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Artificial intelligence is a timely alternative to human intelligence for identifying unstructured data and providing global insight that can improve medical device development

As the scope of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare expands, stakeholders have witnessed the benefits of using it to help develop and troubleshoot medical devices. AI can be especially helpful in advancing clinical trials as it can provide global insight into other successful trials, allowing US organizations to improve their own designs. Additionally, AI can expand the usability of existing medical devices, leading to solutions for treating unmet medical needs and fast-tracking FDA approvals.

Xtelligent Healthcare Media’s Vice President of Editorial Kyle Stephen Murphy, PhD, sat down with Michelle Wu, Chief Executive Officer of NyquistData, onsite at the HLTH conference in Las Vegas to discuss the importance of using AI to identify adverse event data and how organizations can use the data to improve their medical devices.

Nyquist Data, Inc.
Nov 21, 2022

This resource is no longer available.