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Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) leveraging remote patient monitoring and digital therapeutics easily connect clinical researchers to the patient population. This more inclusive and patient-centered approach offers faster recruitment and larger sets of real-world data, increases patient diversity, improves trial retention, broadens patient access, lessens patients’ burden, and shortens trial times.

Although DCTs have been around for over a decade, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this wave of digital transformation within the healthcare industry, changing how clinical studies are performed.

In this session, an emerging medical technology and disease management solutions expert discusses how accelerating first-generation products to the market can solve unmet healthcare needs and increase patient access. By blending biomedical innovation with technology infrastructure, DCTs can accelerate the delivery of many critical healthcare solutions and enhance the patient experience.

By joining this session, attendees will learn the following:

  • how emerging medical technology accelerates products to market
  • common remote patient monitoring and digital therapeutic approaches used in DCTs
  • the benefits and disadvantages of DCTs
Dell Technologies
Dec 9, 2022

This resource is no longer available.