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Each SAP customer has a unique journey to the cloud; one size does not fit all. Customers are transitioning their SAP workloads on the AWS cloud at varying speeds, depending on their strategy, with a desire to innovate across all business areas.

Learn from experts of IFFCO, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and YASH Technologies as to why many organizations choose AWS to support SAP solutions. Understand how IFFCO hosted their Next Gen SAP environment on scalable, secure, and reliable AWS infrastructure with YASH Technologies and get an overview of how they delivered exceptional stakeholder experiences while scaling operations flexibly and cost-effectively.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Realize the value of migrating SAP to AWS
  • Migration strategies, best practices, customer examples
  • How to tailor the cloud migration journey to your specific needs
  • Driving cost savings while modernizing with SAP and AWS beyond the infrastructure
  • Ways to maximize the benefits of running SAP on AWS, saving costs, increasing business agility, and reducing time to value.

If you want to start achieving immediate process efficiencies and cost savings it's time to begin your cloud migration soon.

AWS Yash
Jan 19, 2023

This resource is no longer available.