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On the surface, data lakes and data warehouses may seem similar – and they do share a few key traits. Both are repositories that store data for use in data science and analytics. Both house data that can inform all your business analysis and reporting. And in recent years, both lakes and warehouses have moved to the cloud to accommodate the massive influx of data, the ever-increasing demand for speed, and the imperative to extend databased insights to as many users as possible. But data lakes and data warehouses are not the same, and there are important differences to be aware of as you evaluate your organization’s needs. Which type of data storage should you choose, and why?

Take this brief survey and learn the differences between data lakes and data warehouses, the benefits of each, the key vendors offering them, and options for optimizing your experience with both.

Aug 25, 2022
Aug 25, 2022

This resource is no longer available.