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There are more than 175 services that enterprises use on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Managing and monitoring them ultimately means collating and analyzing a lot of log data. Our 42-page ebook, AWS Centralized Logging Guide, gives you detailed information on how to do that. You can get it now, for free, in exchange for answering two questions on your observability challenges.

AWS provides CloudWatch to capture and display log data, and this ebook explains how it works and what you get from it. You'll also learn why you may want to go beyond that with third-party tools or services. The ebook analyzes the benefits and effort required to do that. You'll also get insight into how to combine various tools and services into a useful workflow. This ebook will help you all along the way -- take our brief survey and get started now.

AWS Coralogix
Oct 17, 2022
Oct 17, 2022

This resource is no longer available.