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As the foundation of the data-driven world economy, it is essential for data centers to have a smart, easy-to-deploy solution to track and manage assets. With large volumes of expensive equipment moving in and out for maintenance or reconfiguration (hard drives, servers, individual IoT devices) having a system in place that is precise and reliable is paramount. Deficient and outdated asset and tracking management systems will result in reduced asset utilization, lost revenue, and regulatory compliance concerns.

Easy to set up, configure, and customize, RF Code’s asset management platform delivers control and real-time insight into operational risk, cost, and compliance. Informed by years of best practices in the industry, RF Code’s solution is easily scalable to cater to the requirements of different types of data centers, from small edge-configured server rooms to global hyper-scale deployments.

Take this brief survey and learn how RF Code’s real-time asset tracking and management solutions can save you time and money while ensuring accountability and compliance.

RF Code
Nov 9, 2022
Nov 9, 2022

This resource is no longer available.