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It's no secret that malicious attacks on applications and software systems are an everyday occurrence. However, what may be less known is that APIs regularly sit at the center of major breaches and outages, with unsecured APIs being one of the most vulnerable and exploited attack points for multitudes of attack types.

In 2022, research published by the cybersecurity company Cequence specifically listed shadow APIs as a factor in nearly 31% of the 16.7 billion malicious transactions covered in the study. And, unsurprisingly, companies that fail to implement proper inventory management, quality assurance and versioning practices tend to suffer the most from issues related to shadow APIs.

Let's look further into the types of vulnerabilities shadow APIs introduce and the potential harm they can cause. We'll also look at a few ways to recognize shadow APIs, some strategies to deal with them effectively and some of the tooling available to help.

Software AG
Mar 29, 2023
Mar 29, 2023

This resource is no longer available.