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In the ultra-competitive Medicare Advantage market, health plans are struggling to attract senior’s attention amongst an ever-growing field of competitors. Success in Medicare Advantage is dependent on your ability to stand out—and grow—despite this crowded market. Join us as we explore three crucial levers to driving growth in Medicare Advantage products: crafting a desirable and differentiated product, leaning on sales and marketing to enroll more members, and increasing the profitability of your current membership.

This session will share comprehensive market insights of not just where we're seeing growth in the Medicare Advantage (MA) space, but also why seniors choose MA over other products, how they receive and process information when shopping for MA plans, and where to improve marketing and outreach to prospective members.

By joining this session attendees will learn:

  • Strategies for increasing Medicare Advantage enrollment through product differentiation, marketing , and relationships with brokers and physicians
  • Takeaways from our proprietary consumer survey of Medicare-eligible seniors, including senior preferences and trade-offs when considering Medicare Advantage benefit coverage.
  • Potential policy changes and the impact they’ll have on Star Ratings, billing, and coding specific to Medicare Advantage that can help optimize the profitability of your membership.
The Advisory Board
Oct 17, 2022

This resource is no longer available.