Recognizing and preventing harmful bot attacks

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Bots account for nearly 40 percent of online traffic today — and many of those bots are out to damage organizations like yours. From content scraping to inventory hoarding to credential stuffing, malicious bot actors are growing more complex and sophisticated every year. Many are even able to bypass CAPTCHAs and other simple user verification tests.

What’s more, while some bots sharpen their tactics to target specific types of businesses, a single bot or botnet can threaten many different types of organizations.

For this reason, no single tactic can stop every bot, and prevent it from harming your users and your brand.

Take this brief survey and learn why the only effective approach is to stay alert for a diverse range of telltale bot warning signs — and respond to each by gathering data and then deploying targeted responses, pattern detection, predictive analytics, and other complementary strategies.

Mar 13, 2023
Mar 13, 2023

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