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Staffing shortages, burnout and turnover are plaguing the healthcare industry, and quality of care
suffers as a result. Leveraging AI to address the labor gap at the digital front door can reduce costs, but
the right technology solution will not only improve efficiency, but also patient experience and quality of
care. Parlance has high accuracy in proper name recognition to maximize the decrease of inbound call
volume to operators. Whether it’s a patient wanting to talk to their doctor, a doctor trying to get
medical records for a particular patient, or loved ones trying to reach a patient — getting the name right
is imperative.

Andy Draper, Regional CIO at HCA Healthcare, identified consolidation and modernization of
switchboard operations as an opportunity to increase the productivity of operators, improve calling
experiences for patients and their families, and reduce labor costs.
The initiative mandated:

• Quick implementation to avoid hiring new FTEs to replace retiring operators

• AI to automate routine call routing tasks and increase productivity of frontline staff

• A solution with proven ROI and demonstrated success in the healthcare industry

• AI with high accuracy in proper name recognition to decrease inbound call volume to switchboard operators

• Substitution of labor with technology where appropriate — saving human agent effort for
complex calls

Jul 13, 2023
Jul 13, 2023
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This resource is no longer available.