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There are many reasons to move to the AWS cloud - from reducing costs and streamlining operations through to accessing cloud-native technologies and applications. An AWS cloud environment can provide a platform for business growth and rapid innovation, with access to more than 165 cloud-native services including machine learning, IoT and data analytics. For organisations migrating from an on-premises technology stack, the complexity of their existing environment can bring significant challenges to the cloud migration process. This is particularly true of environments developed over decades of evolving business strategies and acquisitions. For organisations with complex technology environments that want to accelerate their journey to the cloud, AWS has developed a range of cloud migration methodologies. AWS cloud migration strategies range from rehosting of applications ‘as-is’ through to their complete re-factoring or replacement. AWS Relocate is an approach that leverages hybrid cloud architecture to mitigate risk, and minimise costs and downtime for cloud migration projects.

The Relocate migration strategy exists for those organisations whose on-premises environment already includes a significant investment in virtualised workloads using the VMware hypervisor. This method can significantly accelerate the overall process as it utilises the VMware Cloud™ on AWS to mirror the organisation’s existing on-premises virtualised environment in the cloud.

Take this brief survey and learn how using the Relocate methodology can accelerate the migration process and reduce the duration of an organisation’s dependency on on-premises infrastructure and enable it to take advantage of cloud economics and technologies sooner.

Jul 5, 2022
Jul 5, 2022

This resource is no longer available.