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In the data world, change seems to be the one constant. In the past few years, on-prem data architectures have been stretched by the scale and complexity of today’s data volume and structure. And now even the cloud data warehouse is challenged by similar factors:

There is too much data to ETL all of it into a cloud data warehouse
There are newer, more modern tools, file formats, table formats and governance solutions that data teams want to productionalize
Speed to insight and time to production are not slowing down
Everyone is tired of never-ending data migrations
So how do data managers maximize architectural flexibility to free their business and development partners to take advantage of the latest data evolution while minimizing migrations?

At Starburst, we promote flexible data architectures by creating a single access point across all company-wide data centers of gravity; from on-prem to cloud data warehouse to cloud lakehouse. With a single SQL-based semantic platform, data managers can connect and manage all of their data sources to focus on governing and securing data rather than attempting to run, operate and manage numerous data infrastructures.  

In this webinar, Monica Miller demonstrates how to utilize Starburst to get the most out of your cloud data lake and your cloud data warehouse in a single platform.

In this on-demand session, you will learn:

  • How to convert your data swamp into a highly functioning modern data lake
  • Best practices for utilizing both warehouse and lake solutions
  • Strategies to empower your analysts to self-serve their data requests and reduce the backlog of your data engineering teams
Starburst Data
Sep 13, 2023

This resource is no longer available.