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BMW of North America and MINI dealers have an excellent track record of servicing customers in the best possible way. Service quality is a very important aspect of BMW’s strategy and the customer churn rate depends especially on the experiences made at service points. Customers expect competent and fast service even for the most complex repair cases.

The nearly 400 independent North American BMW and MINI dealerships are spread all over the US, which makes it challenging to get specialist knowledge anytime anywhere. Despite being very well trained, service technicians, in difficult repair situations may require additional help and need to pause their current task until they receive support. This puts a significant burden on the technical support engineers, who need to travel to the individual dealerships to provide the necessary assistance. In these cases, customers are left without their car and may require dealers to provide a replacement vehicle. At the same time the technical support engineers waste lots of time on the road, that could be used in helping their colleagues with their expertise.

Take this brief survey and learn how after-sales heavy enterprises, like BMW, gain a significant competitive advantage by utilizing augmented reality. With the right knowledge at the technician’s fingertips, even difficult repairs are completed quickly without flaws.

Jun 16, 2022
Jun 16, 2022

This resource is no longer available.