22, 2024
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