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In the wake of COVID-19, we saw a significant shift toward as-a-service offerings, something we haven’t seen in years. From conversations with CIOs over the past 12 months, we know they are looking for the flexibility, efficiencies and cost savings they get from the as-a-service model. This is especially important to them as they evolve their business models in a hybrid cloud infrastructure direction and become consumers of hybrid IT.

By reducing the need to own IT equipment and maintain the technology, they free up resources to transform the way they operate IT and deliver new services. But, at the same time, it’s equally essential for them to consider the impact on their organizations’ culture and skill-set demands.

Take this brief survey and learn the common concerns that IT decision-makers have.

Hitachi Vantara
Nov 4, 2022
Nov 4, 2022

This resource is no longer available.