Leveraging Longitudinal Patient Health Data for the Healthcare Experience

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Every healthcare organization wants to create the best healthcare experience for its patients. Ensuring patients get the right kind of care at the right time, plus optimal patient engagement outside of the clinic or hospital walls, is essential for guiding patients along the care continuum and yielding good clinical outcomes.

But in order to do that, healthcare organizations need to know their patients, from their preferences to their health histories and needs. This data is out there, but it can be challenging to make sense of it and leverage it to affect patient care. Organizations need to know which data sources are best for assessing patient needs and then turn that information into action to support the patient care experience.

In this webcast, we will discuss how to obtain patient data, analyze it, and utilize it to guide patients across their healthcare journeys.

Learning Objectives:

• Identify key types of data to better guide patient care journeys
• Identify important data sources
• Outline data analytics capabilities necessary to understand patient needs
• Identify key strategies for using data to map out the patient healthcare journey

Dec 16, 2022
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