Computer Weekly – 5 September 2023: Met Police data platform goes £64m over budget

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Met Police data platform £64m over budget

A freedom of information request has revealed the Met’s integrated record management system is running tens of millions over budget, generating more than 25,000 support requests so far

Buyer’s guide to SaaS integration – part 1 of 3: The challenges of integrating SaaS applications

SaaS has grown from a handful of applications to a vast market covering almost every type of business task. We look at the integration challenges

Is spinning disk doomed?

Pure Storage says HDDs will be dead by 2028 and its own flash will replace it. We look at the rationale behind its bold message, and the possible impacts of such a scenario

Turkopticon helps gig workers fight for rights

Remote Mechanical Turk workers who are responsible for training AI algorithms face numerous workplace issues, but collectively they have the power to change the status quo

Sep 1, 2023
Sep 5, 2023
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