From the Hospital Bed to the SNF: Enhancing Transitions of Care for Patient Experience

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For most patients, the healthcare journey does not start and end in a single care facility. Many patients get care from different providers in different locations, often for different medical needs. But for the patient, those variable touchpoints comprise a single healthcare journey, and it is up to medical professionals to support transitions of care. Care coordination, communication, and patient education and safety are essential to moving the patient across the healthcare continuum.

At Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, part of Mass General Brigham, Breanne Muchemore, Senior Director of Case Management, works to advance best practices in care coordination as critically ill patients move from the hospital and into rehabilitative care. By employing key strategies in care transitions, Spaulding works to reduce rehospitalization and elevate a good patient experience.

Learning Objective:

  • Understand the importance of effective transitions of care
  • Outline strategies for good care coordination and patient experience
  • Identify key strategies for engaging stakeholders and patients during care coordination
Bamboo Health
Sep 29, 2022
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